The Mana Flower is an accessory that can be crafted by combining a Mana Potion and Nature's Gift at the Tinkerer's Workshop. The Mana Flower acts as a more powerful version of Nature's Gift, reducing mana usage by 8%, while also allowing the player to auto-consume any type of Mana Potions with no cooldown for consuming another. The Mana Sickness debuff is still applied, however, reducing overall damage output until the debuff wears off. This accessory is extremely useful for magic users, as it allows them an effectively uninterrupted barrage of magical attacks, as long as they have enough Mana Potions in their inventory.
Mana Flower Terraria HERO

Mana Flower Terraria HERO

Additionally, this accessory will function to automatically consume Lesser Restoration Potions, Restoration Potions, and Strange Brew should it encounter one when scanning your inventory prior to encountering any standard Mana Potion variety, healing both Health and Mana simultaneously. Be aware, however, that this tactic will also impart the Potion Sickness debuff for consuming a Health Potion, and as such will negate the aforementioned "uninterrupted barrage of magic" attack strategy. An exception is Strange Brew; if it is detected before any other potion in your inventory, the Mana Flower will consume it, but if you have an active cooldown for health potions, it will not consume it. This may allow for a unique combination of healing items and pure magic potions.


  • Although it uses a regular Mana Potion for crafting, the potion represented in its sprite is a Greater Mana Potion.
  • The function of this item to automatically apply needed potions in response to a preset condition is reminiscent of the Auto-Potion ability present in various Final Fantasy titles. This similarity is more pronounced when it is used with Restoration Potions to automatically restore both Health and Mana, although the activation condition (Mana fully depleted) remains the same regardless.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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