The Living Wood is a naturally spawning tree, composed of wood and leaf blocks which are completely solid. There are several differences to their smaller counterparts, one being the wood of this tree looks quite different from that of those smaller, and unlike common trees, the living wood blocks can only be removed with the pickaxe.

A shaft-like structure can sometimes be found beneath Living Wood trees, often containing rooms where a Living Wood Wand or a Leaf Wand can be found. These shafts can reach depths of over 100 blocks.


  • It is the only tree of its kind in the game.
  • Unlike regular trees, if all blocks are removed from the bottom of the tree, it will remain standing, even though it shares the same simple style and look of regular trees.
  • The wood in this tree looks different to that of a normal tree, and can only be placed with a Living Wood Wand. Breaking the tree will produce regular Wood.
  • The room in the shaft can be used as an early house, all it needs is a Light Source to make an NPC move into it.
  • The top section serves as a good basic defense against ground monsters (Zombie, Slimes, etc.) if you are still starting the game or want to avoid any contact with said monsters. 
  • The tree can stop The Corruption and The Hallow, making a great natural way to stop them both from spreading


  • The fact that it is a massive tree that can stop the spread of corruption/hallow could mean that it is Terraria's version of Yggdrasil.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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