Wallless jungle shrine

A jungle shrine without a back wall.

Broken Jungle Shrine

A jungle shrine with no solid walls.

Shrine on a boulder

Jungle Shrines are buildings made out of Tin Bricks, Gold Bricks, Mudstone Blocks, Rich Mahogany, or Iridescent Bricks that can be found in the Underground Jungle

Each shrine has a chance of containing an Ivy or Gold Chest, which may contain special equipment and items not found in other environments. Shrines usually contain one chest, however, on rare occasions, they may contain zero or two chests. They also sometimes appear very close to the surface when your jungle mud is above ground during rare occasions. A Jungle Shrine may also appear with no solid block walls, but this is insanely rare, probably due to the shrine spawning atop a Glowing Mushroom field. An Ivy Chest may be replaced on rare occasions with a Heart Crystal. This happens when the crystal must spawn, but has no other nearby place to do so.

Although mostly the shrines are spread out across the underground jungle, shrines may rarely spawn near each other, or even interlock. Although it depends on size, most underground jungles have four to six shrines in them. In extreme cases, three will spawn within ten tiles of each other. Usually, when this occurs, another Gold or Ivy Chest will spawn in the vicinity as well.

On rare occasions, Jungle Shrines appear floating above an Underground Jungle, given that the Underground Jungle reaches up to the surface.

If a shrine spawns in lava, it may not have a chest at all.

Since Underground Houses are spawned after Shrines, a house may sometimes replace part of the shrine, if this happens it may not have a chest.

Chest Contents

Update Info





  • No longer has a chance to spawn Nature's Gift inside shrine chests.
  • Shrines are now generated with no background wall.


PC release

  • Added to the game.


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