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Life Fruit
  • Life Fruit item spriteold Life Fruit item sprite
  • Life Fruit placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (2 wide × 2 high)
Heals Health5
Use time30 (Average)
TooltipPermanently increases maximum life by 5
RarityRarity level: 7
Research10 required

The Life Fruit is a Hardmode plant that grows on Jungle grass below the surface. Once harvested and used, a Life Fruit permanently increases the player's health capacity by 5, turning one of the hearts in the player's health meter golden. Life Fruit can only be used once a player has reached the 400 health cap from Life Crystals.

A total of 20 Life Fruit are required to reach the maximum of 500 health capacity, at which point all of a player's hearts will be golden.

Life Fruit Used
1 used:
(405 health)
20 used:
(500 health)


The icon for a Life Fruit on the map.

  • Life Fruit can spawn on any block of Jungle grass (including player-placed ones) below the surface; it does not have to be in an Underground Jungle biome. However, they will never spawn within a 122×122 (102×102) / 162×162 tile area (centered on the Life Fruit) of each other,[1] i.e. they will be spaced 60 (50) / 80 tiles apart at maximum concentration.
  • When a Life Fruit is used successfully, it restores the player's current health by 5 as well.
  • Like other plants, Life Fruit can be harvested with any weapon or tool; a pickaxe is not required, and any type of attack can uproot them. They will also be uprooted if the Jungle grass beneath them is replaced.
  • Life Fruit are highlighted by the Spelunker buff or Spelunker Glowsticks by a yellow glimmer, like ores and treasures.
  • Life Fruit currently has the highest Metal Detector value. This can make searching for ores or other valuables more difficult once full health has been reached as any errant Life Fruit will show up over everything else in the area.
  • On the minimap, Life Fruit are 2×2 squares and are a slightly lighter color of green than the rest of the foliage around it. When hovered over, they are labeled as "Life Fruit".


Achievement Get a Life.png
Get a Life • Consume a life fruit, which grows in the thick of subterranean jungle grass.
Consume a Life Fruit.
Achievement Topped Off.png
Topped Off • Attain maximum life and mana possible without accessories or buffs.
Reach maximum health and mana.
Achievement Maxed Out.png
Maxed Out • “You have the maximum health and mana!”
Max out your health and mana.


  • A Lifeforce Potion can be used to temporarily increase health capacity even beyond 500, to a maximum of 600.
  • In order to obtain maximum health, 20 Life Fruit are required. Unlike Life Crystals, Life Fruit have no further use after that, beside being sold for 2 each.
  • Farms can be made by making long platforms of Jungle grass underground. Jungle grass spreads with Jungle Grass Seeds.
  • Fairies can often lead the player to Life Fruit.
  • If the player has explored a large area of the Underground Jungle before defeating a mechanical boss, they can use the Metal Detector in conjunction with the map to find Life Fruit very effectively.
  • Before defeating all three mechanical bosses, a quick and easy way to find Life Fruit is to use the Clentaminator with Dark Blue Solution specifically, as this will break the Life fruit and leave them on the ground, and illuminated by the glowing mushroom for the player to see. After the player is done gathering, the biome may be easily switched back to the jungle via Green Solution. However, this method becomes much more dangerous after Plantera's Bulbs begin to spawn, because the conversion will break them and summon Plantera.


  • The plants on which the fruit grows have three different possible sprites. They are all functionally identical.
  • The small golden heart on the Life Fruit represents the golden heart that is obtained when a fruit is consumed.
  • If the player's max health is less than 500 and more than 399, Life Fruit will always increase the max health by 5, even if the current max health isn't a multiple of 5. This means, if the player sets their max health to 499 using an inventory editor and then uses a Life Fruit, the player's max health will be permanently increased to 504, which is 4 beyond the normal maximum.


  • Console 1.0.750.0: (PlayStation 4)
    • Sprite updated to match Desktop 1.3.1.
    • At least one of the mechanical bosses must be defeated for Life Fruit to generate now.
    • Life Fruit can spawn closer together now.


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