The Hallowed Bar is an item dropped by the three mechanical bosses in Hard Mode (The Twins, The Destroyer, and Skeletron Prime). The bars can be used to create hallowed tier gear.


The Hallowed Bar can be used to craft all of the Hallowed tier items as shown:

Item Name Hallowed Bars Picture
Hallowed Mask 12 Item 559o
Hallowed Helmet 12 Item 553o
Hallowed Headgear 12 Item 558o
Hallowed Plate Mail 24 Item 551o
Hallowed Greaves 18 Item 552o
Drax 18 Hallowed Bars
1 Soul of Might
1 Soul of Fright
1 Soul of Sight
Item 579o
Pickaxe Axe 18 Hallowed Bars
1 Soul of Might
1 Soul of Fright
1 Soul of Sight
Pickaxe Axe
Hallowed Repeater 12 Item 578o
Excalibur 12 Terraria Excalibur
Gungnir 12 Terraria Gungnir
Light Disc 4 Hallowed Bars
3 Souls of Light
5 Souls of Might
Light disk noback
Optic Staff 12 Hallowed Bars
2 Lens
1 Black Lens
20 Souls of Sight
Item 2535
Pumpkin Moon Medallion 30 Pumpkins
5 Ectoplasms
10 Hallowed Bars
Item 1844


  • The Hallowed Bar has no ore counterpart, thus the only source is by defeating the three mechanical bosses.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
  • Can be placed.
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Copper Bar Copper Bar

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Tin Bar Tin Bar

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Lead Bar Lead Bar

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Silver bar1 Silver Bar

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Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar

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