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Lihzahrd Brick
  • Lihzahrd Brick item spriteold Lihzahrd Brick item sprite
  • Lihzahrd Brick placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
  • Pickaxe icon.png 210%
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research100 required

Lihzahrd Bricks make up the structure of the Jungle Temple. They are the toughest block in the game, being impervious to explosives and only breakable using the Picksaw or a better pickaxe or drill. They also cannot be made inactive using actuators until Plantera has been defeated, unless they are above the world's surface.

Like jungle grass, placing 80 / 140 Lihzahrd Bricks in one area creates an artificial Jungle biome. This is not useful for growing jungle plants or spawning jungle monsters, as both require the grass, but makes setting up enemy drop farms easier once the Picksaw has been secured, as one does not need to wait for grass to spread and the introduction of the Jungle biome will generally increase spawn rates.



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Lihzahrd BrickLihzahrd BrickBy Hand
Work BenchWork Bench
total: 2 row(s)

Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Lihzahrd PlatformLihzahrd Platform (2)By Hand
Lihzahrd BathtubLihzahrd BathtubLihzahrd FurnaceLihzahrd Furnace
Lihzahrd BedLihzahrd Bed
Lihzahrd BookcaseLihzahrd Bookcase
Lihzahrd CandelabraLihzahrd Candelabra
Lihzahrd CandleLihzahrd Candle
Lihzahrd ChairLihzahrd Chair
Lihzahrd ChandelierLihzahrd Chandelier
Lihzahrd ChestLihzahrd Chest (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile version)
Lihzahrd ClockLihzahrd Clock
Lihzahrd DoorLihzahrd Door
Lihzahrd DresserLihzahrd Dresser
Lihzahrd LampLihzahrd Lamp
Lihzahrd LanternLihzahrd Lantern
Lihzahrd PianoLihzahrd Piano
Lihzahrd SinkLihzahrd Sink
Lihzahrd SofaLihzahrd Sofa
Lihzahrd TableLihzahrd Table
Lihzahrd ToiletLihzahrd Toilet
Lihzahrd Brick WallLihzahrd Brick Wall (4)Work BenchWork Bench
total: 20 row(s)


  • Desktop Lihzahrd Brick Walls can no longer be removed by a hammer before the Temple door is unlocked.
  • Desktop 1.2.1: Placed Lihzahrd Brick Walls now show correctly on the map.