This is the list of Known Bugs in the latest Mobile Version of Terraria.



  • When you have just crafted a gold crown, dragging it up to your equipment icon, if you have a familiar wig on, will result in the gold crown disappearing, and being replaced with another wig.
  • In the Android Version, there is a glitch on the keyboard for at least one device (MotoX 2nd Gen) that makes creating a character impossible. The tutorial can still be played, but full game content is inaccessible.
  • In the Android version, after playing the tutorial, jumping into the lava at the bottom of the world and being killed, loading a world may cause the game to display "<player name> couldn't put the fire out" one or more times.
  • If a host kills another player or if that player dies in multiplayer it will say that the host died.
  • When you grapple onto a spike, you will not take damage
  • A Demon Altar may spawn missing a quarter of its sprite. After hitting it with a hammer, the player will take damage and the demon altar will be destroyed. If you hit it with the Pwnhammer, it will be destroyed without blessing the world with Hardmode ores.
  • When you teleport using the Magic Mirror and then quickly select a stack of items from the hotbar, you will lose one item from the stack.
  • In the map, the dirt layer below the surface layer is invisible and treated as the sky.
  • When looking at your inventory, items will occasionally appear bigger or smaller in their inventory boxes.
  • Killing players with certain items will result in the tombstone saying the player was killed using something that they weren't killed with. (e.g a Legendary Night's Edge will result in it saying Gold Watch)
  • When running with the Hermes Boots and flying with any type of wings (for example, Angel Wings) flying up to a one-block wide gap will make you go through the space even though the player is 2 blocks wide.
  • Sometimes, in Hardmode worlds, corrupted/hallowed/chlorophyte blocks won't spread.
  • If your world starts with the alternate ores (tin, lead, etc.), there will be some items like buckets and boss-summoning items that you cannot craft with the ores because the alternate recipes for them were not added to the game.
  • The door to the Lihzahrd Temple can be destroyed with dynamite, even if Plantera has not yet been defeated.
  • When creating your character, the undershirt color will always match the overshirt color, no matter what you set the undershirt color to. However, once the character has finally been created, the undershirt color will become what the player had originally set it to.
  • Leggings will sometimes not show up on Mannequins. They are treated as if they were there, however, as they are removed from you inventory upon tapping the said Mannequin and when tapping the legs the leggings will come off (tested with Turtle Armor, Dragon Armor and Spooky Armor)
  • When dying from the chaos state debuff, the death message would be "available for crafting."
  • In the iOS version, the game may freeze every 0-15 minutes, and may even kick the player out of the app at any point (Only tested on Kindle Fire HDX).
  • In the Amazon version, if dye is worn on one of the cloud saved characters it might appear in the dye slot of the player in the tutorial.
  • When you try to write on a sign, it doesn't work (Tested on iPad and Kindle Fire HDX)


  • The Goblin Tinkerer won't reforge 1.2 weapons (he will reforge 1.2 accessories, however).
  • Quotes sometimes get mixed up among NPC's. For instance the Witch Doctor sometimes says "We have to talk. It's... it's about parties", which is a quote that belongs to the Party Girl.
  • The Cyborg sometimes says "DIALOGUE[286]". It is assumed that this is supposed to say "And then Unit 492-8 said, 'Who do you think I am, Unit 472-6?' HA. HA. HA.", since the Cyborg never says this but the Pirate says this instead.
  • Doors that NPCs regularly use may temporarily become invisible, or sometimes be destroyed and dropped as an item. Occasionally the block directly below the door will be destroyed as well.
  • Teleporters may only work one way for players, but NPCs can be teleported both ways normally.
  • Occasionally, when buying a single item from an NPC, if you have enough money to buy a second item, a second item will be purchased without the player purchasing it. The amount of money required to buy the second item will be lost.
  • If your world has crimson instead of corruption, the guide will still speak of the world as if it has corruption, for example he will tell you to smash shadow orbs even though they don't exist in the crimson.
  • Occasionally, the dryad will tell you "(world name) is 0% corrupt. You should try harder." She will say this regardless of whether you actually do have corruption or hallow in your world.
  • Someone made a typo in the code, and in the New Year's quote the guide says #demolitionist# instead of the demolitionist's name.
  • During the holiday event, Santa will not show up, NPCs will not sell their festive items (roman candle, special clothing, etc.) and the only sign of any event is presents dropping.
  • Pre-hardmode enemies will stop spawning except for rare occasions after hardmode begins, making lenses and black lenses from demon eyes almost impossible to get without going to a new world.
  • If you get Santa, killing him crashes the game. Period.


  • Spectral Elementals can occasionally drop a Rainbow Rod.
  • Arch Wyverns can occasionally drop a Shadow Key.
  • Lepus has a rare chance (1%) to drop Souls of Might.
  • Skeletron Prime sometimes does not drop items properly.
  • Killing one of Skeletron Prime's hands may result in the whole Skeletron Prime dying and not dropping anything.
  • When defeating the Wall of Flesh, it will occasionally not drop any items but still cause your world to enter Hardmode.
  • Sometimes hard mode mobs will spawn Pre-Hardmode, (such as Wraiths spawning at night,Toxic Sludges spawning underground, and Wyverns spawning on floating islands.)
  • Sometimes, the Wall of Flesh will spawn facing in the wrong direction.
  • Enemies won't drop Souls of Night in the hard mode underground crimson.
  • Zombies will sometimes "glide" (or walk un-animated) backwards. This is triggered by jumping over a Zombie as it attacks you
  • Bone Lee seems to drop the Tabi more often than the Black Belt.

Boss-summoning items

  • Ocram will sometimes not spawn after using a Suspicious Looking Skull.
  • When the player uses a summoning item and then quickly removes it from hotbar, the summoning item will not be consumed and the boss will be summoned. Furthermore, if you place a stack in the slot where the summoning item was originally located, you may lose an item from the stack.
  • Sometimes, you will not be able to craft the Suspicious Looking Skull even if you have all the materials in your inventory, because for some reason the Mechanical Skull isn't recognized to be in your inventory.
  • Sometimes, using boss-summoning items that require the time of day to be night while it is still daytime will cause the summoning item to be consumed without summoning a boss.
  • Attempting to craft the Mechanical Worm can crash the game.


  • Occasionally, when firing any type of staff, all blocks on screen will temporarily attain a bright-colored hue.
  • Sometimes, certain faster-firing ranged weapons like the Minishark, Megashark or Leaf Blower will fire at roughly half the usual ROF.
  • When using a spear, and then quickly changing to a pickaxe while the spear is still in use, the pickaxe will be swung continously, but the spear will also keep on being used, as well as with every use going about 1.5 blocks further.
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