The Icy Merman is a Hard Mode monster that resides in Snow Biomes. They have the ability to shoot a projectile called Icewater Spit which is very similar to that of the Frost Staff's, but cannot fire them as rapidly. When they shoot their projectile their head turns so that the projectile appears to come from their mouth, this can go as far as an Icy Merman having their heads straight up.

They appear to be mermen creatures, and, while described as Icy Mermen, they are the only variety of mermen aside from players equipped with a Neptune's Shell or Moon Shell. The sprite of a player equipped with a Neptune's Shell or Moon Shell is very similar to the Icy Merman's sprite as well.

They don't take on the same appearance as the common mythological being, the Merman, as it seems to be a fish with human-like limbs, rather than being human from the waist up, with fish-like qualities from the waist down.

Ranged weapons are recommended when fighting with these, as they have ranged attacks as well. Attack from a distance to cancel out any attacks, and upon approach, pull out a melee weapon to conserve Ammo or Mana.

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