The Life Drain is a Hardmode Magic Weapon that can be dropped by a Crimson Mimic, therefore only obtainable in a Crimson World.


  • While it's stated to drain power and life from enemies, it does not directly heal the player.
    • Instead, the player can hold the weapon and use it continuously, which will consume mana, and if there are enemies nearby (excluding other players), they will receive damage and grant the user a buff that lasts until they stop attacking enemies with it.
    • This buff is the key to the weapon's power, because it increases health generation significantly.
    • While dealing normal damage, a debuff will be placed on the targets as long as the weapon is dealing damage, the debuff chips off a static value of 5 damage per tick and is unaffected by other boosts.
      • Note that there is no enemy that is specifically immune to this debuff (If they are, they must be immune to every other debuff), and it bypasses defense (even including that of a Dungeon Guardian). This makes it viable at many occasions.
    • For every 2 extra enemies it can attack, the healing buff is enhanced, but the amount of damage dealt to the enemies does not matter.
    • Because it heals the player indirectly via a regenerative buff, Moon Bite Debuff does not hamper the weapon's effect, unlike how it does to Vampire Knives/Spectre Hood.
    • Also, it seems to have the ability to pass through solid blocks through a certain extent. This can be useful with Bunker Strategies such as Martian Madness - Just stay under there and watch everything destroyed with a simple drain of life. This takes time because of the weapon's low damage, but it guarantees survivability.
    • It deals low damage, so using it as a direct combat weapon is not very effective.
      • However, it is very effective against the Stardust Pillar's Star Cells, as it can easily batter them down to their weakened state, then quickly killing them again as they re-grow.
    • While using, red particles emit from enemies and move to the player, though the player gets healing as long as they are damaging the enemies.
    • This weapon is absurdly powerful against large swarms such as Solar Eclipse, because while not being an area splash weapon, it can target any amount of enemies in a set vicinity and provides a powerful regeneration boost that came from just the number from the enemies
    • Seems to be able to target multiple segments of a worm-like enemy. However, this does not work against The Destroyer, because it is immune to all debuffs, therefore preventing life regeneration.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
Pre-Hard Mode Offensive

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