Mana Sickness

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Mana Sickness is a debuff that reduces the player's magic damage after they consume any Mana Potion or other mana-restoring item. The percentage of damage reduction begins at 25% (when the debuff is at 5 seconds of duration) and is gradually reduced by 1% over the course of every fifth of a second, wearing off entirely once the damage reduction reaches 0%. This is not affected by the amount of mana the item restores; for example, a Lesser Mana Potion induces the same duration of Mana Sickness as a Greater Mana Potion.

Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions If the player consumes additional mana-restoring items while the debuff is active, the duration will be increased by 5 seconds for each item consumed, increasing the damage reduction accordingly up to a maximum of 50% at 10 seconds. Automatically drinking Mana Potions with the Mana Flower will also cause the debuff.

The magic damage reduction is multiplicative rather than additive, which means that it does not stack with other buffs and applies after them. For example, if the player has +100% damage from buffs and items, the total damage with the debuff at 5 seconds left comes to 150% (200% * 0.75; -25% comes from Mana Sickness).

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