The Heart Lantern is a decorative item that grants a health regeneration buff called 'Heart Lamp'. This will occur within a 50 block (100 ft) radius from the lamp. It can be placed by clicking underneath a block which has two blocks of air beneath it. The lamp will give off pink light and a shiny particle effect, which also functions as an acceptable Light Source. They are 2 blocks high and 1 block wide.


  • Despite being a light source, and thus an active component, the buff created by the lantern will continue to be given even when the light has been switched off.
  • The Heart Lantern does stack with the Campfire Buff.
  • The Heart Lantern cannot be placed below platforms.


  • When the player has the Heart Lantern Healing Buff, the Nurse will try to remove it for 7 SilverCoin Small and 50 CopperCoin Small, as if the player is actually afflicted by a Debuff.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.