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Jungle Temple Map

Map view of a Jungle Temple. The entrance to this one is at the top-left, though it is sometimes at the top-right (it is always near a top corner).

Not to be confused with Jungle Shrine.

The Jungle Temple (also known as the Lihzahrd Temple) is an enclosed structure constructed of Lihzahrd Bricks and located in the Underground Jungle. It is always present in any generate world, but can only be properly entered after Plantera has been defeated. The Jungle Temple contains unique Lihzahrd-themed enemies, traps, and furniture. The Lihzahrd Furnace, a crafting station for further Lihzahrd-themed furniture, can be found in its Chests. The Lihzahrd Altar found in the Temple's final chamber is used to summon the Golem boss. Defeating Golem triggers the spawning of Cultists, used to summon the Lunar Events.

The Temple is entered via the Lihzahrd Door located at one of its two top corners. The door is initially locked, requiring a Temple Key to open, which is dropped by Plantera. Unlocking the door consumes one Temple Key from the player's inventory, and the door remains permanently unlocked for all players in the world. It is generally not possible to enter the Temple via any other conventional means since Lihzahrd Bricks can only be mined with at least the Picksaw dropped by Golem, and Lihzahrd Brick Walls impose numerous restrictions, e.g. on Teleporter use. There are, however, several methods to enter the temple prior to defeating Plantera.

The Temple's entrance leads to a long corridor that winds downward through several chambers, ending in a large room at the bottom containing the Lihzahrd Altar. The Altar can be used to summon Golem at the cost of one Lihzahrd Power Cell. Several Power Cells are found in the Temple's Lihzahrd Chests and are dropped randomly by the Temple's Lihzahrd and Flying Snake enemies.

The entire Temple is filled with several types of traps, including Flame, Spear, Spiked Ball, and Super Dart Traps. Traps occur much more frequently in the Temple than in the Dungeon and are far more damaging. They are activated by Lihzahrd Pressure Plates, which only respond to players (enemies walk on them freely without triggering them). As in the Dungeon, all Temple traps, pressure plates, and wires can be looted by the player for use in player-built mechanisms.



  • Even before entering Hardmode, Lihzahrds and Flying Snakes can spawn outside the temple, if the player is standing directly in front of a Lihzahrd Brick Wall (in the Temple's entrance, for example). They pose a very high threat to players without late-game equipment.
  • While the explosion-proof Lihzahrd Bricks and the Lihzahrd Altar can only be mined with a Picksaw, most other objects in the Temple, including traps, can be removed with low-tier tools.
    • In 1.4, this is no longer true. You cannot remove any traps other than the wooden spikes without a Picksaw or a better pickaxe. As of the latest version The Grand Design can no longer highlight wires or let you disable any traps you find until Golem has been defeated. Pressure Plates are still mineable, however, and if you have Smart Cursor enabeled, then Wire Cutters and other tools that can cut wires will highlight them, allowing you to more easily detect traps.
  • If a Pylon is placed inside the temple and used, the status message "Ancient forces prevent you from accessing this location . . ." is displayed, and the player will not be teleported.
  • In the secret seed "For the Worthy" the Jungle Temple is 3x bigger than a normal seed. This often means that finding the temple is trivial as it more often than not extends down into the underworld. Great caution needs to be made however, as despite being considered in the temple, the altar in its natural position causes Golem to enter its enraged state due to being in the underworld. This can also happen in worlds generated with the secret seed "05162020" (Drunk world).
  • In extremely rare cases, it's possible for the Jungle Temple to generate almost entirely outside of the Underground Jungle, with only a small portion of the edge still touching it. This can happen in worlds even without secret seed world generation modifications to the Jungle Temple. If the player is having trouble looking for the Jungle Temple inside the Jungle, it may be best to check the edges of neighboring biomes.
  • The Jungle Temple is typically located in the Cavern Layer, which can be viewed using the Cell Phone or Depth Meter.


Achievement Temple Raider
Temple Raider • Breach the impenetrable walls of the jungle temple.
Unlock the Jungle Temple's Lihzahrd Door.
Category: Collector Collector


For tips on entering the Temple without the Temple Key, see the Jungle Temple section of the Skipping Ahead guide.
For tips on surviving in the Jungle Temple, see Surviving in the Jungle Temple.
  • The Jungle Temple is densely wired. Collecting all wires in the Temple (using the Wire Cutter or The Grand Design once Golem is defeated) can net a player over 1000 wires.
  • In older patches, an effective way of avoiding the traps in the Temple is to hold a wire-related item (Wrench, Wire Cutter, or their upgrades, or devices or triggers) to make placed wires visible, or use a Mechanical Lens. The Dangersense Potion is also useful for this, as the buff also highlights Wooden Spikes in addition to traps and pressure plates.
    • Traps that can be seen from the outside of the temple can be disarmed by removing the wires with The Grand Design even before the player can enter.
    • If you are overwhelmed by Lihzahrds, a way to disable the traps is to shoot at them with some Rocket IV / Mini Nuke II, removing the pressure plates and the spikes.
    • If using the The Grand Design, another easy and mostly safe way of disabling the spikes is to place Actuators on them and use the Actuation Rod to make the spikes harmless.
  • The Lihzahrd Furnace can be sold for 2 and since every chest inside the temple contains one, selling excess ones is an effective way of making money.
  • The Rod of Discord can only be used in the temple after Plantera is defeated.
  • If you're having trouble locating the temple, consider using the Clentaminator to spray your surroundings to highlight the Jungle Temple on the map.


  • The colors of Wires in the Jungle Temple appear to be based on the horizontal position of the pressure plate they originate from.
  • Life Crystals can generate in the Jungle Temple, although it is extremely rare.


  • Desktop
    • Bombs and other explosives can no longer destroy Temple traps.
    • Fixed a world generation issue where the Temple's door wasn't accessible.
  • Desktop Temple traps (other than Wooden Spikes) can no longer be mined without the Picksaw or a similar pickaxe.
  • Desktop You can no longer teleport in front of Jungle Temple walls.
  • Console 1.08: Players can no longer pass through the Lihzahrd Door while it is locked.
  • Console 1.03: The Lihzahrd Door can no longer be broken with a Drax.
  • Mobile 1.2.12773: Fixed a similar bug where players were teleported into the temple before defeating Plantera.
  • Mobile 1.2.12715: Fixed a bug where players might get teleported into the temple before defeating Plantera.