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Large World Jungle

Map view of a Jungle, Underground Jungle, and a Jungle Temple.

The Jungle is a surface biome composed primarily of grass, vines, Mud, Jungle Trees, Bamboo and pools of water, with a dark green background. Jungle trees grow automatically on Jungle grass found there, though traditional Acorns can also be planted. The Underground Jungle is found just below the Jungle, beginning at cavern depths.

The Jungle is one of the more challenging surface biomes, especially for those just entering Hardmode. Jungle enemies have much more health and deal more damage than those typically found in other surface areas.

Players can seed new Jungle areas by planting Jungle Grass Seeds in Mud Blocks. Jungle grass spreads much more slowly than ordinary grass. A Jungle biome will activate once a minimum of 140 Mud Blocks are covered with Jungle grass and/or each square of Jungle Vines, or with 140 Lihzahrd Bricks.

The Jungle becomes substantially harder during Hardmode. Additionally, there is a danger that the Jungle can be completely overtaken by the spread of Corruption/Crimson once Hardmode has been in effect for some time, making essential Jungle items more difficult to acquire. Defeating Plantera will slow down the spread of Corruption/Crimson and Hallow to 50% of their original speed in Hardmode.

Goblin Scouts can spawn here rarely, similarly to the forest.


See Underground Jungle for the content found in and under the Cavern layer.
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A player spawning in a Forest nearby a Jungle.


  • Avoid knocking Beehives off the ceiling, as doing so will release Bees (and, on Expert Mode, possibly a Hornet) that can easily disrupt exploring.
  • It is recommended newer players have at least Silver/Tungsten armor when visiting the Jungle.
  • The Jungle will always be on the side of the map opposite the Dungeon and the Snow biome, and on the same side as the Underground Desert. It is possible for it to spawn within view of the player's starting position, and, very rarely, in the center of the map, giving some indication of the layout of the rest of the world.
  • To get some very good starter equipment without having to venture into the dangerous Underground Jungle to loot Ivy Chests, it may be worth it to fish in the Jungle at the very beginning of the game with a Reinforced Fishing Pole and Enchanted Nightcrawlers. Jungle Crates will drop the same loot as Ivy Chests, but are easy to obtain, as the Jungle often spawns with large pools of water, and it can be easy to avoid enemies by simply boxing oneself in. This way, the player can obtain very powerful starter equipment, such as the Anklet of the Wind and Boomstick, without even having to defeat a boss.


  • All enemies in the Jungle (except for Bees from fallen Beehives) have a chance of dropping a Jungle Key / Jungle Key Mold. This will later be used to open the Jungle Chest in the Dungeon after Plantera has been defeated, which contains a Piranha Gun, a unique ranged weapon which does not use ammunition and can be a useful side weapon. Consider farming for it before defeating Plantera, as in Expert and Master Modes, all enemies are buffed after she has been defeated and it will be therefore far easier to farm them beforehand.
  • Consider building a house for the Witch Doctor in the Jungle in pre-Hardmode, as he will sell the Leaf Wings for only 150 / 1 at night at the beginning of Hardmode. Despite the complete lack of effort it takes to get them, they are the best wings (alongside Frozen Wings) that one can get on the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version, Windows Phone version Windows Phone version, Old Chinese version Old Chinese version, Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, and tModLoader 1 tModLoader 1.3-Legacy version until after defeating Plantera. On the PC version PC version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and tModLoader version tModLoader version, as of, they have been drastically nerfed and wing progression has been reshaped, but obtaining them may still be useful in the meantime until the player obtains better wings.
  • It is generally recommended to completely avoid traversing the aboveground Jungle at the beginning of Hardmode. The enemies there do not provide much useful loot (with the exception of the Uzi, a very fast gun, and Turtle Shells, which are only relevant once the player has defeated the mechanical bosses and can mine Chlorophyte) and the combination of their different attacks can kill the player in one or two hits, especially in Expert and Master Modes.
  • It is a good idea to section off the Jungle before activating Hardmode, or the Jungle might quickly be overtaken by the evil biome (Corruption/Crimson) and eventually be eliminated. The evil biome converts Mud Blocks within a three-tile radius of any corrupted block to dirt, and grows Corrupt/Crimson grass on it. This means that simply digging a three-block wide tunnel around all sides of the Jungle will prevent the evil biome from spreading to it. Since background walls cannot spread the evil biome (though they may get converted themselves), it is unnecessary to remove any walls that cross that three-block gap. However, thorny bushes may grow as bridges across the tunnel for the evil biome to spread across, a longer-term tunnel would need to be at least fifteen blocks wide, since thorny bushes can grow up to six blocks in both Jungles and evil biomes. To learn more, see Biome spread.
    • However, it is very possible that, upon the defeat of the Wall of Flesh and activation of Hardmode, the "V" shape created by the evil biomes including the Corruption/Crimson will breach the tunnel that one has built to contain the evil. Therefore, the aboveground Jungle may likely still be infected. To curb this, it may be a wise idea to instead spread the Hallow between the Jungle and evil biome by simply using Holy Water (which is easily craftable upon the start of Hardmode). The Hallow cannot spread to the Jungle and will also block the Corruption and Crimson, making it a worthy alternative to digging a tunnel.
    • The aboveground Jungle is generally far less important in terms of loot than the Underground Jungle, which will also be much harder for the Corruption/Crimson to fully infect. Therefore, the player's main priority in terms of the Jungle will likely be NPC housing, which is especially important on the PC version PC version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and tModLoader version tModLoader version where the Pylon Network will make world travel far easier. It may be a wise idea to instead build one's Jungle base deep underground instead of aboveground, as it is far less likely that it will be infected by the evil biome due to the sheer size of the Underground Jungle. It will also give the player easier access to the Underground later in Hardmode, such as when setting up a Plantera arena.


  • Originally, another biome, the Swamp, was planned.[1] It was intended to be an alternative to the Jungle, much like the Crimson is an alternate of the Corruption, but was scrapped due to the large amount of content added to the Jungle.[2]


This content is transcluded from Biome backgrounds § Jungle.

Some Jungle backgrounds are combined with the current forest background.


Snatcher displayed on the Official Terraria Forums (Jungle style)


  • Desktop 1.3.1: Beehives now spawn over time under Jungle Grass ceilings of the Jungle and Underground Jungle.
  • Desktop Pre-Hardmode Jungle enemies now have a small chance of spawning in the Hardmode Jungle.
  • Desktop 1.0.5:
    • Added Moonglow, an herb which occasionally grows in the Jungle and blooms at Night.
    • Corrupt chasms now have less of a chance to spawn within Jungles.
    • Surface Jungles have been enlarged, and will now override Deserts.