Ice Golems are a new monster in the Terraria 1.2 update. Not much is known about them other than that they seem to spawn in snow biomes after activating Hard Mode by killing the Wall of Flesh

An Ice Golem in a snow cave.

They have 3000HP and are hostile. They only appear during a blizzard - when it is raining in other biomes.


Ice Golems are hostile and thus attack the player. While they are able to deal damage by physical contact, they are very slow and will shoot you with lasers which has a chance to cause a debuff. They are phased very little by knockback, but have a low jump height of only about 3 blocks.


To defeat the Ice Golem without taking much damage you will need to make a trap. First you would need to dig a 

Ice golemterrain

Using terrain to your advantage.

Golem ice

Fighting Ice Golem underwater, hiding behind the ledge to avoid his lasers.

ditch that is 2 blocks wide and 6 blocks high, make a doorway 2 blocks from the bottom, make some room to move behind the door (just in case). when the Ice Golem arrives it will fall down the ditch and get trapped, open the door and give it hell (without getting hurt).

Another way is to place blocks 3-4 blocks from the surface around where you think the Ice Golem will spawn. When he spawn he will get trapped by the blocks, then you can damage him from a distance by range weapons and not risking getting to much damage yourself.


  • It seems that if a player's spawn point is near enough, if said player is killed the Ice Golem will make its way towards them to continue the battle.
  • Ice Golems also appear to drop a random section of the Frost Armor upon death.
  • Since only one Icy Feather is required to craft Frozen Wings in combination with 20 souls of flight, Ice Golems can be used to bypass the tedium of searching for souls of light/night, as long as the player is well-equipped enough to take them down.
  • It will always drop one of the three items: Frost Helmet, Frost Breastplate or Frost Leggings.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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