Mana Crystals are consumable items that increase maximum mana by 20, and restoring 20 Terraria = Star in the process. The maximum mana a player can obtain from mana crystals is 200. They can be created by combining 3 Fallen Stars. They do not require a workbench to craft. If the player attempts to use a mana crystal whilst at max mana, nothing will happen and the mana crystal will remain in the inventory.
Terraria How to get Mana

Terraria How to get Mana

Mana can be quite tiresome to obtain, as to get to the maximum mana level you need to collect 30 fallen stars. An easy way to do this more quickly is to build a Skybridge.

Using mana crystals is very similar to using Life Crystals; the same sound is played, and the animation is the same, the only difference being in the objects' appearances.

The model for the mana crystal is the same as for the Mana Star, with the exception of the color.

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