A full health bar without Life Fruits

Health Points (HP) are the measure of vitality in Terraria. Both monsters and players have Health Points. A newly spawned player will have 100 Health Points, or 5 hearts. However, Life Crystals, once found underground and used, provide the player with an extra heart (20 Health Points). The final heart, or the current one healing, will pulse back and forth. Life Fruits can also be used to increase your health by 5 Health Points.


HP may be decreased by weapons or explosives, drowning, touching Hellstone or Meteorite (without an Obsidian Skull or a Obsidian Horseshoe ), touching lava, falling too far (without a Lucky HorseshoeObsidian Horseshoe, Wings or falling in Water  / Cobwebs ) , falling blocks (like sand and silt), or touching a monster or a projectile fired by a monster. Monsters are damaged for 999 Health Points if they are hit by Fallen Stars, though players will not be damaged by them.

Damage is calculated using the formula "Damage = BaseDamage - (Defense/2)". Meaning, if you have 100 hp and take 20 damage while having 10 defense, your hp will now be 85.

Damage can't be fully negated. In any case players will take 1 damage (excluding fall damage that can be negated with various ways) that will be instantly regenerated if player has a Band of Regeneration equipped or the Buff "Regeneration" active.



Minimal water height to negate fall damage.

See Fall Damage for the full formula.

Fall damage is dealt for every block fallen after the first 25. Base fall damage is 10 per block, but the player's defense reduces that amount. Drop height is determined from block of origin to destination block. Jumping will increase fall damage, even more so if you use a Shiny Red Balloon or Rocket Boots.

To prevent fall damage, the player can use a Grappling Hook, a Dual Hook, the Ivy Whip, the Cloud in a Bottle, or the Rocket Boots shortly before hitting the ground. Wearing Angel Wings or Demon Wings or any other set of wings will completely negate fall damage even when not actively gliding, as will the Lucky Horseshoe or Obsidian Horseshoe ; this removal of possible error makes them more efficient than the other tools. Falling into cobwebs  or sufficiently-deep water will also prevent damage. Minimal requirements for preventing fall damage in water is one and a half blocks in height, and width has to be at least two blocks (enough for the character to fall into).

In earlier versions of the game Cloud in a Bottle only reduced damage taken when falling slightly, but didn't fully negate damage from major drops that the player endures. As of 1.0.4 this has been corrected. If you time your second jump correctly, you don't take any damage.


If the Hit Points (HP) of a player or Monster reach 0, the player or Monster will die.

Dying will also set the Player's current HP to 100 no matter what their max HP is. Dying from explosives, however, will cause the player to receive full HP after respawning. Players do not lose money if they are killed by another player. This is to prevent griefing or players being hunted for their coins.


A player can recover HP by getting/using Small hearts, Life Crystals, Healing Potions, Restoration Potions, Mushrooms, Bottled Water, or Goldfish. HP will also recover slowly on its own after not having been damaged for a while. The longer it has been since you've been hit, the faster your character regains health. If you move your character while the health points are being regenerated, the health rate will be slowed down to half. But if your character remains motionless, the health rate will be increased greatly.

TIP: It is not required to put healing items in your hot-bar; patch 1.0.5 added an option for a healing item hotkey (default "H"). When pressed, this hotkey causes the player to use the first healing object in order from left to right and top to bottom.


The Nurse NPC will only move into a suitable home once your maximum Health Points have been increased by at least 1 heart crystal, and will heal you for a number of copper coins (75% the amount of health you need, and price is always rounded down. EX: 120 max health, 20 current. 100 healed = 75 copper, etc..).

Max health

A player's maximum Health Points can be increased by 20 by consuming one Life Crystal (Obtained by smashing a Crystal Heart), up to a maximum of 400 health. You will need a total of 15 Life Crystals in order to reach max health, giving you 300 health plus the 100 HP you start off with as a new character. As of 1.2, the Life Fruit item allows 500 maximum health points (if the player has reached 400 HP), since using one will permanently increase your maximum HP by 5.

A player that reached 500 HP by using Life Fruits


On the Mobile version of Terraria, the maximum health is 200 (10 hearts) rather than 400. It is unknown why this is the case.

However it my be due to size constraints as the screen isn't as large as consoles or PC.

Health Changes

Health changes for both the player and enemies are represented by the floating numbers after a hit. Orange numbers represent damage done to an enemy, bold faced and slightly darker orange represent a critical hit, red numbers represent damage to players, and green numbers show recovered health. Blue numbers are not health related, but instead pertain to mana recovery.

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