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This article is about the debuff. For the crafting material, see Ichor.

Ichor is a debuff that lowers the afflicted entity's defense by 15 / 20. It is inflicted by the ranged attack of an Ichor Sticker found in the Underground Crimson or by the Tainted Ghoul found in Crimson Underground Deserts in Hardmode. It can also be inflicted by weapons and the ammo crafted with Ichor.


From player[]

From Duration Chance
Golden Shower Golden Shower 10 seconds 100%
Ichor Bullet Ichor Bullet 10 seconds 100%
Ichor Arrow Ichor Arrow 10 seconds 100%
Flask of Ichor Flask of Ichor 10–19 seconds 100%
Ichor Dart Ichor Dart 7–14 seconds 100%
Bladetongue Bladetongue 5–9 seconds (sword)
3–7 seconds (projectile)

From enemy[]

From Duration Chance
Ichor StickerIchor Sticker 15 / 30 seconds 100*1/1 (100%)
Tainted GhoulTainted Ghoul 7 / 14 seconds 100*1/1 (100%)



  • Because of its effect, it is useful even in late-game, since barely any enemies are resistant to it. It is especially useful against enemies with high defense (e.g. Skeletron Prime (especially during head-spins), Duke Fishron, etc.)
  • A common tactic is to use an Ichor-inflicting weapon on an enemy, and then finish it off with the player's main weapon.


  • The damage increase from Ichor on the player changes depending on the difficulty; It will increase the effective damage by 8 in Classic, 11 in Expert, and 15 in Master Mode. This is due to how the effectiveness of defense changes with the difficulty, getting stronger as it gets harder.

Immune NPCs[]

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  • Desktop 1.4.1: Defense reduction has been decreased by 25% from 20 to 15.