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Important happenings within the Terraria Wiki community:


  • See the most recent issue of the Terrarian Bugle for an aggregation of Terraria-related news.
  • Users under the age of 13 (as stated by COPPA) are subject to admin's judgment regarding blocks. If we suspect you're under the age of 13 – if discussion concludes that you are very likely under the age of 13 – then we will place a block of appropriate length instead.

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Hello everyone! With v1.3 now officially released and patches for it are complete, now is a good time to become familiar with several important guidelines and resources on the Terraria Wiki:

Policies and Guidelines

Please review the wiki's policies and guidelines:


If you are not sure whether an image of an individual entity is a duplicate, check the Image Database and the Mod Image Database before uploading it.


In the event of a controversial video or a conflict over videos on a page, the media involved should be added to the list of Proposed Videos, where the community will decide on their inclusion on the pages in question.


If you need help with the game or with editing, check out the forums:

User Rights

  • Chat Moderators' names are in maroon. They are the ones to talk to if you have issues in chat (where they can be identified by a Silver Pickaxe next to their names).
  • Forum Moderators' names are in purple. They are who you would want to talk to about issues in the forums.
  • Rollbackers' names are in green. They are able to quickly revert long strings of vandalism.
  • Administrators' and Bureaucrats' names are in cyan and gold, respectively. If you have any problems on the wiki, one of these users will probably be able to help you.
  • Bots' names are colored gray. Read more about them and suggest tasks for them at TW:BOT.
(See here for a list of active administrators.)

Things to do

You can also check out the Community Portal!

Happy editing, and have fun!

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