The Ice Bow is a ranged bow-type weapon dropped by Mimics that are disguised as Ice Chests, and as such only appears in an Ice Biome.

The Ice bow will augment all arrow types fired from it into Frost Arrows, nullifying their previous effects and replacing them with Frost Arrows.


  • The bow shoots "Frost Arrows", but they don't give enemies the debuff Frostburn.
  • The arrows shot by the Ice Bow fly with more velocity than that of a normal bow.
  • It can attain the highest ranged weapon prefix from reforging it to Unreal.
  • Although it deals more damage and has a farther range than the Sharanga, it is unable to inflict a damaging debuff (the Sharanga inflicts Cursed Inferno by turning all arrows shot from it into Spectral Arrows) and cannot drop arrows after firing.

Update Info


  • Slightly increased damage and slightly decreased use time.


  • Added to the game.


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