This boss is found only in the 3DS version(s) of Terraria.
Lepus is the first boss exclusive to the 3DS version of Terraria, added in the Easter update. It appears as a huge bunny with a demented-looking face. It is summoned with the Suspicious Looking Egg, a drop from Corrupt Bunnies and Diseaster Bunnies.


Lepus will leap at the player constantly. Whenever it lands, it will spawn one of two sizes of eggs. These eggs can be destroyed by the player before they hatch; otherwise, the smaller eggs will spawn Diseaster Bunnies and the larger ones will spawn Lepus Clones.


  1. Recommended gear is at least Gold Armor and Gold Bow. Enchanted Boomerang/Vilethorn can also be used as substitute. Dig a pit at least 10 blocks deep, and lure the boss into it and keep shooting at it from above, where the boss shouldn't be able to reach you.
  2. Dig a pit and create a small room on the side with one or two blocks for a window, and stab the boss with a Spear type weapon through the hole. If you do this right, the boss and its minions won't even hit you. This also works with Vilethorn and Starfury.
  3. The quickest strategy is to use the Clockwork Assault Rifle with any ammo except Meteor Shots.
  4. Using Grenades is also an option, provided you can keep a safe distance so you don't end up killing yourself.
  5. If you have been to the underworld and collected lava, a simple pit of lava will kill the boss easily with no effort. To ensure that the drops won't burn, the lava must be thin enough.
  6. Piercing weapons are extremely effective, as it is rather slow. These piercing weapons can also easily destroy the eggs it spawns. Weapons such as the Demon Scythe Spell, and even beginner projectiles like throwing knives and Shurikens can do very well against the boss.
  7. When you are fighting with Lepus you must pay attention from the larger eggs he drops. The small, regular eggs that he drops turns into diseaster bunnies after few seconds. But the larger eggs turn into another Lepus. If you don't want to fight with two Lepus or more at the same time, you have to destroy the larger eggs before they are turning into another Lepus. 
  8. Dig a pit ~40 blocks down and make a chamber to stand in and place some lava down on the bottom to kill Lepus. 


  • Lepus can be fought without the Easter Update installed. Under these circumstances, Corrupt Bunnies will appear wherever Diseaster Bunnies would normally spawn.
  • Because this boss always drops one Suspicious Looking Egg every time it is defeated, it can be spawned an unlimited number of times in succession.
  • Lepus isn't considered defeated until all of its clones are defeated as well.
  • All Bunnies will become corrupted during the time of year which Lepus can be naturally summoned.
  • Defeating this boss will not fulfill the condition to spawn the Dryad.
  • Lepus is potentially a great source of Bunny Hoods, as it continuously spawns Disaster Bunnies.
  • Only five Lepus bosses can be alive at once; four Lepus clones, and the original Lepus. If there are five Lepi, they will continue to open their mouths as if to spawn more Lepus Eggs, but Lepus will not spawn. Once a clone (or the real Lepus) dies, the other ones will spawn more Lepus eggs. If the amount of Lepus Eggs exceeds the five Lepus limit, the eggs will despawn with no effect.
  • Lepus will not drop anything unless there are no more Lepi remaining. Therefore, you cannot farm lepus by letting him make more clones.


  • "Lepus" is the Latin word for "rabbit" or "hare".
  • This boss has no specific theme, and will instead play the theme from the Underground Hallow during the fight.


  • Lepus can occasionally drop Souls of Might.
  • If you put Boots of Ostara on a mannequin and take them off they come off as silver greaves. This bug may be caused by the fact that boots of ostara will give the silver armor set bonus when wearing silver helmet & chestplate.
  • The corpse that appears when Lepus dies is the same as a Corrupt Bunny.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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