The Heat Ray is a weapon dropped by the Golem. It is considered to be the end-game version of the Laser Rifle and Space Gun.


  • It fires fully automatic and will do so as long as the user has mana. As of update, it uses eight mana per shot.
  • Unlike its lesser versions, the shots of the Heat Ray are not individual projectiles. Instead, it fires a beam that travels instantly and pierces any number of enemies in its path. This makes this weapon highly effective against hordes of enemies as well as worm-types like the Destroyer.
  • While holding the Heat Ray, a backpack (like the one that comes with the Leaf Blower and Clentaminator) appears on the player, resembling a power source for the gun. If the player has wings equipped, then the backpack replaces the wings while on the ground. This addition is purely cosmetic.
  • With the right equipment, the Heat Ray can kill the Destroyer in 2.8 seconds.


  • The Heat Ray is a reference to the War of the Worlds Heat Ray that could destroy battle ships in one shot. The tooltip also makes a reference to this source.

Update Info


  • Mana cost increased from 0 to 8.


  • Added to the game.