The Ice Queen is the final boss of The Frost Moon and is the Frost Moon equivalent of the Pumpking. She appears at wave 11. The Ice Queen attacks with three phases. First, it will float above the player and shoot ice shards downwards. Second, it can spin around while quickly shooting frost shards that go in random directions. These frost shards do decent damage, and if many of them hit the player, there's a good chance he/she won't survive. Another phase is that it can shoot frost waves that have high velocity and can go through blocks while swooping back and forth, sometimes hitting the player with melee. The frost waves do high damage and are fired at a fast rate towards the player, so players might find this phase difficult. The Ice Queen can inflict the Chilled debuff and the Frozen debuff that makes the player frozen solid for 2 seconds. Those debuffs are a great opportunity for the Ice Queen and other Frost Moon monsters to kill the player.


  • A fine strategy is for the player to use a fast moving flying item such as the Hoverboard or Jetpack (With up button+jump button) while using a ranged weapon at the Ice Queen, making her miss most of the time, and making the Frost Moon enemies target the player less. This strategy also applies with a really long bridge of Asphalt Blocks and Lightning Boots in the air. It is also recommended to wear the Hand Warmer, as its immunity to chill and freezing effects reduce the total damage taken.
  • A great way to avoid the spinning attack is to make a barrier of blocks, as the frost shards won't go through the barrier, and using a block piercing item such as the Death Sickle towards the Ice Queen while spinning.
  • Going towards a sky island reduces the chances of other enemies spawning such as the  Santa-NK1 and the Everscream, reducing the chances of death making it easier to kill the Ice Queen without any intrusion.
  • Drinking an Inferno Potion will block the ice shard projectiles.
  • Using a piranha gun helps as it latches onto the ice queen. This also helps when battling fast enemies.
  • Using the Horsemans Blade farm helps a lot as the projectiles home in on her. Although they may also go after the wrong target.
  • The Daybreak is a very good weapon as it can latch onto the Ice Queen especially during it's spinning attack and the debuff it inflicts can also come in handy.
    • A Flask of Ichor also pairs great with this weapon.

Update Info


  • Damage decreased from 160 to 130.


  • Added to the game.


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