Lunatic Devotes are unique Hardmode, post-Golem enemies that spawn in a pair alongside a pair of Blue Cultist Archers and a Mysterious Tablet at the entrance to the Dungeon. Upon their defeat, the Lunatic Cultist will spawn and allow the Celestial Event to begin (once the Lunatic Cultist is defeated). They deal no damage to players no matter what happens, though once they are damaged the Blue Cultist Archers will attack players.

All four Cultists will respawn in their respective locations after one game-day if the player fails to defeat the Lunatic Cultist, if the Lunatic Cultist wasn't summoned, when the Celestial Event is completed or after the world has been closed and re-entered.


  • Minions will not target the passive Cultists, though they can still deal damage to them if they run into them.
    • This is with the exception of the Tempest Staff's Sharknado, which may target them if you get too close.
  • The Mechanical Cart's lasers may still target the passive Cultists.
  • Modifying the Dungeon may still allow the Cultists to spawn, there only needs to be enough room around the Old Man's spawn point.
  • Any player-placed walls behind the Old Man's spawn point will prevent the Cultists from spawning.
  • The Cultists will not spawn while other events are in progress or other bosses are spawned.
    • This also includes the Celestial Event.
  • If one of the Cultists is killed in one hit, the other Cultists will remain passive.
  • There must be a flat area in the entrance of the dungeon (or in the same location if the player has completely taken out the entrance). Otherwise, the archers and the devotes wont appear.


  • White Cultist Archer, Caster and Fighter Banners all exist, but cannot be obtained under normal circumstances, as the relevant monsters do not spawn.
  • When fighting the Cultists before the Lunatic Cultist spawns, the Golem theme music will play. This is considered a relatively simple way to obtain the Golem theme with a Music Box.

Update Info


  • Can no longer respawn when the Moon Lord is in the process of spawning.
  • Can no longer spawn while other events are in progress or bosses are spawned.
  • Fixed rare bug where Cultists would sink into the floor in Multiplayer.


  • Added to the game.
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