Ichor Stickers are a Hard Mode monster that reside in The Crimson's underground and an alternate counterpart to the Clinger. They can be very dangerous in early Hardmode due to their ability to attack from afar (as well as piercing through blocks) and their ability to lower one's defense. This can result in heavy amounts of damage inflicted on the player character. They are one of the sources of obtaining ichor in the game, so they must be killed to obtain weapons such as the Golden Shower.

The use of continuously hitting weapons (Aqua Scepter, Minishark, etc) prevents them from attacking back, allowing you to safely and quickly kill an Ichor Sticker. If their line of sight is blocked, the Ichor Stickers cannot locate the player, allowing the player  to use this to their advantage.

It is worth noting that weapons crafted using the Ichor these enemies drop (Golden ShowerIchor BulletsFlask of Ichor) have the same ability to reduce the target's defense, similar to the Ichor Sticker's ability. Often, these weapons can be used to inflict the Ichor debuff to reduce the defense of bosses (Except The Destroyer), and then attack with a higher damage weapon afterwards.

Update Info


  • Now drops 2-5 Ichor instead of 1-3.


  • Added to the game.