Life Fruit is a green-orange heart that can be found in the Underground Jungle after defeating any mechanical boss. Using this item permanently increases your health by 5 if you already have 400 health (and only if that requirement is met). It is possible to have up to 500 total health with this item, making a total of 20 Life Fruits having to be used in order to achieve maximum health.

Life Fruit Terraria 1 2 Health Increase Terraria HERO

Life Fruit Terraria 1 2 Health Increase Terraria HERO


Player standing next to a Life Fruit.



  • Note that the plant that the fruit grows on is also called a Life Flower.
  • For every 1 Life Fruit used, one of your heart icons will turn golden, and your maximum health goes up by 5. This may be the reason why you need 400 health to use one because using 20 will make all hearts golden.
  • Similarly to Heart Crystals, Life Flowers will glow when using a Spelunker Potion, making for an easier find.
  • Plantera does NOT need to be killed to grow Life Flowers.
  • Life Flowers will normally grow rarely on any Jungle grass block, just like Mushrooms do on normal grass, meaning that a world cannot run out of Life Fruits.
  • Life Flowers can be found on the world map as showing up as a bright green square. This can be a handy way of finding them.
  •  Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 There is a bug where the player loses the extra health from the Life Fruit upon death.
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Icon mobile Life Flowers can still grow in small numbers before killing any mechanical bosses but will increase in growth when one is defeated.
  • Unlike Heart Crystals, Life Fruits are useless (other than selling) after the player reaches 500 life.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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