Mediumcore Mode
Mediumcore characters drop items on death
A.K.A. "Difficult Mode" on Consoles

Mediumcore is one of three difficulties chosen upon character creation. It sits somewhere in between Hardcore and Softcore. In Mediumcore Mode, when a player dies, a Tombstone is placed on the place of death, and all items in their inventory are dropped on the ground, compared to Softcore's coin loss and Hardcore's character deletion.[1]

Items dropped in Mediumcore Mode will stay at the place of death until either the player logs out or resets the spawn point, at which point they are removed from the world.

It is called Difficult mode on Console versions.

Here are some tips for dealing with Mediumcore Mode:

  • Dedicate a couple of chests to store some equipment to use, should the character die. Typically included: a melee weapon; armorGrappling Hook; accessories; Magic Mirror; HealingShine and Ironskin Potions for most areas plus appropriate potions for various regions. Stay light, though; space is needed to pick up equipment and loot.
    • If the character had a full inventory at the time of death, the returning player might not be able to pick up everything that was dropped. As such, it is advisable to bring a Piggy Bank or a Safe for the surplus.
  • Put those chests somewhere safe. The Goblin ArmyEater of WorldsBlood Moons and Skeletons may trouble the player post-death. Players should make sure they can still reach those chests without any equipment.
  • Don't take risks. Even if players are good with a wooden sword or bow, the night may simply overwhelm them. Similarly, don't make an extended visit to the Underworld without some Obsidian Skin Potions.[1]
  • Always have the spawn point in the house or somewhere safe, as gear will be dropped after dying, having a good spawn point will aid in gear retrieval.
  • Always try to avoid lava, especially when low on health. Dying near the lava may cause gear to drop into the lava become unreachable.[1]
  • Get used to drinking extra potions and sacrificing more resources to get the job done. Players really need the extra edge if they want to live, especially against bosses.
  • Try to avoid drops entirely until a cloud in a bottle, lucky horseshoe, or grappling hook is acquired.
  • Heal up early, even if it's inefficient. If the character is likely to be killed by three more hits from the strongest local monsters or from lava, drink a Health Potion as soon as damage is taken as a second hit may kill, or the timer will not run out soon enough.


  • A mediumcore player's chat and name are displayed navy blue.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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