The Lucky Coin is an accessory that has a 20% chance of dropping 1-10 Copper Coins, 2% chance of dropping 1-10 Silver Coins, and a 0.2% chance of dropping 1-10 Gold Coins when you attack a monster or one of your traps attacks a monster. The Lucky Coin is a very rare drop from all pirate themed enemies in a Pirate Invasion. It is useful if you are collecting money for buying an expensive item, or lots of items.


  • The Lucky Coin is comparable to the Golden Bullets and Flask of Gold, as they also produce bonus money from enemies.
  • This accessory is useful against Bosses, as every time you hit them you have a chance to earn a reasonable sum of money. However, its lack of defensive bonuses could hamper your performance, so only use this if you are confident you can kill the boss you choose.
  • The average amount of coins earned per hit is 1.221 silver. (0.2*.055 + 0.02*5.5 + 0.002*550)


  • There's an oversight in multiplayer that allows the Lucky Coin to work on statue-spawned-mobs. This is an efficient way of AFK coin farming.

Update Info


  • No longer drops coins from statue spawned monsters.


  • Added to the game.