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Hair Dyes
  • Hair Dye Remover.png Life Hair Dye.png Mana Hair Dye.png Depth Hair Dye.png Money Hair Dye.png Time Hair Dye.png Team Hair Dye.png

    Biome Hair Dye.png Party Hair Dye.png Rainbow Hair Dye.png Speed Hair Dye.png Martian Hair Dye.png Twilight Hair Dye.png

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Use time17 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 2

Hair Dyes are consumable items sold by the Stylist NPC. When used, they replace a player's hair color with a dynamic effect.


See Stylist page for Hair Dye availability conditions.

Item Price Effect
Hair Dye Remover Hair Dye Remover
Internal Item ID: 1990
2 Removes the Hair Dye currently in effect.
Life Hair Dye Life Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1977
5 Hair color changes depending on the player's current health. At full health, hair is red, and fades slowly to near-black as health drops.
Mana Hair Dye Mana Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1978
5 Hair color changes depending on the player's current mana level. At full mana, hair is blue, and fades slowly to near-white as mana decreases.
Depth Hair Dye Depth Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1979
5 Hair color changes depending on the layer where the player is currently located. Hair color is blue in Space, green at the surface, brown while underground, gray in the Cavern layer and red in the Underworld.
Money Hair Dye Money Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1980
10 Hair color changes with the amount of coins the player is carrying. Reddish-brown when carrying copper coins, silver colored when carrying silver coins, etc. The player must have at least 1 in their inventory to purchase.
Time Hair Dye Time Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1981
5 Hair color changes depending on the time of day. Light blue from late night to early day, green early day to mid-day, yellow mid-day to late day, red late day to early night, purple early night to mid-night, dark blue mid-night to late night, then back to light blue. Color change is very gradual over time.
Team Hair Dye Team Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1982
5 Hair color corresponds to the player's current team in multiplayer games. Shows white in single player and when not on a team.
Biome Hair Dye Biome Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1983
5 Hair color changes depending on the biome the player is currently located in. Green in Forest, Mushroom, Space, and Ocean; yellow in normal Deserts; yellow-green in the Jungle; brown in the Dungeon; purple in all varieties of The Corruption; red in all varieties of The Crimson; light blue in all varieties of The Hallow; white in normal Snow and Ice biome; grey in normal Underground, Cavern, and the The Underworld. Hair is dark red at all times during a Blood Moon, with the exception of the Ocean biome.
Party Hair Dye Party Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1984
750 Hair color becomes pink, and confetti continually spawns around the player.
Rainbow Hair Dye Rainbow Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1985
15 Hair color cycles continuously through various colors in a manner identical to Rainbow Bricks, and is synchronized with them. Sold after killing the three mechanical bosses.
Speed Hair Dye Speed Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 1986
5 Hair color changes depending on the player's current speed. At a standstill, hair is normal color, and shifts to teal while moving. The color is more pronounced at higher speeds. Sold after at least one mechanical boss is killed.
Martian Hair Dye Martian Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 2863
30 Hair color is brighter than default and is visible in darkness. Sold after the Martian Madness is completed.
Twilight Hair Dye Twilight Hair Dye
Internal Item ID: 3259
30 Hair color is purple with stars moving as the player moves. The hair still shows in total darkness. Does not work with Familiar Wig. (Twilight Dye will work instead.) Sold after the Martian Madness is completed.


  • Hair color will also change dynamically on the map/minimap.
  • If the player does not wish to equip a watch, the Time Dye can act as a less precise Copper or Tin Watch to save room. However, they will need to equip a hat in the vanity slot (or not equip a helmet) that shows hair. Using a Familiar Wig can overcome this problem.
  • The Time Hair Dye's effect is shown while on the character select screen.
  • Although the Money Hair Dye only costs 10, the player needs to have at least 1 in their inventory for the Stylist to sell it.
  • The Party Hair Dye will spawn confetti even if wearing a helmet that renders hair completely obscured.
  • Team Hair Dye works differently when compared with Team Dye and the player is not on a team (or in singleplayer): Team Hair Dye will make the hair white, while Team Dye will not work, as if having no dye applied to the item.
  • Biome Hair Dye uses the water color of the current biome. Activating a Water Fountain will change the hair color to that of the Water Fountain's biome despite not changing the biome.


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  • Desktop Fixed bug that allowed mana hair to go pink when you wore armor that gives max mana.
  • Console 1.08: Introduced Stylist along with Hair Dye (Life, Mana, Depth, Money, Time, Team, Biome, Party, Rainbow, and Speed) and Hair Dye Remover.
  • Mobile Introduced Martian and Twilight Hair Dyes and updated mechanics to match Desktop