The Magnet Sphere is a spell dropped by Blue, Rusty or Hell Armored Bones in the Dungeon after unlocking Hard Mode and killing Plantera.

When the spell is used, a slow traveling sphere flies out in a straight line from the caster, which will strike nearby enemies with rapid beams of energy. The beams are blocked by blocks. If the sphere hits a block or the spell is recast, the sphere will disappear. The sphere has a lifetime of 7 seconds, during which time it will travel about 52 blocks and then dissipate.


  • The beams do not penetrate enemies.
  • The Magnet Sphere does fairly high DPS to single targets, and only needs to be cast once every 7 seconds or so. Because of this, it has a very good synergy with most other endgame spells.
  • To use this weapon efficiently, try to keep enemies near your sphere so that time spent re-casting is minimized, leaving you more time to deal damage with your primary spell.
  • The orb will travel almost to the edge of the screen when in 1920x1080 resolution.
  • The Magnet Sphere is one of the most mana-efficient spells in the game.
  • When combined with the Spectre armor set (with hood), the Magnet Sphere can provide a near constant stream of health.
  • It works well to defend your character from smaller enemies when fighting bosses, such as The Destroyer's Probes.
  • It can see and attack Mimics as well as Lost Girls.
  • You can not have more than one sphere active at once. Attempting to cast Magnet Sphere consecutively will cause the previous sphere to vanish.
  • The sphere itself does NOT do ANY damage, so it will not even break Cobwebs. (Except in PvP where sphere won't shoot beams and will only do damage on contact.)

In mobile ports, the sphere does 52 damage instead of 48.


A player may choose to farm Blue, Rusty or Hell Armored Bones using a Mushroom Spear or other weapons or spells that can hit enemies through walls. To avoid getting hurt while farming, one may want to make an enclosed chamber where the monsters seem to spawn often.

Update Info


  • Fixed to not give Venom Debuff on monsters.


  • Bug: Inflicted Venom Debuff on monsters.


  • Added to the game.

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