The Imp Staff summons an Imp to fight for the player. The Imp will tail the player and fly around, attacking enemies if aware of them. The Imp lasts unless the player dies, cancels the buff, or summons a replacement minion.

It does more damage than the Hornet Staff Hornets. The Imp shoots fireballs rapidly, capable of piercing multiple enemies and inflicting the On Fire debuff. The Imp also deals contact damage.

Like most fire-based attacks, the Imps' fireballs can be extinguished by water, making them completely useless at fighting underwater enemies. Although the Imp will still attempt to attack the enemies.
Imp Staff - Terraria 1.2

Imp Staff - Terraria 1.2.4 Guide New Summoner Weapon! - GullofDoom


  • Other minions can be summoned together with the Imps, but the minion slots will be shared amongst them.
  • The maximum number of minions one can spawn is eleven. This can be achieved by wearing a full set of Stardust Armor while equipped with Pygmy Necklace, Necromantic Scroll, Papyrus Scarab, a Summoning Potion Buff, and using The Bewitching Table at the same time. (PC Version).
  • When compared to the Fire Imp enemy, this Imp is more powerful. It has wings in addition to anything a Fire Imp has (Fire Imp teleports). However, the attack doesn't seem to pass through walls.
  • The buff's tooltip says "The Imp will fight for you".


  • The Imp will rarely rapid fire for 2 seconds.

Update Info


  • It now costs 10 mana to use.


  • Added to the game.
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