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Player Health
New player:
(100 Health)
1 Life Crystal used:
(120 Health)
15 Life Crystals used:
(400 Health)
1 Life Fruit used:
(405 Health)
20 Life Fruits used:
(500 Health)

Health is the character's life count, represented by a meter of heart icons at the top-right of the screen. Each red heart shown represents 20 health, and each gold heart represents 25 health.

Taking damage causes health to drop, signified by the meter fading from right to left. Health regenerates when the character stops taking damage, and occurs at ever-increasing rates the longer the character avoids further damage, with a further rate boost if the character stands still. Regeneration can also be boosted using various equipable items, potions, and placed furniture items that cause area-effect buffs (Heart Lantern, Campfire).

New characters begin with 5 red hearts, or 100 health. Health capacity can be increased using Life Crystals, which add a single red heart each to the health meter permanently, increasing health capacity by 20 each. This can be done until the health meter reaches 20 red hearts (400 health).

Later in the game, the character can use Life Fruit to increase the capacity of their hearts by 5 health each, signified by permanently turning the color of each heart gold. With 15 Life Crystals and 20 Life Fruits used, a character can reach 20 gold hearts, which equals 500 health capacity. A further temporary boost to 600 health capacity can be achieved using a Lifeforce Potion.

On the PC version PC version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, Old Chinese version Old Chinese version, tModLoader version tModLoader version, and tModLoader 1 tModLoader 1.3-Legacy version, Hearts will decrease in size and fade away if they are "empty". On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Windows Phone version Windows Phone version, and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, hearts will lose pieces of themselves to reveal a darkened "empty" heart. Each red piece represents 5 health, and each gold piece represents 1 1/4 health. The gold hearts are also on a separate layer than the red hearts.

Taking damage[]

Empty heart
Empty heart

Damage occurs from attacks, environmental hazards, falling, drowning, or by debuffs. Taking damage causes a brief period of invulnerability while the character visually "flashes". When a character's life reaches 0 and all hearts are completely faded, death occurs.

  • Enemies, such as Slimes, Zombies and Skeletons typically deal damage by touching the character. Other more powerful enemies like Fire Imps or Harpies can also damage the character via projectiles. Damage from enemies typically inflicts knockback on the character in addition, sending them flying through the air away from the source of the damage.
  • Fall damage occurs from falling more than 25 tiles (50 feet) onto blocks, and causes more damage the further the fall. A single fall from an extreme height can kill a character.
  • Drowning occurs when the character's Breath meter is depleted from remaining under water or other liquids for too long.

For a complete list of things that can reduce health, see causes of death.

Preventing damage[]

Main articles: Defense and Armor

By wearing armor and equipping certain accessories, characters can increase their defense which decreases damage taken. In addition to simply decreasing damage, some items can mitigate or eliminate certain forms of damage. All accessories can have modifiers that grant up to 4 defense in addition to their other bonuses and functions.

Item Type Notes
ShackleShackle Accessory Gives the character 1 extra defense.
Obsidian SkullObsidian Skull Accessory Grants immunity to fire-based blocks and gives the character 1 extra defense. This includes Hellstone, Meteorite and Hellstone Brick, but not lava.
Cobalt ShieldCobalt Shield Accessory Prevents knockback from damage and gives the character 1 extra defense. By preventing knockback this allows the character to have full use of the brief post-damage invincibility time.
Obsidian ShieldObsidian Shield Accessory Combines the functions of the Obsidian Skull and Cobalt Shield. The Obsidian Shield gives the character 2 extra defense.
Lucky HorseshoeLucky Horseshoe Accessory Negates all falling damage.
Obsidian HorseshoeObsidian Horseshoe Accessory Combines the functions of the Obsidian Skull and Lucky Horseshoe. It does not, however, give any defense.
Ice SkatesIce Skates Accessory Prevents the character from slipping and falling through ice in ice caves, making getting stuck underneath much less of a possibility.
Cloud in a BottleCloud in a Bottle / Sandstorm in a BottleSandstorm in a Bottle / Blizzard in a BottleBlizzard in a Bottle / Tsunami in a BottleTsunami in a Bottle / Rocket BootsRocket Boots Accessory These and the accessories made from them allow the character to prevent fall damage by using them before hitting the ground.
Frog LegFrog Leg Accessory Along with increasing jump height, allows character to fall from a greater height before taking damage.
Black BeltBlack Belt Accessory Allows the character to dodge 10*1/10 (10%) of attacks and hazards.
Cross NecklaceCross Necklace Accessory Doubles the brief duration of invulnerability after a character takes damage.
Worm ScarfWorm Scarf Accessory Reduces damage taken by 17%.
Brain of ConfusionBrain of Confusion Accessory Allows the character to dodge 16.67*1/6 (16.67%) of attacks and hazards.
Grappling HookGrappling Hook Item Shoots out a hook that pulls the character to distant ledges. By grappling to a wall or the ground right before landing after a long fall, you can prevent all falling damage. (For more items that perform the same purpose, see Grappling hooks.)
Shadow Dodge Hallowed armorHallowed
Armor Provides invincibility after striking an enemy.
Ironskin Ironskin PotionIronskin Potion Potion Increases defense by 8 for 5 minutes.
Well Fed Food ItemsFood Items Potion Increases defense by 2-4 for various time periods.
Frostspark BootsFrostspark Boots Accessory Basically Lightning Boots and Ice Skates combined. You won't fall through ice, which can save you from a fall damage death.
Terraspark BootsTerraspark Boots Accessory Basically Frostspark Boots and Lava Waders combined. You won't fall through ice, and you won't take damage from fire blocks.
Obsidian Water Walking BootsObsidian Water Walking Boots Accessory Basically Water Walking Boots and Obsidian Skull combined. Which doesn't let you take damage from fire blocks.
Lava WadersLava Waders Accessory Basically Obsidian Water Walking Boots, Lava Charm & Obsidian Rose combined. Which negates damage from fire blocks.

Preventing Drowning[]

These items are specifically for the purpose of avoiding getting stuck and drowning in water/other liquids.

Item Type Notes
Breathing ReedBreathing Reed Item Allows the character to breathe near the surface of water, and makes the breath meter decrease over a period of 44 seconds (Instead of 22, without equipment). By placing this item on your action bar and selecting it, you will be able to breathe if the top of the reed is above the surface of the water.
Diving HelmetDiving Helmet Armor Greatly extends underwater breathing (1 minute and 34 seconds instead of 22 without equipment) and gives the player 2 defense.
FlipperFlipper Accessory Allows the character to "swim" by jumping while in the water as though standing on a surface. This makes it much easier to avoid drowning.
Diving GearDiving Gear Accessory Combines the functions of the Diving Helmet and Flipper. It is equipped in an accessory slot rather than an armor slot, allowing the character to equip a more defensive helmet.
Jellyfish NecklaceJellyfish Necklace Accessory Provides light while in water, making the escape from dark areas in water possible without Glowsticks.
Jellyfish Diving GearJellyfish Diving Gear Accessory Combines the functions of the Diving Gear and the Jellyfish Necklace, making escaping from dark areas in water much easier without Glowsticks, especially deep areas.
Arctic Diving GearArctic Diving Gear Accessory Combines the functions of the Jellyfish Diving Gear and Ice Skates, making escaping from water in ice caves much less treacherous.
Water Walking BootsWater Walking Boots Accessory Allows the character to stand on the surface of water when equipped, removing the chance to fall in.
Merfolk (buff) Neptune's ShellNeptune's Shell[1] Accessory Transforms the player into a Merfolk when entering water, allowing them to breathe and swim underwater.
Gills Gills PotionGills Potion Potion Allows the character to breathe underwater.
Flipper (Buff) Flipper PotionFlipper Potion Potion Prevents movement alteration in liquid.
Water Walking Water Walking PotionWater Walking Potion Potion Allows the character to stand on the surface of water, removing the chance to fall in.
Werewolf (buff) Merfolk (buff) Moon ShellMoon Shell Accessory Combines the functions of the Moon Charm and Neptune's Shell. Allows breathing underwater, removes speed movement penalty in water, and allows swimming. Turns the player into a werewolf at night.
Frog FlipperFrog Flipper Accessory Combines the functions of the Frog Leg and the Flipper, Allowing you to swim using space.
Frog GearFrog Gear Accessory Combines the functions of the Frog Leg, Flipper and the Tiger Climbing Gear. Allowing the user to swim using the spacebar.
Obsidian Water Walking BootsObsidian Water Walking Boots Accessory Combines the Water Walking Boots and the Obsidian Skull. Allowing the user to walk on water.
Lava WadersLava Waders Accessory Combines the Obsidian Water Walking Boots, Lava Charm and Obsidian Rose, Allowing the user to walk on any liquid.
  1. Neptune's Shell can be combined (at the Tinkerer's Workshop) with the Moon Charm to create the Moon ShellMoon Shell, which can be combined with the Celestial Stone to create the Celestial ShellCelestial Shell, both of which provide the same ability to breathe and swim underwater.

Lava safety[]

These accessories are specifically for the purpose of mitigating or negating the effects of falling into lava.

Item Type Notes
Lava CharmLava Charm Accessory Provides several seconds of lava immunity when equipped. Does not work if equipped while in lava unless the character is already immune.
Obsidian RoseObsidian Rose Accessory Reduces the immediate damage of touching lava.
Lava WadersLava Waders Accessory Allows the character to stand on the surface of lava, reduces lava damage and provides seven seconds of lava immunity when equipped.
Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin PotionObsidian Skin Potion Potion Provides six minutes of complete lava immunity.
Terraspark BootsTerraspark Boots Accessory Basically Frostspark Boots and Lava Waders combined. Which means you can stand on the surface of lava, reduced lava damage and provides seven seconds of lava immunity.

Restoring health[]

Lost health can be regained in many ways. If the character has access to a Nurse then they can ask her to heal them to full by paying her a fee based on how much damage has been taken. There are also several items that can be used to heal the character. The character will automatically start regenerating health after a short period if no damage has been taken, and it will do it faster while standing still.


Most items which heal the player also grant the Potion Sickness debuff for 60 seconds(45 with the Philosopher's Stone or Charm of Myths). While under the effects of this debuff, the player cannot consume other items which grant the debuff.

Item Healing Potion Sickness Notes
HeartHeart 20 Hearts restore 20 health instantly when collected, but cannot be placed in the Inventory.
MushroomMushroom 15 ✔️ Potion Sickness only lasts for 30 seconds.
Bottled WaterBottled Water 20 ✔️
Lesser Healing PotionLesser Healing Potion 50 ✔️
Bottled HoneyBottled Honey 80 ✔️
EggnogEggnog 80 ✔️
Healing PotionHealing Potion 100 ✔️
HoneyfinHoneyfin 120 ✔️
Horn o' plentyHorn o' plenty 120 ✔️ Can be re-used limitlessly and is never consumed. Keep in mind that it still applies Potion Sickness.
Greater Healing PotionGreater Healing Potion 150 ✔️
Super Healing PotionSuper Healing Potion 200 ✔️ Requires Lunar Fragments.
Lesser Restoration PotionLesser Restoration Potion 80 ✔️ Also restores 80 mana.
Restoration PotionRestoration Potion 90 / 80 ✔️ Also restores 80 mana. Potion Sickness only lasts for 45 / 50 seconds.
Strange BrewStrange Brew 80 ✔️ Also restores 400 mana, but inflicts the Mana Sickness debuff.
Life CrystalLife Crystal 20 Also permanently increases health capacity by 20. Cannot be used if the player's health capacity is 400 or greater.
Life FruitLife Fruit 5 Also permanently increases health capacity by 5. Cannot be used if the player's health capacity is less than 400 or if it is 500 or greater.
Lifeforce PotionLifeforce Potion 20% of Max Health Increases health capacity by 20%. Only lasts for 5 minutes.

Increasing Regeneration[]

The following items and buffs increase the player's natural life regeneration. Most increase it by a static amount per second, therefore allowing the player to regenerate health even while being attacked or moving.

Item Regeneration (Per second) Trigger Notes
Band of RegenerationBand of Regeneration 1 / 0.5 Equip
Charm of MythsCharm of Myths 1 / 0.5 Equip Also reduces the cooldown of healing items from 1 minute to 45 seconds.
Werewolf (buff)Werewolf (buff) 0.5 Equip during night
Sun StoneSun Stone 1 Equip during day Also gives minor stat increases.
Moon StoneMoon Stone 1 Equip during night Also gives minor stat increases.
Celestial StoneCelestial Stone 1 Equip Also gives minor stat increases.
Celestial ShellCelestial Shell 1 Equip Also gives minor stat increases.
Shiny StoneShiny Stone 1 Equip Slowly increases regeneration rate over time, canceling out when the player moves or uses most items. Expert mode only.
Regeneration Regeneration PotionRegeneration Potion 2 Drink regeneration potion Buff lasts for 8 minutes.
Honey (buff)Honey (buff) 1 Stand in honey Buff lasts 30 seconds after leaving honey.
Dryad's BlessingDryad's Blessing 3 Near the Dryad Also increases defense by 8.
Cozy Fire (buff) CampfireCampfire 0.5, 1.1×base healing rate Stand near Campfire
Heart Lamp (buff) Heart LanternHeart Lantern 1 Stand near Heart Lantern
Crimson armorCrimson armor 1.5×base healing rate Equip full set Heals 1 health per "tick". Like natural regeneration, "tick"s occur more frequently when standing still or when not damaged recently.
Rapid Healing Palladium armorPalladium
2 / 3 Hit enemy while wearing full set Buff lasts for 5 seconds.
Life DrainLife Drain 1.5 Damage enemies with weapon Provides regeneration buff while weapon is damaging enemies
Life NebulaLife Nebula 3 / 5 per level Collect a Life Booster Lasts for 8 seconds and can be stacked up to three times. One stack is removed at a time, upon which the timer resets itself.
Valhalla Knight's BreastplateValhalla Knight's Breastplate 4 / 8 Equip
Squire's Great HelmSquire's Great Helm 2 / 4 Equip
ChairChair 2 Sitting in a Chair

Also see the Health Regeneration page for the mechanism of the natural healing rate.

Life Draining[]

The following items heal the player by an amount based on the damage dealt to enemies.

Item Health drained Notes
Vampire KnivesVampire Knives 7.5% of damage
Spectre armorSpectre armor(with Hood) 20% of damage All Magic weapons will allow the player to regain health; however, the player's Magic damage dealt is reduced.
Bat BatBat Bat 1 health Drains 1 health on hit at most per swing.


Achievement Topped Off
Topped Off • Attain maximum life and mana possible without accessories or buffs.
Reach maximum health and mana.
Category: Challenger Challenger
Achievement Maxed Out
Maxed Out • “You have the maximum health and mana!”
Max out your health and mana.


  • The maximum amount of health a player can have at once is 600.
    • 600 health can be achieved by using 15 Life Crystals, 20 Life Fruits, and a Lifeforce Potion.
  • Some events require a player to have a certain amount of health before they can happen:
    • More than 100 for the Nurse to spawn
    • More than 120 for Blood Moons to occur
    • More than 140 for Slime Rains to occur (except in Expert Mode)
    • 200 or more for the Eye of Cthulhu to spawn and for the Goblin Army to invade on their own
    • 300 or more for the Old Man to stop deeming the player unworthy of fighting Skeletron (though Skeletron can still be fought before that)
    • 400 or more for Life Fruit to become usable.
Note that some of these events may require additional conditions. See the respective pages for details.
  • The more health the player has, the faster the health will regenerate. [1]


  • Desktop 1.2.2: Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • Can now reach a maximum of 500 with Life Fruit.
    • Standing in Honey will increase health regeneration, along with also providing a 30-second regeneration buff after leaving the Honey.
    • Standing near a Campfire will increase health regeneration.
  1. Information taken from the PC version PC source code, method UpdateLifeRegen in Terraria.Player.cs. There may be inaccuracies, as the current PC version PC version is