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Mana Booster
  • Mana Booster item sprite
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RarityRarity level: 0
Grants Buff
BuffMana NebulaMana Nebula
Buff tooltipIncreased mana regeneration
Duration8 seconds

A Mana Booster is one of the three power-ups occasionally dropped when striking an enemy while wearing a full set of Nebula armor. When picked up, it grants the Mana Nebula buff which immediately provides the player with an increased mana regeneration rate for 8 seconds. When a Mana Booster is picked up while the Mana Nebula buff is already in effect, it stacks with the previous Mana Nebula, for up to 3 stacked boosts. Every 8 seconds, one stacked Mana Booster expires, and the Mana Nebula buff decreases by one level.

Mana Boosters, like all Nebula boosters, float in the air and have a pickup range of approximately five tiles. They cannot legitimately appear in a player's inventory.


  • Unlike other sources of mana regeneration, the regeneration provided by the Mana Booster is independent of current mana supply or consumption, and will work even while continuously using a magic weapon.
  • At three stacks, the player's mana will regenerate at a rate of approximately 30 mana per second.
  • In multiplayer, any player can pick up Mana Boosters and benefit from the Mana Nebula buff, even if they are not wearing Nebula armor. Additionally, picking up a Mana Booster will grant all nearby players (within a 43.75-tile radius) one instance of Mana Nebula. If the player acquiring the Mana Booster is on a team, only nearby players within that team will obtain the buff.


  • If a Mana Booster is placed into the player's inventory using an inventory editor, it will appear as its frames of animation instead of being animated.


  • Switch 1.0.732.3: Fixed a bug where the Mana Booster buff appeared infinite along with a negative timer.