Jungle Grass Seeds are a semi-rare drop from the plants in the Underground Jungle and Surface Jungle. They can be placed on mud blocks to create an artificial underground jungle and are acquired by destroying grass grown on a jungle grass Mud Block with any weapon or tool that can break it. The grass may take a long time to grow.

Green Thread can be created using 3 Jungle Grass Seeds at a Loom.

Growing an artificial Jungle on the surface can be helpful as Trees spawn on the grass on their own providing a constant source of Wood without having to replant the trees. However it should be noted that for trees to grow the grass must be allowed to grow as well since there are no "planted" saplings.

A good strategy to getting jungle grass seeds is to destroy the Jungle grass while walking around in the Underground Jungle; making a farm to cut the Seeds is usually an inefficient strategy due to the low drop rate. You can also connect mud blocks to existing jungle mud and allow the grass to spread naturally. Another way is to stand on a piece of grass on mud while wearing Flower Boots and having a yoyo right where your feet are and stand there. It should appear to be a sort of explosion looking particle effect it will constantly break the grass while putting it back.

Terraria - How to make a Jungle Grass Seed farm the quickest & easiest way possible!-0

Terraria - How to make a Jungle Grass Seed farm the quickest & easiest way possible!-0

Update Info


  • Jungle Seeds now used to make Green Thread (which replaced Green Dye in crafting the Hero outfit.)


  • Bug fixed that prevented Jungle Grass Seeds from dropping.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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