The Ice Sickle is a melee weapon that shoots a spinning blade of ice when swung in a similar style to the Death Sickle, though projectiles created by this weapon will not pass through walls. Because this weapon does not use mana, it is best to pile the sickles thrown from the weapon on to the monster. The monster will take a lot of damage, keep walking into the projectiles, and die extremely fast. The best modifier for this weapon is Legendary.


  • In spite of this weapon being made out of ice, it will still get benefits from equipping a Fire Gauntlet or using a Flask of Cursed Flames.
  • The name "Ice Sickle" is a pun of the word "icicle".
  • Just like the Death "Sickle" weapon, this one is improperly labeled as a sickle, when in fact the weapon is a scythe.


  • The sickles fired by the Ice sickle can go through the ground at times.
  • If aimed at the right angle, the Sickle's projectiles may go through 1 block thick walls.

Update Info


  • Increased damage from 40 to 42.


  • Added to the game.