Lihzahrd Temples, also known as Jungle Temples, are unique dungeons that can spawn in the Underground Jungle. They are easily recognizable by their unique red hue, and are usually located deep underground, above hell-level.

Lihzahrd Temples are made of Lihzahrd Bricks, which can only be mined with anything that has or is over 210% pickaxe power. For initial entry, players will need to possess the Temple Key, dropped by Plantera. The key is consumed when permanently unlocking the gate. Subsequently, they will encounter mobs and Traps unique to the Lihzahrd Temple. Once they have reached the end, they will need a Lihzahrd Power Cell in order to spawn the Golem. These Power Cells can be found in the Lihzahrd Chests within the Temple, and are also sometimes dropped by the Lihzahrds themselves or can be crafted (on 3DS only).

Note that although one should be generated per world, they are often generated improperly or not at all.

Access and Architecture

Terraria 1

Map of Jungle Temple

The only legitimate way of gaining access into the temple is by acquiring a temple key, a 100% drop from Plantera, who is summoned by breaking a Plantera's Bulb in the underground jungle. The player will then have to right click the door with the key in their inventory to gain access. If the player possesses the Rod of Discord and Plantera has been defeated, they will be allowed to teleport inside the Temple, bypassing the entrance entirely. 

Prior to version, one could use Teleporters bought off the Steampunker to gain entrance without a key, or use Actuators purchased from the Mechanic to change the Lihzahrd Brick to inactive so the player can phase through it. Though the teleporter method was partially patched in version, it still functions if the Lihzahrd Brick Wall is removed on both sides of the door, and the teleporter pads placed in the areas with no wall. However there is a small chance that the temple will have a hole in it's side allowing access before Plantera is defeated.

There is a glitch (only tested in PC and mobile so far) that allows any mob or player to walk through a closed door (including the entrance door to the temple). It requires only 3 of any platform to be placed on both sides of the door, and changed into stairs (using a hammer). Be careful though, once the glitch is carried out any monsters from inside the temple can come out.

On mobile, it is possible to destroy the door with a sticky bomb, if a trap is under the door. Also note that if the player opens the door with a Temple Key, the door will be destroyed as well.

Terraria 2

Map of Jungle biome with Jungle Temple

Unlike the Dungeon, the Lihzahrd Temple does not branch out. Rather, it is made up of a linear sequence of booby trapped rooms, culminating in a final chamber. However, there are occasions where some Temples will branch out onto a longer route consisting of an extra room or two before returning to the main path. Due to it being so linear, this makes complete exploration simple, being as there is rarely any way to miss any chests or rooms.


One way of getting past the many hazards and traps is to simply mine them, holding any item in one's hand which interacts with wire will reveal any already placed wire, this means one can easily mine the first trap or pressure plate found. If the player has Mechanical Lenses in their inventory (they do not need to be equipped for the player to see wire), this makes it even easier to spot traps. The Wire Cutter is an item that can be used to disarm and re-purpose the traps. These not only allow the player to spot any traps well ahead of time, but also allows for the harvesting of the abundant amount of Wire in the temple. Crafting The Grand Design may prove even more beneficial because it has the ability to cut any wire on-screen.

Another way to bypass the traps is simply flying or grappling across the ceilings; this will allow one to evade the pressure plates, effectively dodging them all. There are many traps within the temple, including the pressure plates they rely on, however they are all able to be mined with whatever pickaxe one may have at that time. The traps themselves are very diverse, ranging from dart traps, to spears, flames, and Spiky Ball Traps. They are incredibly deadly as well; some are capable of dealing around 70-80 damage to a player (such as the Spear Trap), even with top-tier armor such as Turtle Armor, making them viable forms of base defense outside of simple lava traps. There are also Wooden Spikes, which do not do damage to monsters.

Mobs and Bosses

The Temple is home to the Lihzahrd mob, as well as the Flying Snake mob and Golem.


The Lihzahrd mob

The Lihzahrds will swarm the player in large numbers with often surprising speed. It is advisable to have explosive projectiles or high-damage ranged weaponry to safely neutralize them. If they reach half-health or below, they become faster and will not be knocked back.

An effective way to deal with Lihzahrds is to grapple against the ceilings and shoot them, since they can't reach that high. They can drop the Lizard Egg and the Lihzahrd Power Cell, or Solar Tablet Fragments.

Flying Snake

The Flying Snake

The prior strategy may not work for the Flying Snakes, however. With 260 Heart and the ability to fly, it poses a more agile threat than the earth-bound Lihzahrds. Just like the Lihzahrds, they can drop the Lizard Egg, the Lihzahrd Power Cell and Solar Tablet Fragments with the same drop chance.

Lihzahrd Altar

The Altar

The Golem boss itself resides in the final chamber, but will not spawn until the player uses a Lihzahrd Power Cell on the Lihzahrd Altar in the final room. Golem boss only requires one cell to spawn, and can be fought multiple times as long as the player has enough power cells to continue summoning him. Like most other bosses in the game, he fights in two stages. The unbreakable nature of the temple forces the player into a close-quarters fight, but Golem is not as nimble as the other boss mobs, making the hit and run strategy easier on the player. The majority of his attacks do not pass through walls.

One simple yet effective method to defeat Golem is to build a row of Wood Platforms across the room, so that when Golem jumps down, it will land on the platforms and never be able to directly hit the player. The player must still be aware of and avoid its laser attacks, however.

Defeating Golem will unlock the fight against Lunatic Cultist.

Lihzahrd Chests

As they progress through the temple, the player will encounter several Lihzahrd Chests. These chests will always contain a Lihzahrd Power Cell and additional loot like the Lihzahrd Furnace or Solar Tablets.


105600 screenshots 2013-10-06 00001

Altar room with blocks obstructing the entrance.

  • The Lihzahrd Temple sometimes spawns without a Lihzahrd Altar.
  • Sometimes some blocks will appear, covering the entry to the altar, and preventing any action. The only way to enter is breaking it with the Picksaw, which is dropped from Golem itself.
  • Sometimes the altar is spawned in such a position that when Golem will spawn, it will spawn inside of a wall, making it extremely easy to kill/farm.
  • If the player is in singleplayer, enables auto-pause, and attempt to use the power cell on the altar when paused, this will consume the cell and Golem does not spawn, wasting it.
  • Its possible for an underground house to spawn inside, this could be because of a pre-generation error but the wood doesn't replace any of the Lihzahrd blocks.
  • Sometimes parts of the temple will be replaced with different types of blocks instead, allowing easy access into it.
  • In the mobile version, you can use the Actuator to remove the block under the Lihzahrd altar and the altar can be picked up and moved after.
    • This will corrupt the world's files, rendering it inaccessible once the player quits. therefore, do it on worlds that aren't meant to be kept.
  • Sometimes the Lihzahrd Temple will generate where the door will be on a platform of blocks with an opening to the temple, allowing you to enter the temple pre-hardmode.
  • Sometimes if the bottom floor in the boss room is elevated, Lihzahrds can sometimes spawn outside of temple.
  • Sometimes there will be Lihzahrd Bricks obstructing the door which would prevent entry, without being able to mine it.
    • This may explain why Actuators will work once Plantera has been defeated, to negate this bug's effects should it happen.
      Capture 2018-04-11 20 46 17

      A chest outside the temple.

  • Very Rarely, a Lizhard Chest may spawn outside of the locked door, allowing the player to get temple loot in pre-hardmode.
  • Pre-1.2 worlds may not have an altar.


  • The One Way Wall Trick can let you get in the temple without the key. The One Way Wall Trick is explained in these two videos:
  • vid 1 (more in-depth)
  • vid 2(shorter)


  • Bringing a Wire Cutter will not only help the player identify and disarm the traps, but will also earn them a lot of free Wires.
  • Throwing Bombs, preferably Sticky Bombs, will destroy any traps, including the Wooden Spikes that might be dangerous to destroy close up.

Update Info


  • Teleporters and the Rod of Discord no longer function within the jungle temple.


  • Added to the game.


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