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  • Chain Lantern.png Mushroom Lantern.png Steampunk Lantern.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Sell30 / 2 (Golden Lantern)
Research1 required
  • Internal Tile ID: 42, 95(Chinese Lantern), 270 (Firefly in a Bottle), 271 (Lightning Bug in a Bottle)
For the floating lantern resembling those seen during Lantern Nights, see Release Lantern.

Placed Lanterns (in their on and off states). Click or tap the image to view a summary of each row.

A Lantern is a small light source that hangs from ceilings (the underside of blocks). They occupy less space than a Chandelier, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Lanterns can be toggled on and off via wires, except for Firefly in a Bottle, Lightning Bug in a Bottle, Lavafly in a Bottle, and all soul in a bottle variants. Soul in a bottle variants also did not count as a light source for NPCs before

There are two Lanterns that provide regeneration buffs, which are the Heart Lantern and the Star in a Bottle. The Heart Lantern provides a buff that increases health regeneration within a 170-tile by 125-tile rectangular region centered on the Heart Lantern, which stacks with Campfires' buff and Honey's buff. Toggling the Heart Lantern off will only deactivate the light source, and not the buff. The Star in a Bottle works in a similar way, but adds a mana regeneration buff instead of health.

The Skull Lantern and Jack 'O Lantern, while being named Lanterns, are not like the rest of the lanterns in that they need to be placed on a flat surface.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Nebula LanternNebula Lantern
Internal Item ID: 4199
Ancient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Solar LanternSolar Lantern
Internal Item ID: 4157
Stardust LanternStardust Lantern
Internal Item ID: 4220
Vortex LanternVortex Lantern
Internal Item ID: 4178
Bone LanternBone Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2148
Bone WelderBone Welder
Firefly in a BottleFirefly in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 1993
By Hand
Heart LanternHeart Lantern
Internal Item ID: 1859
Lavafly in a BottleLavafly in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4848
Lightning Bug in a BottleLightning Bug in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 2005
Soul of Flight in a BottleSoul of Flight in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4697
Soul of Fright in a BottleSoul of Fright in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4700
Soul of Light in a BottleSoul of Light in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4695
Soul of Might in a BottleSoul of Might in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4699
Soul of Night in a BottleSoul of Night in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4696
Soul of Sight in a BottleSoul of Sight in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 4698
Star in a BottleStar in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 1431
Lesion LanternLesion Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3970
Decay ChamberDecay Chamber
Flesh LanternFlesh Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2034
Flesh Cloning VatFlesh Cloning Vat
Glass LanternGlass Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2037
Glass KilnGlass Kiln
Honey LanternHoney Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2035
Honey DispenserHoney Dispenser
Frozen LanternFrozen Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2040
Ice MachineIce Machine
Lihzahrd LanternLihzahrd Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2041
Lihzahrd FurnaceLihzahrd Furnace
Living Wood LanternLiving Wood Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2145
Living LoomLiving Loom
Skyware LanternSkyware Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2042
Sky MillSky Mill
Slime LanternSlime Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2579
Steampunk LanternSteampunk Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2036
Steampunk BoilerSteampunk Boiler
Bamboo LanternBamboo Lantern
Internal Item ID: 4578
Work BenchWork Bench
Boreal Wood LanternBoreal Wood Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2564
Cactus LanternCactus Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2032
Chinese LanternChinese Lantern
Internal Item ID: 344
Crystal LanternCrystal Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3891
Dynasty LanternDynasty Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2226
Ebonwood LanternEbonwood Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2033
Granite LanternGranite Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3140
Hanging Jack 'O LanternHanging Jack 'O Lantern
Internal Item ID: 1808
Marble LanternMarble Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3139
Martian LanternMartian Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2820
Meteorite LanternMeteorite Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3138
Mushroom LanternMushroom Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2546
Palm Wood LanternPalm Wood Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2530
Pearlwood LanternPearlwood Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2039
Pumpkin LanternPumpkin Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2641
Rich Mahogany LanternRich Mahogany Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2038
Sandstone LanternSandstone Lantern
Internal Item ID: 4309
Shadewood LanternShadewood Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2146
Spider LanternSpider Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3943
Spooky LanternSpooky Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2043
total: 47 row(s)

Noncraftable Lanterns[]

Lantern Notes
Chain Lantern Chain Lantern
Internal Item ID: 136
Found in the Dungeon.
Brass Lantern Brass Lantern
Internal Item ID: 1390
Found in the Dungeon.
Caged Lantern Caged Lantern
Internal Item ID: 1391
Found in the Dungeon.
Carriage Lantern Carriage Lantern
Internal Item ID: 1392
Found in the Dungeon.
Alchemy Lantern Alchemy Lantern
Internal Item ID: 1393
Found in the Dungeon.
Diabolist Lamp Diabolist Lamp
Internal Item ID: 1394
Found in the Dungeon.
Oil Rag Sconce Oil Rag Sconce
Internal Item ID: 1395
Found in the Dungeon.
Obsidian Lantern Obsidian Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2642
Found in Ruined houses, does not break from lava.
Golden Lantern Golden Lantern
Internal Item ID: 2147
Dropped by Pirates.


  • Unlike the others, the Chinese Lantern can be placed underwater.
  • The Chinese Lantern is 2 wide x 2 high.
  • The Large Dynasty Lantern, despite its name, is actually a chandelier.
  • Lanterns cannot be placed on blocks toggled by actuators, and will pop off if the block they are hanging off of is toggled by one.
  • Each world's dungeon contains three of the seven potential 'Dungeon Only' lanterns; each section of dungeon contains a different type of lantern. Which lanterns are present are randomized.
  • On the 3DS multiplayer version of Terraria, you can gain infinite fireflies in a bottle by breaking the bottle first to gain one, then the chain to gain two.


  • The character on the Chinese Lantern (simplified Chinese: 开) means "open" and is pronounced kāi.

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  • Desktop
    • Spider, Lesion, Sandstone, Bamboo, Nebula, Solar, Stardust, and Vortex Lanterns added.
    • Skyware Lantern item and placed sprites updated.
    • Lavafly, Souls of Flight, Fright, Light, Might, Night, and Sight in a Bottle added.
    • Star in a Bottle and Heart Lantern area of effect increased.
  • Desktop 1.3.2: Fixed Bone Lantern's (while off) wrong light display.
  • Desktop
    • Diablost Lamp renamed to Diabolist Lamp.
    • Meteorite, Granite, Marble and Martian Lanterns added.
    • Star in a Bottle now provides a mana regeneration buff.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Palm Wood, Mushroom, Boreal Wood, Slime, Pumpkin, and Obsidian Lanterns added.
  • Desktop 1.2: Brass Lantern, Caged Lantern, Carriage Lantern, Alchemy Lantern, Diablost Lamp, Oil Rag Sconce, and Star in a Bottle added.
  • Console 1.08: Added Firefly in a Bottle and Lightning Bug in a Bottle.