Hellstone Bricks can be crafted or collected from Underworld Houses. Like Hellstone and Meteorite, it will do 20 damage (reduced by defense) if the player stands on it without either an Obsidian Skull, Obsidian Shield, Ankh Shield or Obsidian Horseshoe equipped. Drinking an Obsidian Skin Potion will also grant immunity to Hellstone Bricks.


  • Hellstone Bricks will not damage the Guide or other NPCs when they step on it.
  • Unlike Hellstone ore Hellstone bricks will be destroyed if dropped in Lava.
  • Hellstone is the only brick type that is able to cause harm to the player.
  • If a hardmode ore overlaps the brick, the brick will be generated as what the ore vein was.
  • Hellstone Bricks cannot be used in monster traps because they don't damage them.
  • Hellstone Bricks can be used as a safer player trap because they don't hurt your NPCs but can still do damage to players without immunity.

Update Info


  • Appearance of Hellstone has been changed.
  • Max stack increased from 250 to 999.


PC release

  • Added to the game.


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