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Lava Absorbant Sponge
  • Lava Absorbant Sponge item sprite
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Bonus+2 range
Use time12 (Very fast)
TooltipCapable of soaking up an endless amount of lava
RarityRarity level: 7
Research1 required

The Lava Absorbant Sponge is an item which functions similarly to the Super Absorbant Sponge, but absorbs Lava instead of Water. When used on a tile occupied with lava, it will delete the tile. The Lava Absorbant Sponge can be used an unlimited amount of times. It also drains lava at a slightly faster speed than a standard empty bucket (especially when moving the cursor around while draining). It will not work on any other liquids.

It is obtained as a rare drop from fishing in lava.

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