Mana is a character's consumable, regenerating "magical energy." It is consumed when using Spells. Each blue star on the HUD represents 20 mana.

Obtaining Mana

Terraria How to get Mana

Terraria How to get Mana

New characters start the game with 20 maximum natural mana, but more mana can be obtained by collecting Fallen Stars and crafting them into Mana Crystals which will allow a player to increase their mana up to a maximum of 200 (not including equipment modifiers). Additionally, a character's mana total can be conditionally increased by equipping certain armor and accessories (such as Jungle Armor and the Band of Starpower), or any accessory which has the "Arcane" prefix. Activating a Crystal Ball will also increase the player's maximum mana by 20 for as long as the "Clairvoyance" buff is active.

Under any circumstances, the hard cap on a player's mana (even with boosts) is 400.

Restoring mana

Mana will regenerate naturally, but it can also be restored by drinking Mana Potions or picking up Mana Stars from fallen enemies, pots, or Star Statues. Natural mana regeneration will not begin until about 1 second after the player ceases using all mana-consuming items, will recover faster the more mana the player has left and maximum, and will happen at a much faster rate if the player is standing still. There are no restrictions on items which recover mana beyond how many of them are available.


Main article: Spells
Mana's main use is to cast Spells. There are currently more than 40 spells available:
Note: This list may become out of date with updates. See here for a full list.


Update Info


  • Mana Crystals reduced to three Fallen Stars instead of five



  • Fixed bug which allowed players to have an unequipped mana cap of 240.


  • When mana completely regenerates, a sound will play and the player's character will get a momentary blue sparkle around him/her; items which used to regenerate mana will now increase the player's mana total instead.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
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