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"The fanatical leader of the Dungeon coven...",

Lunatic Cultist
Lunatic Cultist.pngOld-gen console version and 3DS version
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI Type84
Damage50 / 75 (melee)
36 / 72 (shadow fireball)
70 / 100 (ice mist)
60 / 80 (fireball)
90 / 120 (lighting orb)
Max Life32000 / 40000
KB Resist10000%
  • Internal NPC ID: 439, 440 (clone)

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The Lunatic Cultist, alternatively known as the Ancient Cultist, is a Hardmode, post-Golem boss summoned by killing the Cultists that spawn at the Dungeon's entrance after Golem is defeated. Beating the Lunatic Cultist initiates the Lunar Events.


The Lunatic Cultist makes its first brief appearance at the Mysterious Tablet as soon as the Cultists are defeated. It is not vulnerable to attacks at this time. It then warps to a new location in midair and summons one of three attacks:

  • A burst of three homing fireballs that explode on impact
  • An ice ball that fires ice shards in six directions as it flies
  • An orb that fires bolts of lightning

As the Lunatic Cultist becomes damaged, it adds two spreads of five destructible Ancient Light projectiles as part of his previous cycle.

In Expert Mode, it may also spawn numerous Ancient Dooms that fire four purple projectiles In a Plus sign after a while.

The Lunatic Cultist cycles through its various attacks, performing four to five of them before proceeding to spawn phantom duplicates of itself via a "ritual". Unless the one true Lunatic Cultist is interrupted by an attack from a player during this ritual, the duplicates fly in formation and add their homing shadowflame attacks.

Attacking a duplicate results in the summoning of the Wyvern-like Phantasm Dragon. If there is already a Phantasm Dragon inbound, attacking a duplicate triggers an Ancient Vision, which resembles a miniature Moon Lord head. Duplicates can be eliminated by interrupting the ritual again with player attacks, but if not, large quantity of duplicates can amass.


Achievement Obsessive Devotion.png Obsessive Devotion is the achievement you earn for defeating the Lunatic Cultist for the first time.


  • If the player loses against the Lunatic Cultist, the Lunatic Devotes and Cultist Archers at the dungeon will respawn after one day passes, or goes far away enough for it to despawn. The player may also need to leave the world before they respawn, as well as meeting previous requirements.
  • Chlorophyte Bullets and other homing weapons will target the Cultist himself, and not the duplicates. This makes them helpful to prevent the spawning of the Phantasm Dragon.
  • It is highly likely that when you defeat the Lunatic Cultist you will end up near one of the Celestial Towers.
  • The Cultists won't spawn if you haven't beaten Skeletron, for the Old Man appears to take spawn priority over the Cultists.


For more elaborate strategies on defeating the Lunatic Cultist, including Weapon and Arena recommendations, see Guide:Lunatic Cultist strategies.

  • Avoid defeating the Lunatic Cultist if you are not yet ready for the Lunar Events, as after beating the Cultist the Lunar Events begin immediately, and there is no way to de-summon them (aside from defeating them). Take care that any minions/NPC's in the area don't kill the Cultist inadvertently.
  • If you have beaten the Martian Madness event, and have access to the Cosmic Car Key, it is very easy to dodge most of the Lunatic Cultist's Attacks. It is generally possible to complete the fight without going below 300 HP, if you do not fight the Phantasm Dragon.
  • One way to determine which cultist is real is by playing at night. The real cultist does not emit light like the decoys, so it will be very easy to determine the correct one to attack, and only the real cultist has a health meter.
  • Attacking the decoy cultist is not a bad idea if you have Vampire Knives. The Phantasm Dragon is very long and you can easily regain some life by hitting the Dragon with a wide barrage of knives.
  • Going far away from the Lunatic Cultist will despawn the boss, and the player will have to wait another day.


  • It is a common belief that the Cultists' design was inspired by Crowno's clothes. However, according to Crowno,[1] the Cultists were designed before it.
  • The boss' appearance resembles a plague doctor costume, which was a garment worn by physicians who treated the Black Plague in 14th century Europe.
  • It is the smallest boss, and the only one without an awakening message.
  • The Lunatic Cultist's mask and trophy are named "Ancient Cultist" rather than "Lunatic Cultist", as they are still using an early development name. Several other enemy drops from 1.3 also retained their early development names until later patches.
  • The Lunatic Cultist has an Expert Mode Treasure Bag in Terraria's game files, but it is currently unobtainable as he does not actually drop it.
  • If you wear the Ancient Cultist Mask and the Lunar Cultist Robe you can look similar to the Lunatic Cultist.


    • No longer respawns while the final boss is spawning.
    • Can no longer spawn during important events like boss fights, invasions etc.
    • Fixed cultists sinking into the floor in multiplayer rarely.


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