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Naturally generated
Naturally generated
The content described on this page is only generated naturally and therefore cannot be collected.
Not to be confused with the Lavafall Wall, an animated background wall.

Lava Walls are naturally-generating background walls found in the Cavern layer at a depth where lava replaces water. These naturally occurring walls can be destroyed with a hammer, but will drop nothing. These walls also do not stop enemies from spawning and cannot be used for proper housing.

On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console and 3DS3DS version versions, the Obsidian Wall is the only Lava Wall that will generate due to it being the only one that exists in those versions.

On the Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version, these walls can be made from Hellstone (or in the Obsidian Wall's case, Obsidian) where they can all be used like other craftable walls.

Crafting Desktop and Mobile versions[]


ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Cinder WallCinder Wall (4) (Desktop versionMobile version)Work BenchWork Bench and Ecto MistDesktop and Mobile versions
Ember WallEmber Wall (4) (Desktop versionMobile version)
Magma WallMagma Wall (4) (Desktop versionMobile version)
Obsidian WallObsidian Wall (4) (Desktop versionMobile version)
Smouldering Stone WallSmouldering Stone Wall (4) (Desktop versionMobile version)
total: 5 row(s)

Used in[]


  • Desktop Introduced Cinder, Ember, Magma, and Smouldering Stone Walls into natural world generation.