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Living Fire Blocks
  • Living Fire Blocks.gif
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
Research100 required

Example of placed Living Fire Blocks

Living Fire Blocks are animated background furniture blocks that, when placed, resemble small animated flames and emit faint orange light. They deal no damage on contact and can be freed with any pickaxe or drill. Living Fire Blocks have a 2*1/50 (2%) chance of being dropped by any enemy killed in the Underworld during Hardmode, including the Wall of Flesh, and drop in stacks of 20–50 at a time.

While Living Fire Blocks can be placed in a manner similar to traditional, foreground blocks, they are actually in the background, similar to furniture, allowing the player to walk directly through them. They can attach to each other horizontally as well as vertically, but other traditional, foreground block types will not attach to them.

There are five color variations of the base Living Fire Block, all of which are crafted from it. They are functionally identical.


Item Placed Tile ID
Living Fire Block Living Fire Block
Internal Item ID: 2701
Living Fire Block placed 336
Living Cursed Fire Block Living Cursed Fire Block
Internal Item ID: 2751
Living Cursed Fire Block placed 340
Living Demon Fire Block Living Demon Fire Block
Internal Item ID: 2752
Living Demon Fire Block placed 341
Living Frost Fire Block Living Frost Fire Block
Internal Item ID: 2753
Living Frost Fire Block placed 342
Living Ichor Block Living Ichor Block
Internal Item ID: 2754
Living Ichor Block placed 343
Living Ultrabright Fire Block Living Ultrabright Fire Block
Internal Item ID: 2755
Living Ultrabright Fire Block placed 344



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Living Cursed Fire BlockLiving Cursed Fire Block (20)Crystal BallCrystal Ball
Living Demon Fire BlockLiving Demon Fire Block (20)
Living Frost Fire BlockLiving Frost Fire Block (20)
Living Ichor BlockLiving Ichor Block (20)
Living Ultrabright Fire BlockLiving Ultrabright Fire Block (20)
total: 5 row(s)


  • Like Fireblossoms and Obsidian, regular Living Fire Blocks are not destroyed when dropped into lava, despite having a rarity of Rarity level: 0.
    • However, the others types of Living Fire Blocks are not immune to lava.
  • They will not count as valid light sources or background walls for houses.
  • Their placement behavior is similar to Wooden Beams, except that Wooden Beams can only attach to each other vertically, while Living Fire Blocks can form horizontal arrangements as well. Also, other block types and furniture can be placed on Wooden Beams, but not on Living Fire Blocks, with the exception of platforms. Torches will also not attach to Living Fire Blocks.
  • Living Fire Blocks can be placed in areas submerged by lava.
  • While Living Fire Blocks are unable to be hammered normally, halved and sloped Living Fire Blocks can be placed using a world editor such as TEdit.


  • Living Fire Blocks could be considered more useful than torches because, besides being easy to farm, they can be placed anywhere and are not displaced by liquids.
  • Summoning King Slime in the Underworld can be an excellent way to farm for the fire blocks. Each of its summoned slimes killed gives the same chance of dropping Living Fire Blocks as any enemy, offering an average of two drops per kill (approximately 40–100 blocks per King Slime summoned).


  • The Moon Leech ClotMoon Leech Clot and the Living Ultrabright Fire BlockLiving Ultrabright Fire Block item sprites are identical.
  • Living Ichor Block does not contain the word "Fire", unlike all the others.
  • The Living Demon Fire Block is tied with Shroomite Plating for having the longest crafting tree of a block.
  • It would appear that the Wall of Flesh is able to drop Living Fire Blocks, likely with the same chance as a normal enemy.