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Mighty Wind is a debuff inflicted during a Sandstorm. The player is the only one which receives it, although other enemies will act as if under its effects. When affected, the player will slowly be pushed in the direction of the wind, hindering (or increasing) their movement.

The debuff will still take effect if the player has a knockback-negating accessory. However, it does not affect players standing in front of wall blocks or held in place with a grappling hook.


From environment[]

From Duration Chance
Sandstorm Until the event is over 100*1/1 (100%)


  • The player is pushed more if they jump, but less if they are moving themselves left or right.
  • The player will be pushed west when the Weather Radio indicates that the wind speed is at zero and is under this debuff.


  • The Mighty Wind is a fart joke. It is not the first time this type of humor has been used, for example the Golden Shower or the Master Bait.