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Honey is a buff granted to players standing in a volume of Honey more than 5/8 of a tile deep (the honey that fills in half-blocks and slopes counts towards the depth) or being hit while wearing a Honey Comb or its upgrades. The buff provides increased life regeneration of +1 HP per second and increases natural heal rate acceleration by a factor of three. In addition, it reduces the damage from life-losing debuffs like Venom by 2 HP per second. The Honey buff has a particle effect of yellow "droplets" for the duration of the buff.


From environment[]

From Duration Chance
HoneyHoney 30 seconds 100%

From player[]

From Duration Chance
Honey CombHoney Comb 5 seconds 100%
Bee CloakBee Cloak
Honey BalloonHoney Balloon
Amber Horseshoe BalloonAmber Horseshoe Balloon
Stinger NecklaceStinger Necklace
Sweetheart NecklaceSweetheart Necklace


The buff being granted by walking in honey.

  • If a player with the buff stands still, regardless of being inside or outside of honey, their health will regenerate faster. When the buffed player moves again, health will regenerate slower. This applies to all forms of regeneration.


  • Desktop 1.4.1: The player can now receive the Honey buff after being hit while wearing a Honey Comb or its upgrades.