The Last Prism is an endgame-tier magic weapon that can be dropped by the Moon Lord. It must be used continuously for it's maximum effect, which channels a myriad of rainbow beams into a single large beam. Each beam travels until it hits a solid block and pierces enemies infinitely until then. It will slowly consume mana, and when the beams get more powerful, mana consumption rate increases until the single beam is fully formed, at which point it will use up mana extremely fast even with with the proper acessories equipped. 


  • Take note of the high mana consumption of this weapon (72 mana/sec at full charge) and consider equipping appropriated gear to minimize the cost and maximize the beam uptime. The Nebula Armor, Mana Flower, Celestial/Magic Cuffs along with several Star Statues can give the Last Prism a constant uptime.
  • Super Mana Potions in large bulk may be required to keep the beam active for long periods of time. Bear in mind that the Mana Sickness will reduce your maximum effective DPS with the weapon, however.
  • This weapon can easily dispatch The Destroyer (even in Expert Mode) within seconds, because the beam(s) will hit every segment and deals cumulative damage. As it eventually could deal up to hundreds of damage to a single segment, and the boss has 82 segments, which means that it will take tens of thousands of damage per second, and it only has 80000 health/120000 in expert.
  • The Last Prism is best used in open areas due to the inability to pierce through blocks. The Lunar Flare works as a better alternative when fighting in cramped spaces.
  • In events such as Frost Moon and especially Pumpkin Moon, minibosses don't have a lot of health, and since they usually line up, which allows the weapon to quickly mow them down.
  • The Last Prism hits exactly twelve times per second with the super beam, with each hit delibering three times the listed damage.
  • If the name of your character mirrors those of the beta testers, the Last Prism will display only one color instead, the names and colors are: Tsuki (pink), Y0raizor (pink), Ghostar (green), Devalaous (pink, purple, blue), Leinfors (pink), Aeroblop (green, yellow), Doylee (Red), Darkhalis (purple, blue), Arkhalis (pink, blue), Nike Leon (yellow, red), Suweeka (blue, green), W1K (pink, purple, blue), and Grox The Great (green).

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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