The Hermes Boots is an accessory that allows the player to run faster after walking continuously in the same direction for about two seconds without interruption. Interruptions include collision with objects or enemies, but not jumping or falling.

The speed increase equals roughly 30% of normal walking speed, thereby increasing jumping length as well. Hermes Boots can only be acquired from Chests, and cannot be crafted.

If either the Demon Wings or Angel Wings equipped in an accessory slot, along with the Hermes Boots, the boots will be able to activate during flight. For example, if the player is standing still on completely flat surface and starts off by flying with the wings in a single, consistent direction, this counts towards the fast-running build-up.



A player running with Hermes Boots equipped

  • The boots must be equipped in an accessory slot in order for the effect to engage, which is shown as a trail of blue particles behind the player, along with a shuffling sound similar to an approaching giant worm.
  • Once Hermes Boots take effect, the player can use Cloud in a Bottle and Rocket Boots without slowing down.
  • Hermes Boots can be engaged prematurely by using a Grappling Hook, an Ivy Whip, a Dual Hook or a Web Slinger to pull oneself along a flat surface.
  • Colliding with objects/monsters will stop the boots' effect. Colliding with monsters whilst the Cobalt Shield, Obsidian Shield, or Ankh Shield is equipped, however, won't stop the effect.
  • When the player is hit by a monster, it is possible to get knocked forward. This can start the fast speed.
  • Spectre Boots can be crafted with the Hermes Boots and the Rocket Boots at Tinkerer's Workshop.


  • If the player is at full speed and they run into a wall with only one block cleared out from underneath, it will glitch through that one block instead of needing the usual two block clearance.
Boots glith

The sprinting one block clearance glitch.


  • In Greek Mythology, Hermes was the messenger of the gods and the god of thieves, travelers, sports, and athletics. Being a messenger required him to run quickly, hence the boots' ability to let the player run remarkably fast. The sandals he wore were winged, just like the Hermes Boots.
  • The Hermes Boots may be a reference to the Pegasus Boots from the Legend of Zelda games.

Update Info


  • Sprite changed.


PC release

  • Added to the game.

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