Not to be confused with Hard Mode, the world mode which is unlocked by defeating the Wall of Flesh.

Hardcore Mode is a character-specific difficulty setting that can be selected when creating a new character. Character names that are set in Hardcore Mode are tinted purple. Created Hardcore characters cannot be changed back to Softcore. Once the player dies, everything in their inventory is dropped and the character is deleted. They are given the basic starting equipment (Copper Shortsword, Copper Pickaxe, Copper Axe), and both health and mana are set to their defaults (Health:100 Mana:0). From the time you die until the time you disconnect you will be a ghost, which is not visible to other players, provides no light, passes through walls, and cannot interact with anything. A Tombstone is dropped and inscribed with whatever message appears at the bottom of the screen when the player dies. For example, "[Character Name] was eviscerated by Demon Eye." You can also edit the messages, like a Sign.


Ghost entity when player is killed in Hardcore mode.


Here is a list of tips for dealing with Hardcore Mode:

  • Don't take risks. Even if you're good with a wooden sword or bow, the night may simply overwhelm you. Similarly, don't make an extended visit to the Underworld without some Obsidian Skin Potions.
  • Do not enter Hard Mode unless you have at least Shadow equipment.
  • Get used to drinking extra potions and sacrificing more resources to get the job done. You'll really need the extra edge if you want to live, especially against bosses.
  • Be wary of long falls. Try to keep a few Glowsticks on you so that you can gain vision of the hole you want to go down, or see how deep it is. Try to avoid drops entirely until you get a Grappling Hook, Cloud in a Bottle/Balloon, Lucky Horseshoe, or Demon/Angel Wings.
  • Heal up early, even if it's inefficient. If you're likely to be killed by three more hits from the strongest local monsters or from lava, drink a Health Potion as soon as you get hit as you may be hit a second time before doing so. As of version 1.0.5 you can press 'H' to use a health potion, provided you have taken damage.
  • If all else fails, swallow your pride and Save & Exit. Be careful using it, for if you have items on the ground you *will* lose them permanently.

Update Info


  • Hardcore characters now drop items with prefixes on death.


  • Character is deleted / becomes a ghost upon death


  • Added to the game.

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