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PC versionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile versionOld Chinese versiontModLoader versiontModLoader 1.3-Legacy version
Last Prism
  • Last Prism item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Damage100 (Magic)
Knockback0 (No knockback)
Critical chance4%
Use time10 (Very fast)
Tooltip'Fire a lifeform disintegration rainbow'
RarityRarity level: 10
Research1 required
Projectile created
  • Last Prism Laser
    Last Prism Laser
  • Last Prism
    Last Prism
Obtained from Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Moon LordMoon Lord's Head.gifMoon Lord111.1%
Treasure Bag
(Moon Lord)
Treasure Bag (Moon Lord)Treasure Bag
(Moon Lord)

The Last Prism being used against a group of Target Dummies.

Last Prism is a Hardmode, post-Moon Lord magic weapon that has a 11.11*1/9 (11.11%) chance of dropping from the Moon Lord. It fires several beams of light that converge into one focused beam as it charges, dealing massive damage. It has one of the highest base DPS in the game at the cost of rapidly consuming mana.

The Last Prism projects 6 beams that deal individual damage as they begin to rotate, then spin faster as they converge into one thick beam. This process takes exactly 3.365 seconds, each beam continuing to deal the weapon's full listed damage. The fully-converged beam deals 3 times the listed damage, or 300 damage per hit. Unlike most piercing attacks, the weapon hits 12 times per second (every 5 game ticks[1]). The mana cost will increase sharply as the beam converges.

Due to its high mana cost (144 mana per second; 12 mana 12 times per second when fully charged), players will struggle to maintain the beam for more than 1-2 seconds. Usage of the Mana Flower, Magic Cuffs, Nebula armor, and a large supply of Super Mana Potions with the Last Prism is recommended.

When combining the Last Prism's base damage of 100 with Accessories such as the Celestial Emblem, Sorcerer Emblem, Avenger Emblem, and other damage boosters such as Nebula armor or the clairvoyance buff from the Crystal Ball, it is possible to double the damage output.

Its best modifier is Demonic or Deadly for damage output, or Mystic for mana conservation because it cannot get modifiers that affect knockback.


  • The Last Prism consumes significantly less mana while unfocused. Consider firing in short holds if there is no need for the concentrated beam, such as when facing large enemies or groups.
  • While held, the Last Prism's aim works in a sweeping motion, so turn rate is reduced.
  • The lifesteal set bonus from the Spectre Hood does not work with the fully charged beam, however it is reported that it may work against some enemies, and on rare occasions against enemies that it usually would not work against, possibly due to a bug.
  • The beam will stop firing after 1 minute of continuous use, but will continue to drain mana. However, this is only achievable with certain setups like using Spikes and Celestial Cuffs, or a Mana flower with many Super Mana Potions. It’s also possible to achieve this by using a Journey Mode character in godmode.
  • The Last Prism is the strongest pre-1.4 item but post-1.4 it competes with the Zenith for the strongest weapon.
  • The beam partly clips through blocks although does not pass through blocks.


  • Although Super Mana Potions are the only effective way to continuously fire the beam, the Mana Sickness debuff they incur heavily reduces its damage output. If this is not of the player's concern, the Mana Flower can be a helpful asset. If it is, there are quite a few other workarounds:
  • With Nebula armor, an enemy statue farm (provides buffs), magic-boosting accessories, and a proper arena, it is possible to reach 250,000 points in the Pumpkin Moon. A similar effect can be achieved in the Frost Moon.
  • With an enemy statue farm, it is possible to use the Last Prism almost infinitely (due to the time limit of using it per hold-click) by collecting the Stars dropped by killed enemies. Star Statues can also help with this.
  • With Nebula armor, a Mana Flower, the Crystal Ball buff and Magic Power Potions, the Moon Lord can be defeated far before the 60-second use time of the Last Prism expires.
  • It is only recommended using it in open-area combat as the beams can only partly go through solid blocks. The Lunar Flare, another magic weapon dropped by the Moon Lord, serves better for this purpose.


  • The Last Prism beam has the same sound effect as the Phaseblade/Phasesaber.
  • For the first few seconds during usage, this weapon produces a sound () similar to that of Jetpack, the Rocket Boots, the Aqua Scepter, and the Golden Shower.
  • This item could be considered an upgrade to the Charged Blaster Cannon, as both have a high-DPS beam.
    • The super beam is similar to the Phantasmal Deathray launched by the Moon Lord and the True Eyes of Cthulhu. Coincidentally, the Moon Lord's beam in Expert mode also does 300 damage, and the other eyes deal around 100, which corresponds to the weapon's damage when focused and unfocused. However, the Moon Lord and his minions will cause invincibility frames while the Last Prism will not.
  • The Last Prism used to have the highest overall DPS of any weapon in Terraria, but it has since been surpassed by the Zenith.
    • However, it still possesses the highest magic DPS in the game, capable of reaching up to 15,000 DPS against a single Target Dummy.
  • The beams change to various different colors if the character's name is one of the following names listed below, which are the names of various testers for Terraria. Having the name "Random" will also randomize the colors. The same effect is true of the drops from the Empress of Light.
List of names
Name Color(s)
Acamaeda Green/Yellow/Orange
Aeroblop Green/Yellow
Alchemystics Pink/Blue/Light Blue
Antithesis Purple/Blue
Arkhalis Pink/Blue
Aurora3500 Green/Dark Green
Cenx Green/Pink
Criddle Orange/Red/Pink/Purple
Crowno Purple/Blue
Darkhalis Pink/Blue
Darthkitten White/Red
darthmorf Dark Red/Black
Devalaous Purple/Blue/Light Blue
Discipile Cyan/Black
Doylee Red/Pink/Blue
Ghostar White/Blue
Grox The Great Light Blue/Green
Jaxrud Yellow/Green
Jenosis Purple/Blue/Light Blue
Kazzymodus Green
Khaios Dark Green/Black
Lazure Light Blue/Blue/Pink
Leinfors Purple/Blue
Loki Red/Black
ManaUser Blue/Light Blue/Green
Mid Dark Red/Pink/Purple
Nike Leon Orange/Red
ppowersteef Blue/Black
RBrandon Red/Black
Redigit Blue
Serenity Pink/White
Sigma Yellow/Orange/Red
Suweeka Blue/Light Blue/Green
Tsuki Pink
Unit One Blue/Light Blue/Green/Yellow
Vulpes Inculta Purple/Blue
W1K Purple/Blue
Waze3174 Blue/Light Blue/Green/Yellow
Xman101 Green/White
Yoraiz0r Pink
Zoomo Purple


  • Desktop Added unique beam colors if the player's name is Discipile.
  • Desktop Added unique beam colors if the player's name is Cenx, Crowno, Lazure, Jaxrud, Acamaeda, Alchemystics, Antithesis, Aurora3500, Criddle, Darthkitten, darthmorf, Jenosis, Kazzymodus, Khaios, Loki, ManaUser, Mid, ppowersteef, RBrandon, Redigit, Serenity, Sigma, Unit One, Vulpes Inculta, Waze3174, Xman101, or Zoomo.
  • Desktop Added unique beam colors if the player's name is Grox the Great.
  • Desktop Added unique beam colors if the player's name is Suweeka, W1K or Random.
  • Desktop Added unique beam colors if the player's name is Nike Leon.


  1. A tick is a time unit countable by the software. Most of Terraria's updating logic happens every tick. A tick has the length of 1/60th of a second, hence there are 60 ticks in a second and 3600 ticks in a minute.