Hornet Family

The Hornet Family was a variety of hornets prior to the 1.2 update (Due to the deletion of the Big Stinger and Little Stinger) which consisted of the Hornet, the Big Stinger, the Little Stinger, and the Dragon Hornet (console and mobile version only). They are found in the Underground Jungle. They drop Coins and Stingers, however Dragon Hornets do not drop stingers. Their Defense values are 10, 13 and 8 respectively and Health values are 34, 50, and 60.

When hit with a Boomerang-type weapon, each one will fly back a long distance making these weapons ideal when trying to escape, but it is not recommended when attempting to fight in an enclosed area as they will bounce off the walls and come back quickly for more damage. The player could be knocked off of a small platform or pushed into nearby enemies in this manner. The Minishark is very effective against them.

If caught on a player built tower, be wary, because they shoot stingers at you, and can knock you off, disrupting the activity you were doing, and, if at a low enough level, kill you.

If spawned with server commands, the hornets will be aggressive to the player who spawned it and attack that player alone until he/she is dead. After that, the hornets will start to be aggressive to other players. As of 1.1.1, only the Hornet Family is known to have this behaviour. 


  • As of the 1.2 update, the Big Stingers and Little Stingers no longer spawn, but more variants of hornets spawn instead. The other hornets are hornets with vines, horned hornets, spiky hornets, a bigger hornet (Like the Big Stingers ), and bee-like hornet.

Update Info


  • Big stingers and Little stingers no longer spawn in the underground jungle. (Only hornets with different variety spawn.)


  • Added to the game.
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