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Mobile version
Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Mobile version of Terraria.
This article is about all updates to the Mobile version of Terraria. For a list of Desktop updates, see Desktop version history. For all Console updates, see Console version history. For all 3DS updates, see 3DS version history. For future Desktop updates, see Upcoming features. For mobile content, see mobile version.

This page lists the details of updates for the various Mobile versions of Terraria.

The Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version and Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch versions are console-mobile hybrids and both have their own update paths. See 3DS version history and Console version history for full lists of updates, respectively.

Note that the Google Play Google Play & iOS & iPadOS iOS + iPadOS versions have separate update paths from the Amazon Appstore Amazon & Stadia Stadia versions (sometimes with different version numbers and release dates).

Change log[]


Version Release date Changes
iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 1081)


October 2, 2023
    • Fixed M+K Multiplayer crash when holding a Chest's item while moving away from a Chest while an item is held then swapping into inventory.
    • Fixed M+K crash when attempting to fill an inventory slot by right clicking to take one duplicated item only (as opposed to a stack), then placing it in the slot freed by an Item Frame.
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 1015)


    May 2, 2023
  • Changes and additions
    • Improved the way backgrounds zoom in and out.
    • Massive internal systems upgrade in preparation for crossplay, bringing the latest APIs and a huge rework of the Xbox backend.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after creating two small worlds consecutively.
    • Fixed an issue where the Aether Monolith was not giving off light.
    • Fixed an issue where the seaweed in ocean caverns would not be visible.
    • Fixed an issue where some iOS users were unable to host Multiplayer sessions.
    • Fixed an issue where vanity accessories would disappear from the player selection screen when exiting a world immediately after death.
  • iOS & iPadOS (Build 994)


    December 19, 2022 Fixed an issue with local Multiplayer on iOS 16.
    iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 993)


    November 30, 2022
  • See the,,, and pages for the complete list of changes.

    • Added a new option to adjust mouse scroll sensitivity in Settings
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed a crash issue that would occur when player died in a "getfixedboi" seed world and then tried to load a "theconstant" world
    • Fixed a crash issue when loading a small world after exiting a large world
    • Fixed an issue where the client was able to see and pick up multiple Treasure Bags after defeating a boss on Multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where the Nurse would not heal the player
    • Fixed an issue where party hats would sometimes get layered behind NPC heads rather than in front of them
    • Fixed an issue where "Helium Moss Fishing Bobber" would fail to display its rainbow effect when in Inventory
    • Fixed an issue where "Slime gun" and "Water gun" would not display their shooting visual effects
    • Fixed an issue where the "Extendo Grip" would not increase pickup/placement range
    • Fixed an issue where Shimmer waterfalls would not display correctly
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to skip the countdown between Old One's Army waves when on multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where the NPC page icons would not update when NPCs are in ther Shimmer forms
    • Fixed an issue where Town Slimes' party hats would display offset in the NPC chat screen
    • Fixed an issue where acorns re-planted by the Axe of Regrowth would not show up in multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where the "Great Slime Mitosis" achievement would not trigger correctly
    • Fixed an issue where some item tooltips would not update when switching between input methods
    • Fixed an issue where the Nurse would try to heal the "Peckish" debuff
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 977)


    October 27, 2022[1]
  • See the,, and pages for the complete list of changes.

    Mobile-exclusive changes
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the Solar Tablet would be consumed without summoning the Solar Eclipse on Multiplayer, in Expert mode
    • Fixed an issue where the local host in a Multiplayer session couldn’t teleport to "Spawn" by using the Shellphone
    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when researching within inventory on controller while using "Simplified" scheme
    • Fixed an issue where the Dreadnautilus wouldn’t spawn squids
    • Fixed an issue where some materials would overlap each other in the Rubblemaker interface
    • Fixed an issue where the Goblin Army would be summoned when using the Peddlers Stash in multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where rope would display before platforms when both were intersecting
    • Fixed an issue where the Light's Bane’s visual effects would appear green instead of purple
    • Fixed an issue where the embedded icons would be missing from the getfixedboi world generation text
    • Fixed an issue where the Spectrum Kite’s tooltip would not update when playing on Touch or Controller
    • Fixed an issue where the Guide books' tooltips would not update when playing on Touch or Controller
    • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes freeze halfway through Hardmode conversion
    • Fixed an issue where the Don't Starve shader wouldn’t apply to the world-gen UI
    • Fixed a minor issue which caused the Health bar to overlap the Mana tooltip
    • Fixed an issue where player was unable to trash items when crafted or when swapped with a crafted or newly picked up item
    • Fixed a issue where players were not able to unlock the "Appease the Volcano Gods" trophy on PlayStation
    • Fixed an issue where map data was not saving for players under certain conditions
    • Fixed an issue where Player and World names containing apostrophes would not stay favorited between sessions
    • Fixed an issue where some world names containing apostrophes would come through with broken visuals
    • Fixed issue where Skeletron couldn’t be summoned during the day in the getfixedboi seed
    • Fixed issue where the info accessory text would move when a button was placed too close
    • Fixed issue where crafting would jump automatically to the next item when holding the button down
    • Fixed issue where naturally spread corruption would destroy jungle instead of converting grass
    • Fixed issue where the transition row between surface and underground layers was pitch black
    • Fixed issue where the pencil icon would float on screen in K&M when chat was open
    • Fixed issue where Rotted Fork, Gungnir and Dark Lance would have glitched visuals in reverse gravity
    • Fixed issue where the NPC dialogue icons would not update to reflect their shimmered state
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 967)


    October 3, 2022[2]
  • See the page for the complete list of changes.

    Mobile-exclusive changes
    • "Classic" is now the default for new players instead of "Journey"
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where throwing the Guide Voodoo Doll into "Celebrationmk10" lava pool would kill the Guide but would not spawn the Wall of Flesh
    • Fixed a graphic glitch issue with some critter cages
    • Fixed an issue where some items would not transmutate correctly when dropped into Shimmer during a Multiplayer session
    • Fixed an issue where the Shellphone would not teleport the player and would not display a tooltip when crafted General changes
    • Worlds where Moon Lord has been defeated now show a golden border on the world selection menu
    • Added one new achievement
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed some serverconfig options being completely ignored when running servers
    • Fixed a major scaling issue with Journey mode universally having increased stats on enemies
    • Fixed an issue causing players to infinitely use some items without being able to stop
    • Fixed an issue where rescuing certain slimes as the 8th would not unlock The Great Slime Mitosis achievement
    • Fixed character selection not properly applying dyes to players who had dyed pets
    • Fixed a bug that gave an incorrect death message when killed by Jellyfish Shock Attacks
    • Added a failsafe so that broken trees in worldgen will be fixed
    • Fixed Paint Scraper not working with Smart Cursor when removing coatings
    • Fixed some monoliths not properly being "pushed down" into the ground
    • Fixed some liquid rendering issues when in reverse gravity
    • Fixed the change to Chain's recipe from 10->15 not working. It should now properly give 15.
    • Fixed an issue where Magic Quiver's knockback bonus rounded down, which actually nerfed most Knockback values
    • Fixed an issue where Chains were lava immune, but could NOT be "extended" into lava
    • Fixed hanging furniture swinging indoors with the wind
    • Fixed an issue where Jungle critters could spawn in a Corrupt/Crimson Jungle when near Hive blocks
    • Fixed an issue during worldgen where the game hangs indefinitely trying to spawn some objects
    • Fixed an issue with Escape not working properly on the Virtual Keyboard
    • Fixed an issue where the change Moon Lord's Phantasmal Sphere damage was only applied to one of the two versions
    • Fixed a few bugs relating to new content that hasn't been spoiled yet
    • Fixed an issue preventing 2 of the game title texts from showing, but they are still not properly translated in non-English languages for now
    • Fixed an issue with lava spawns from tiles not spawning serverside in multiplayer, resulting in ghost lava
    • Fixing a worldgen issue with trapped chests, which should alleviate at least one possible cause of worldgen freezing on the Everything seed
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore 1.4.4 (Build 960)

    Labor of Love Update

    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlaySeptember 28, 2022[3]

    Amazon AppstoreOctober 6, 2022[3]

  • See the 1.4.4 page for the complete list of changes.

    Mobile-exclusive changes
    • Added new settings for Inventory Camera Movement with three positions: Auto/Always/Never
    • Added icons to coin & ammo slots, for clarity
    • Loading bars during world generation now have opaque backings
    • Added a toggle for Auto Select when playing on Controller, to match the one that already existed for Touch input
    • Updated the Control Banner text for Dismount and Wiring
    • Updated the visuals of the highlight for new items in the Void Bag
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the spawn icon would clip outside of the minimap
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from dragging a split stack to a different inventory slot on Keyboard & Mouse
    • Fixed an issue where the Duplication and Crafting pages would continue scrolling even when cursor wasn’t hovering over them
    • Fixed an issue where the letters in chat messages would appear spaced out when a different color tag would apply to each letter
    • Fixed an issue where hovering over the Equipment page icon while holding a dye wouldn’t switch to the Equipment menu
    • Fixed an issue where the ninja trapped inside King Slime would sometimes appear in front of King Slime, rather than behind
    • Fixed an issue where the Weather Radio would display the wrong wind direction
    • Fixed an issue where dye wouldn’t apply correctly to the Prismatic Wings
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Celestial Pillars to blink on and off
    • Fixed an issue where tapping on an inventory item would switch to a different item instead, while on Auto Select mode
    • Fixed an issue where the item tooltips would persist after closing and reopening the inventory
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from navigating through the pause menu on controller while a NPC dialogue was open
    • Fixed an issue where the hair selection menu did not navigate properly while using controller
    • Fixed an issue where hair slots would get selected when trying to scroll the hair selection menu on Touch
    • Fixed an issue where the Nintendo Switch profanity filter was applying on Crafting/Duplication Search
    • Fixed an issue where the the edges of the screen, within the safe region, were not clickable on iPad
    • Fixed an issue where the controller’s modifier triggers would perform their action if the player let go of them to quickly
    • Fixed a lighting issue where completely dark squares would appear in the gap between solid blocks and a body of water
    • Fixed an issue where the accessory stats would not change their position when hiding the minimap
    • Fixed an issue where the player would continue attacking when interacting with items such as chests when on Touch
    • Fixed an issue where opening the Interface Layout menu on the title screen would load the last visited world if the Player menu was on its own page group
    • Fixed the issue where player could stand in the air when walking over specific arrangement of hammered blocks
    • Fixed an issue on controller that would cause the player to be taken to the wrong UI spots in the Player/World selection screen
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to temporarily freeze when entering certain symbols in the chat window
    • Fixed an issue where a Sign’s speech bubble icon would overlap the text popup
    • Fixed a clickthrough issue where the Touch virtual controls would take priority over the wiring popup
    • Fixed an issue where the Drill Containment Unit’s sound effects would cut off, especially while digging dirt
    • Fixed an issue where the Credits would display a virtual “Back” button in addition to the controller callout when using a controller
    • Fixed an issue where the minimap would move from its frame when the player was at certain altitudes
    • Fixed an issue where the animation of spears used by other players would not sync correctly on multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where underground ore would create bright flashes when it was slightly offscreen
    1.4.4 General Changes
    New Special Seeds and Updates to Special Seeds
    • Added the "Remix" World Seed, where the player spawns in the Underworld and makes their way up. Worldgen is heavily overhauled, and enemy spawns and item drops are changed
      • Added the "No Traps" World Seed, for those players who just totally hate dying to traps during their Terraria adventures.
      • Added the "Everything" World Seed, a combination of all of the major seed features from every other special seed.
    • For the Worthy Updates
      • Numerous changes and threats have made their way to the FTW seed, to demand even more worthiness from players
      • Classic difficulty FTW worlds automatically behave as Expert. Expert FTW worlds are automatically Master.
      • Should now be possible to 100% complete the Bestiary
    • Not the Bees Updates
      • Spider Caves now generate in Not The Bees worldgen
      • All fish should be catchable now
      • Should now be possible to 100% complete the Bestiary
    • Don't Starve Seed Updates
      • Don't Starve Darkness damage increased from 50 to 250, and the time before being hurt decreased from 8 to 4 seconds
      • Eating regular mushrooms will reset hunger back to full duration Peckish if you are Peckish, Hungry, or Starving
    • Celebration Seed Updates
      • A number of changes have been made to Celebration worlds to make them even more fancy and festive!
    New Items and Content
    • Added 8 Slime Town Pets! Collect em all!
    • Added over 300 new items
    • Added over 25 new blocks and walls
    • Added over 55 new paintings
    • Added a few new vanity accessories and items
    • Added a new tree type
    • Added 3 new furniture sets
    • Added Crimson and Corrupt Mud Grass. Corruption and Crimson no longer dry out Jungle Grass into dirt when corrupting it, but instead simply spread to the grass portion.
    • Added Rubblemaker
    • Added Shellphone
    • Added Hand of Creation
    • Added Echo Coating and changed Illuminant Paint to be Illuminant Coating. Coatings function exactly like paint, except they can be stacked with any other paint and each other.
    • Added Lilith's Necklace
    • Added P00
    • Added Terraformer
    • Added a Biome Sight Potion
    • Added Jungle Birds
    • Added Flymeal, bane of Townsfolk everywhere
    • Added a few more pre-Hardmode weapons
    • Added Bottomless Honey Bucket and Honey Absorbent Sponge
    • Added Fart Kart
    • Added Resplendent Dessert
    • Re-implemented Pixel Boxes to be sold by the Mechanic, which have been updated to have improved functionality for pixel displays.
    • Re-implemented the deprecated Mini Star Cell Banner. It drops and buffs its respective enemy. Regular Star Cell banner no longer gives a buff against Mini Cells.
    UI and Menu QoL Changes
    • Added Equipment Loadouts. Changed F1-F3 keys to be the default bindings for Loadout Swapping, and F4 was changed to be the keybind for Camera mode.
    • You can now place any accessory in social slots again. Social slot eligibility tooltip removed.
    • Increased the max stack size of nearly all stackable items to 9999.
    • You can now stack Guide Voodoo Dolls! But . . . with great stacking comes great responsibility. Throwing a stack of more than one into lava may have unwanted consequences.
    • Void Bag now can be opened/closed with right click. A closed Void Bag will no longer pick up overflow items, and functions more like a Money Trough. An open Void Bag still picks up overflow items, and gains a number of new features, including:
      • Using Quick Buff, Food, and Potions from its Storage. This includes Mana Flower Mana Potions. Wormhole Potions will also work automatically from within it.
      • Allow crafting directly from Void Bag Contents
      • Favoriting items inside of it
      • Quick Stack to Nearby Chests from its contents
      • Keys within it can be used to unlock chests
      • Info accessories, Wire vision accessories, and Mechanical ruler all work from within it
      • Void Bag will now also collect overflow items when looting chests
    • Bestiary now shows kill count for that enemy
    • Bestiary now shows stats based on the current gameplay session (based on things like difficulty, seed, etc)
    • Added an accessibility option which will allow all weapons to be autofired
    • Painter now has two shops menus. Wares are split between them to prevent his wares from being locked out of purchase due to too many items being in one shop.
    • You can now link Angler quest fish in the player chat box
    • All Quest Fish items now have tooltips saying where to catch them (useful for sharing in chat message)
    • Paintbrushes, Fishing Rods, and Clentaminator now show the currently selected "ammo" by the cursor
    • Clentaminator now works with Rifle/Sniper Scope functionality
    • Angler Set, Fishing Accessories, and the Fishing Potion now all indicate how much Fishing Power increase they grant
    • The +/- options to change Zoom now zoom twice as fast
    • Updated some outdated loading and Guide text about things such as Lucky Horseshoe and Meteorites
    • When in Journey mode, mousing over items in the crafting menu will show how many are needed to Research. This also applies to Guide and Tinkerer UI slots.
    • Some info accessory tabs are grayed out when inactive or display N/A, and will light back up when active again. Gold Critters will appear in gold on the Lifeform Analyzer.
    • Changed the Quest info for Pengfish and Pixiefish to be more consistent with similar fish
    • Quick Stack to Nearby Chests now has a visual effect, showing the items which are being quick stacked moving towards the chests they go into
    • Added flavor text and info text for Portal Gun
    • Equipping any of the Monoliths in accessory slots will create a player-side shader effect in the same way that Radio Thing does
    • Playing musical instruments now shows the note on the cursor
    • Significantly increasing the range of quick stack to nearby chests
    • Pumpkin and Frost Moon will now display the total score when the event is over.
    • Flower Accessory's social display visual now draws over helmets/face accessories, to allow combining. Additionally, Jungle Rose has been changed from a Head Vanity to a Vanity Accessory.
    • Worlds in the World Menu where Moon Lord have been defeated now have a special border around their icon
    • Added an option to show health/mana display numbers on Health/Mana UI settings
    • Added an option to display numbers on boss health bars
    • When a Sandstorm is active, the Weather Radio info accessory will display it, alternating between it and the standard weather display
    • Character creation now defaults to Classic mode instead of Journey mode
    • Summoning tooltips now say they deal "Summon" damage instead of "Minion" damage
    • The game now tracks deaths, and they can be viewed with the /death and /pvpdeath commands. Additionally includes the /alldeath and /allpvpdeath for server-wide numbers.
    • Made some consistency improvements to tooltip text displaying Up/Down messages
    • Capricorn Legs/Tail now instant-transform into each other, and maintain favorite status, rather than simply spawning a new item in a different inventory location
    • Shift-clicking items to the research slot automatically researches the item.
    • When randomizing a character, more hairstyles are available to be rolled
    • When randomizing a character, the game will pick female characters more often than before (which previously was actually quite uncommon)
    • Most of the Stylist haircuts are now available when creating your character
    • Added an option to disable quick trash in the main menu
    • When using Journey mode's reach booster, it also increases item pickup range
    • Encumbering Stone can be right clicked from the inventory or hotbar to make it Uncumbering, allowing more controllable use of its pickup blocking function
    • Your equipped pet can now be seen on the player selection menu with your character
    • Journey sliders now have interactible buttons which allow you to snap to specific points
    Content Changes and Feature Expansions
    • Added new achievements
    • Added new Death Messages
    • Added several new title texts
    • Added many new words to the random world name list
    • Added new sounds to several weapons and enemies
    • Ropes and Minecart tracks can now intersect, allowing you to use a rope and a minecart in the same spot without having to break one
    • Similarly, Ropes and Platforms can also now intersect.
    • The player no longer collides with platforms when on a rope pulley, to allow for ropes which go through platforms
    • You can now exchange your Town pet by using another Pet License (They can now be purchased infinitely from the Zoologist)
    • Smashing altars no longer generates random blocks of infection in the world
    • Traveling Merchant now has an extra guaranteed item slot in his inventory in Hardmode. This slot can only contain items from the 4 less common item pools, with the most common items being excluded.
    • Traveling Merchant now has an extra guaranteed item slot in his inventory at all times. This slot will ALWAYS contain a painting. Paintings have been removed from all of his other inventory slots, which will slightly increase the odds of obtaining the rest of his wares.
    • Angler no longer drops furniture items as part of his regular drop pool. Instead, he now has a chance to give a bonus Furniture drop when completing quests. The odds of getting a bonus furniture drop increase as your Quests completed increases.
    • Right clicking the Eternia Crystal Stand during the cooldown between OOA waves will allow you to skip the delay and immediately start the next wave. The Eternia Crystal stand and the first wave completed message also indicate this fact.
    • Upon defeating all 3 mechs for the first time, the game will now attempt to immediately spawn a Plantera Bulb in the Jungle
    • Glowing Mushroom grass and trees now glow different colors when painted
    • Critter Cages can now be stacked and stood on like platforms
    • Increased the minimum size of Underground Deserts from 50% of the maximum size to 75% of the maximum. The maximum size has not increased.
    • The player can now have double the number of active buffs/debuffs (44 total) before they start overriding each other
    • Torch God's Blessing can now convert Campfires as well
    • You can now block swap torches and campfires
    • Players can now blockswap ropes out for platforms or minecart tracks if there is already a platform/minecart track to the side of the rope
    • All Lockable Chests can now be re-locked using Chest Locks
    • The Extractinator can now be used to turn fishing trash into low level bait
    • When getting a hole in one in golf, it now says so instead of saying 1 stroke
    • Slime Rain can now only begin from 6 AM to Noon, but the odds of it happening are now 4x as high. This will result in the same number of Slime Rains overall, but they simply start in the morning.
    • Most critters which spawn from tiles or trees now have a brief delay before they can be killed (the same as how Worms from tiles are protected)
    • When hitting trees, the tree will now always show a visual puff of leaves, even if nothing is dropped, to indicate that a successful tree hit has been performed
    • Banners, Hanging Bottles, and Lanterns can now be placed on unhammered platforms and all other platform hammer configurations
    • Reverting a previous change that altered how Frozen Slime Blocks merged with regular Slime Blocks and other blocks. They are now intentionally inconsistent with regular Slime Blocks for building purposes.
    • Crystal Shards can now grow on Pearlsand, Hardened Pearlsand, and Pearlsandstone
    • Rainbow Bricks now use an improved map color gradient
    • Abigail's Flower now breaks in one hit when mined and makes a grassy sound when doing so
    • Zenith's swing SFX now plays more often to more appropriately match its swing speed
    • Rod of Discord's item sprite is now bright and generates some light, making it easier to see if it drops
    • Resprited several of the core progression swords to be bigger and more up to date
    • Starfury's star has been given a visual overhaul
    • You can now fish while partially submerged in water, as long as the player's arms are above the bobber. This includes fishing in an Inner Tube!
    • Cracked Dungeon Bricks can now be broken by projectiles
    • Added recipes for all 9 safe versions of Dungeon Walls
    • Added recipes for all of the Dungeon worldgen platforms
    • Added a recipe for Magic Mirror
    • Heavily optimized recipe checking code. This should result in dramatically reduced/eliminated FPS drops when large numbers of recipes are calculated on the fly (such as when opening a chest that contains large numbers of crafting materials when near crafting stations)
    • Balla Hat and Gangsta Hat are now sold during day and night respectively, instead of 24/7
    • Ocean water is now slightly more transparent and easier to see in
    • The Nurse can now comment on how often you have been dying in her random dialogue
    • Some Boss Masks can now be combined with Beard Accessories
    • Increased movement speed of Hardcore Ghosts
    • Teleporters no longer produce flickering light passively
    Various Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
  • Stadia (Build 891) Parity Update
    (Desktop equivalent)

    May 31, 2022
  • General
    • You can now customise the color of your cursor - including the often-requested Rainbow Cursor!
    • Credits roll can be accessed directly from the front end now
    • In Settings, you can now choose between different expand/collapse/close defaults for UI pages
    • The UI was changed to be much more configurable inside Settings
    • Filters were added to both the Bestiary and Crafting/Duplication on stadia and improved the existing filter & search mechanics
    • Now you can reset per settings page, without having to reset everything
    • The playable tutorial has been brought to stadia
    • In Settings you can now set Auto Select operation either via toggle or via press and hold
    • The auto-selected item will now display also in an extra slot in the hotbar
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 887)


    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayMay 23, 2022[4]

    Amazon AppstoreMay 30, 2022[4]

  • Changes
    • Brings 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 updates to Amazon devices & Stadia.
    • Added an input locking solution on mobile to improve the way the game handles controller and keyboard & mouse play without constantly switching back and forth between input modes.
    • The interface editor has been improved with a more user-friendly layout.​
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where PS4 users were unable to unlock the achievement “Appease the Volcano Gods”.
    • Fixed an issue where users were unable to open the Grand Design and Multicolour Wrench pop-up menus when on Multiplayer.
    • Fixed an issue where the UI scale slider in Settings would become invisible and unusable if the user had 3 page groups (one on each corner) and UI scale set to minimum.
    • Fixed an issue where the Safe Region settings on Nintendo Switch would reset to default every time the game went from handheld to docked and vice versa.
    • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to navigate to the trash slot in the inventory when using a controller, with a specific UI page setup.
    • Fixed an issue where the weather would lock in a certain state after updating the game to the latest version.
    • Fixed an issue where the Princess NPC would spawn without a name.
    • Fixed an issue where the Spinal Tap whip wouldn’t hit enemies correctly, which was especially visible when the player was wearing the Obsidian Armor.
    • Fixed an issue where the minion summoned by Abigail’s Flower would not deal damage to enemies unless it ran into them.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to buy Team Dye from the Dye Trader.
    • Fixed an exploit that would allow users to duplicate items in a Mannequin/Wommanequin or a Hat Rack.
    • Fixed an exploit that would allow users to craft unlimited items without consuming materials.
    • Fixed an issue where certain users were unable to join a world after setting the spawn by sleeping.
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 876)


    May 5, 2022[5]
    • Inventory page group can be moved vertically (doing so will also move the minimap so that both are always at the same level)
    • Inventory page group can be moved horizontally to the right, although only to a point where it doesn't conflict with the right side page groups
    • The virtual controls editor now includes 2 buttons users can add in order to open the Inventory and the Settings
    Google Play (Build 873)


    Apr 28, 2022[6]
    • Fixed issues around Chomebook Mouse and Keyboard Support
    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 863) Parity Update
    (Desktop equivalent)

    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayApr 27, 2022[7]

    Amazon AppstoreMay 16, 2022[7]

  • New content
    • Added the winners of the Journey's End Vanity Contest
    • Added new Achievements
    • Added a credits sequence and music track following Moon Lord's defeat for the first time. This can also be accessed from the main menu.
    • Added a new Princess NPC, with a variety of related items (and a new hairstyle!)
    • Added new early game summon equipment: Flinx Fur Coat and the Flinx Staff!
    • Added a new pre-Hardmode whip, Spinal Tap, craftable at Dungeon-tier
    • Added a Lavaproof Fishing Hook and Angler Tackle Bag Tinker, the Lavaproof Tackle Bag
    • Added a "Rainbow Cursor" vanity accessory
    • Added the Celebrationmk10 secret world seed.
    • Added Don't Starve inspired seed, The Constant
    • Added the Deerclops, a mid-late pre-Hardmode boss hailing from the world of Don't Starve.
    • A variation on the Deerclops' boss theme, provided by Klei Entertainment!
    • A few rare background clouds featuring characters from Don't Starve can now appear.
    • Added several new Don't Starve related emotes.
    • Several new pets from the Don't Starve universe (Bernie, Pig Man, Glommer, Chester, and Tiny Deerclops).
    • A collection of Don't Starve weapons and equipment, adapted to the world of Terraria! Notable items include the Ham Bat, Abigail's Flower, Bat Bat, and Tentacle Spike.
    • Wilson and Willow vanity sets.
    • Several vanity hats and accessories (Garland and Magiluminescence).
    • Two food items, the Froggle Bunwich and Monster Lasagna.
    • The full array of standard boss related items from Deerclops.
    • 4 Don't Starve themed paintings.
    New features
    • Added keyboard & mouse support for mobile.
    • Added playable tutorial to mobile version.
    • Beehives and Antlion Eggs can now be crafted and placed
    • Main menu now has some links to some assorted Terraria-related websites.
    • Worlds using special seeds now have unique icons in the World Select menu to better tell them apart.
    • Added an option in Settings to customize the cursor color
    • Added an option in Settings to choose between different UI page defaults (expanded, collapsed, closed, etc.)
    • Added an option in Settings to enable Auto Select either via toggle or via press & hold
    • Music Box (Journey's End) is now created by recording the Credits music sequence. Additionally, using it in a normal accessory slot will play the Credits in-game, while using it in a social slot will only play the music.
    • The Misc option in the duplication menu should more properly encompass items that do not fall under any other category
    • Made minor updates to Boss Mask item sprites to match the mask sprites
    • Sprite update for Orange/Amber Phasesaber
    • Torch God now plays an Otherworldly track when that setting is toggled
    • Loading Tips now appear when connecting to a server
    • Thunder volume is now adjusted with the Ambient SFX settings rather than regular Sound settings (edited)
    • Plantero's Sombrero has made its triumphant return
    • Spectre Goggles no longer override helmets entirely, as they are not full head accessories and were not meant to do so
    • Capes now show when sitting or riding mounts. This was previously limited due to conflicts, but feedback indicated it was worth the potential awkwardness at times to have the option.
    • NPC Happiness now gives the "Space" bonus for 3-NPC towns. Previously, there was neither a bonus nor a penalty at 3 NPCs, but this was perceived as a penalty, so it's been changed.
    • Skeletron Prime's bombs now explode on Planter Boxes (like they were changed to do on Platforms)
    • Queen Slime's minions can now drop Slime Staff at normal drop rates
    • Enemy Banners now also give increased player protection against enemy projectiles (previously they only applied to contact damage)
    • Added an option to change the name of characters and worlds
    • Changed Striking Moment's Buff text to reflect that it actually adds 400% damage (500% total) rather than adding 500%
    • Projectile NPCs (enemy projectiles that can be hit and destroyed by the player) are now subject to the effects of that enemy's banner.
    • Chattering Teeth Bomb and Shadowflame Apparition are now also subject to their creator's banners (Clown and Goblin Summoner respectively.)
    • Added /ale to the Emote Commands menu list.
    • Updated, added to, and pruned dozens of entries from an inaccurate and outdated list of homing projectiles that the Lunatic Cultist has damage resistance against.
    • Added a page-specific “Default” button for each of the Settings’ tabs, to be able to reset Settings on a page level.
    • Smart Cursor can now work with Auto Select
    • When an item is auto selected it will be displayed also in an extra hotbar slot
    • Touch controls have been optimised for several menus, such as Crafting, Crafting Guide, Reforge, Shop, Build Tools, Wiring and filters
    • Added a new string of text to be displayed in the Tinkerer’s Workshop when the selected item has no modifiers.
    • Added a dedicated page icon for the Reforge menu.
    • Adjusted page grid color to match the page icon background for storage items such as the Piggy Bank.
    Vanity Accessory Changes
    • Ultrabright Helmet now supports visible hair when worn
    • Armors and vanity items which draw on the back (backpacks, tails, wings, and capes) are now no longer mutually exclusive. This means that you can now have one of any of those four categories all displaying at the same time. Previously, only one of those could ever be visible at a time (for instance, if you had visible wings, you could not ever see a cape, backpack, or tail).
    • Combat Wrench now displays on the player regardless of what other backpacks are currently shown (it is its own category of back-draw)
    • Angel Halo now functions like Unicorn Horn, in that it will be visible regardless of any other head equipment or vanity that is equipped
    • Accessories which draw on the head have also been split into several subgroups, which will allow several of them to be worn simultaneously. For example, Blindfold/Spectre Goggles in the eye slot, Nature's Gift/Obsidian Rose in the "flower" slot and Ginger Beard.
    • Blindfold can now be visibly seen when wearing hats/helmets which show the face
    • Wearing Diving Helmet-series accessories set to visible will override your helmet, allowing them to be seen instead of your helmet
    • Obsidian Skull-series accessories that are set to visible are now compatible with hats/helmets that show the face, as it will replace your face with the skull. Due to the shape of the Skull not fitting standard "Terrarian face" shapes, on certain helmets, it will use a different sprite with a more standard layout. You can also wear virtually all physically compatible Head/Face accessories with the Obsidian Skull as well.
    • Ginger Beard has been resprited, and if set to visible, is now compatible with hats/helmets that show the face. It is also now compatible with most other Head/Face accessories.
    • Reworked Shield/Cape display so that Shields and Capes are now visually compatible with each other again. The Shield now draws "in front" of the Cape, instead of underneath it, which led to many of the initial issues.
    • Shields which are set to not be visible can still be dyed, and will show that dye when actively used (such as Shield of Cthulhu dash or Brand of the Inferno Block). Previously, if they were set to invisible, their active use version would never have dye.
    • Long-player hair is now properly compatible with wings/backpacks, and will show the full length of the hair without being cut-off visually
    • The special trails left by various types of running boots (Sailfish Boots, Flurry Boots, Flower Boots, etc) are now also subject to vanity usage, and you can use the one you prefer either through re-ordering accessories or using the social slots
    • Bone Glove now has visual vanity for the hand slot
    Balance Changes
    • Balancing changes have been introduced, in line with the PC version. These include changes to weapons, armor, tools, accessories, mounts, buffs and drops.
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an extensive issue relating to Jungle Shrines which causes many other important structures to not generate properly to the east of them, including Living Mahogany Trees and Underground Cabins
    • Fixed an issue where player map icons would sometimes cause a crash
    • Fixed a rare crash issue relating to mount idle animations
    • Fixed an issue that prevented map data from properly syncing with Cloud saving, so maps should reliably update via Cloud Save now
    • Fixed a recurring issue with Rolling Cacti spawning on Demon Altars and causing crashes
    • Fixed a rare issue where the game could freeze if it was literally impossible to spawn a meteorite
    • Fixed an issue where Doors, Trap Doors, and Tall Gates could render a house invalid if they were open
    • Fixed an issue where non-Journey players could sometimes be set to permanently have Journey powers activated.
    • Fixed an issue with some Rocket projectiles, resulting in a number of silent and not so silent crashes.
    • Fixed a rare crash caused by Jungle Mimics
    • Fixed an item duplication exploit
    • Fixed an issue where the game would crash during Multiplayer when reopening a chest while the inventory was open
  • Stadia (Build 598)

    Stadia Initial Release
    (Desktop equivalent)

    Mar 18, 2021
    Google Play (Build 543)


    Dec 4, 2020
    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 537)


    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayDec 1, 2020[8]

    Amazon Appstore Dec 2, 2020[8]

  • Issues fixed
    • Can target enemies for attacks by summoned minions
    • Can now place food items on plates
    • Target lock no longer also targets grapple direction
    • Can now place blocks when target lock is on
    • Fixed some crash bugs and potential data loss scenarios
    • Pylons will now work properly in local multiplayer if placed by a host
    • Mannequins and Hatracks placed by the host in multiplayer are now interactable
    • Fixed which items can go in social equipment slots
    • Potion of Return is now detected by smart cursor
    • Potion of Return’s portals now display on the Map
    • Confetti Cannons now properly shoot Confetti
    • Herbs will now bloom properly
    • Loot All works correctly in the Void Vault
    • Peace Candles can now be turned off
    • Crystal and Wood doors are no longer missing a pixel on low quality setting
    • Liquids no longer become transparent when filling the entire screen
    • Tall Hats no longer causes visual glitches on low quality setting
    • Fixed dye issues on Terraprisma and Stardust Guardian
    • Fixed dye issues on Hallowed Plate cape in Players and Player Select lists
    • Fixed numerous other lighting and glow visual glitches
    • Duplicate projectiles no longer appear in the Players list
    • Improved flow for creating new Players and Worlds on first play
    • Pinch Zoom character now properly centered with the center of the screen
    • Pinch Zoom and scrolling on map no longer causes accidental pings
    • Segmented kites display correctly when summoning OOA ballistas
    • Fingerprint scanner of some devices no longer hides the game UI
    • Split stack no longer hidden under other UIs with a Gamepad
    • Chat windows now respect the Bottom Up option when changed in settings
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 514)


    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayNov 3, 2020[9]

    Amazon AppstoreNov 10, 2020[9]

  • Issues fixed
    • Zenith's Range on the aim stick and with gamepad now extends the full size of the screen.
    • When Tutorials are ON, the game notifications are now showing in the world as expected.
    • Skeletron's Curse can now be activated by the host in a hosted multiplayer world.
    • Autopause now has three settings and defaults to Menus Only for all players in single player.
      • Autopause: Never - Autopause is never on.
      • Autopause: Menus - (Default) All full screen menus pause the game in the background in single player.
      • Autopause: Inventory & Menus - Opening the inventory and all full screen menus will pause the game in the background in single player.
    • Eternia Crystals can now be used activate Old One's Army when inventory is open and Crystal is selected.
    • Game boots up faster between Re-Logic logo and the main menu.
    • Warning text no longer goes off the screen when journey characters attempt to enter a non-journey world.
    • Pylons sold by the TavernKeep were in the wrong place! They are now correctly located depending on the game progress.
    • Using any Liquid bombs or Liquid rockets no longer causes the game to freeze.
    • The correct number of housing slots are now displayed in the game.
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 508) & 1.3.1 to 1.3.5 Content update (Desktop equivalent)

    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayOct 20, 2020[10]

    Amazon AppstoreOct 23, 2020[10]

  • New! On top of the additions from Journey's End, all of the Terraria content from the 1.3.1-1.3.5 updates is here!
    This includes:
    Wiring Overhaul, logic gates, sensors, and the Grand Design
    Desert Overhaul, sandstorms and Blizzards
    Party Events
    Old One's Army crossover event
    And much more!
    Mobile specific additions / changes
    New Lighting Mode: Color Lighting - this lighting mode provides for more vibrant colors and smoother lighting effects along with smoother water effects when moving liquids (the "ripples" effect is not in yet - planned for a post release patch)
    Horizontal vs Vertical Hotbar toggle
    Revised Gamepad mapping to account for the wide range of Journey's End controls - adjusted Defaults as well!
    UI Changes to account for Journey's End Features (e.g. Journey mode)
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 390)


    iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayApr 28, 2020[11]

    Amazon AppstoreApr 29, 2020[11]

  • New features
    • Added a new settings option in Controller called Setup Controller Hardware.
      • If your controller does not have bindings already setup in the game system, but is detected on your device and the game can see it, you should now be able bind the keys to enable you to play with your gamepad.
      • Required button bindings for the game to function on a gamepad
        • One Axis, ie:
          • Left Stick OR Right Stick OR D-Pad
        • Four Face Buttons ie:
          • A/B/X/Y OR Cross/Circle/Square/Triangle
        • Two Shoulder Buttons, ie:
          • LB/RB OR L1/R1
        • Open Settings Button ie:
          • Menu OR Options
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed! Stick clicks for controllers on iOS are now supported!
    • Fixed a crash when opening NPC Shops/Hairdresser/Reforge when inventory is full and coins cannot be split.
    • Fixed! Modifiers are no longer lost when switching equipment from vanity slots
    • Fixed! Staircases no longer display over top of floors
    • Fixed! The small graphical glitch when changing the Graphics Quality to and from High and Low
    • Fixed! The Sun/Moon can again be dragged on touch
    • Fixed! Dragging the Sun now makes the background to move left or right depending on sun's location
    • Fixed! Signs and Tombstones no longer interfere with the multiplayer chat notifications or prevent chat from being opened
    • Fixed! The Controller banner visibility setting from not being saved between sessions
    • Fixed! PS4 V2 controllers connected to Android 8 and below should be working better.
    • Fixed! Some items were displayed too big for the touch controls
  • Google Play (Build 384)


    Apr 7, 2020[12]
    • Fixed bug where the game recognized a gamepad when there wasn't one connected.
    iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 380)

    Controller & Customization Update

    Apr 6, 2020[13]
  • New features
    Fully Customizable Controls
    • Able to remap any existing control
      • Tapping a command from the Bindings tab and then tapping the button you wish to remap will assign the selected command to that button.
      • Changing a button-only action to a stick will clear the action and leave an empty stick if it cannot be placed on a stick, and vice versa
      • Square buttons only allowed for zoom buttons
    • Able to move all buttons in the available controls space
      • Movement is limited to the pre-defined “controls” space, which you can see on the Edit Interface screen.
      • When dragged outside of the controls space, buttons will turn red and, if released while red, will be deleted.
    • Able to reposition the Settings and Inventory buttons within the controls space. Also able to move Inventory page tabs.
      • Inventory & Settings buttons can be moved around, but are locked to their default side of the UI.
      • Inventory page tabs (housing, PVP, Equipment, etc) can be rotated either vertically or horizontally and can be moved around within the controls space.
    • Able to add additional buttons or actions by dragging them down from the palette from the top or selecting the action and tapping to place it in an empty location
    • Able to overlap buttons
      • Layer order is dependant on the order the buttons are added to the controls space
      • The last placed button in an overlap setting will sit on top.
    • Able to undo/redo a series of changes to a particular profile
      • Changing any of the settings or menus will clear the undo history
    Control Profiles
    • Able to set up to 4 unique control setup profiles via the profile dropdown
    • Able to add a Cycle Profile button from the bindings palette.
      • Only profiles with a Cycle Profile button added to the controls area will be activated by the profile button in-game, so if you have a cycle profile button on 1, 2, and 3 it will cycle between these three only and not show 4.
    • Able to rename each profile and have it display in the game when cycled
    • Able to choose the active profile from the settings menu without adding a cycle profile button
    Additional Settings
    • Pinch Zoom on/off
      • Affects both world and map
    • Chat Order Top Down / Bottom Up
    • Passwords Hidden/Visible
      • Uses the password keyboard and hides password text in the host box
      • On-screen keyboard will still display character by character when typing so not completely streamer safe!
    • Aim Sensitivity slider when smart cursor is off
      • Aim and Use Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global For All, Always Aim Only, Always Aim & Use
      • Smart Cursor Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global For All, always Off, always
    Controller Support
    • Added support for Bluetooth/MFI compatible gamepads.
      • There is no exhaustive list of compatible controllers, but, bluetooth-capable Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads do work well.
    • Able to rebind most actions on the controller
      • This is accessed via the Controller tab in settings and allows for thorough remapping.
      • Some ‘default’ actions are set by the system when a window overtakes the control screen. (Main Menus, NPC dialogues, Hair Stylist, Dresser)
      • Some bindings for secondary Stick sticks for movement and aiming, allowing you an alternate to move or aim in the menus when main sticks are bound to menu navigation
    • Added Four Default Controller Setups:
      • Simplified - Intended for the newer or younger player
        • Recommended additional settings:
        • Stick Jump: Single Tap Up or Swipe
        • Autoswing: On
      • Advanced - Intended for the experienced Terrarian
      • Console - Intended for those used to playing on XB1/PS4/Switch
      • Custom (make your own!)
    Additional Controller Settings
    • Navigation delay slider: to speed up or slow down inventory navigation
    • Swap shoulders and triggers: This changes the [HOLD] keys
    • Changes LB to LT on Xbox controller
    • Changes L1 to L2 Dualshock 4 controller
    • Aim sensitivity slider: additional setting when a controller is connected and smart cursor is off
    • Aim and Use Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global for All, Always Aim Only, Always Aim & Use
    • Smart Cursor Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global for All, Always Off, Always On
    Revised Menus
    • Player Creation menu has been revised, and now provides a preview of your character
    • World Creation menu also revised to match player creation
    • Hairstylist window is now a popup in the game
    • Dresser window is now a popup in the game
    Bugs fixed
    • No longer able to put non-equipment items into equipment slots
    • A number of rare crashes
    • Improvements to the grapple stick’s accuracy
    • If a multiplayer game is not reachable, the game will time-out
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 289)


    Nov 7, 2019[14]
    • Fixed the issue which was preventing players from getting into the game on a low spec device. (Black Screen bug)
    • Fixed the crash when changing UI graphics from low to high on some devices
    • Fixed a graphical issue showing visual artifacts when graphics settings set to low quality on some devices (Gray Bar bug)
    iOS & iPadOS (Build 286)

    Google PlayAmazon Appstore (Build 285) Hotfix

    Nov 6, 2019[15]
  • New features
    • On Android the back button now will correctly navigate back on the main menu screens and will now open settings when playing instead of opening the inventory
    Bugs fixed​
    • Significantly improved the visual quality of NPCs when on low quality, while still maintaining the benefits of the setting on performance
    • Fixed a few issues when trying to craft/check into crafting hardened sand variants with the Guide
    • Fixed NPCs looking blurry on high settings
    • Fixed the max players slider to reset when backing out of the multiplayer hosting screen
    • Fixed a permissions issue on Amazon devices when the parental controls are enabled
    • Fixed an issue with removing dedicated servers from the online tab that caused them to reappear when you restarted the game
    • Fixed an issue causing the wrench of the Mechanic to show incorrectly when other NPCs were on screen at the same time
    • Fixed the ellipsis of the Suspicious Looking Tentacle description that had 4 dots instead of 3...
    • Fixed the top part of doors showing incorrectly on low settings
    • Fixed an issue with legacy controls and how they worked with the Shrimpy Truffle mount and Celestial Shell
    • Fixed an issue with Negative Paint causing incorrect outlines
    • Fixed a number of issues with dyes applied to pets, light pets and various grappling hook types on both high and low quality settings
      • Keep in mind a number of these will visually match PC and not PC so there might be intended differences between versions for the time being
    • Fixed a few edge cases when equipping dyes straight from a chest instead of dragging the dyes into the inventory that could cause a crash or lost items when executed with extremely specific steps
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 277)

    Amazon Appstore Reset and 1.3 Update

    iOS & iPadOSOct 2, 2019[16]

    Google PlayOct 3, 2019[16]
    Amazon AppstoreOct 14, 2019}[17]

  • New Features and Changes
    • Added a new section of graphical options to tweak the texture quality, this allows you to set a number of texture to either low or high quality. Using Low Quality textures substantially lowers the amount of RAM needed by the game. This can have a significant impact on stability for lower-end devices.
      • The game will also try to best select the low/high textures depending on available RAM once the game is started, if you are experiencing random crashes during gameplay we suggest trying to set to low textures in settings

    Note that High/Low Quality is not expected to have a meaningful impact on FPS/Performance - only enhancing stability.

    • Improved the overall stability of the game, so you should see fewer issues/crashes on devices with lower RAM. That said, there might still be cases that have not been resolved, so feel free to report them HERE.
    • NOTE: This update raises the minimum iOS version to iOS10, and any player who previously downloaded 1.3, but could not play (crashing, etc.) due to being below min spec, can now "go back" to 1.2 by 'updating' their game back down to the 1.2 version
      • This only applies to players in this situation (iOS 10), there is no support for "swapping versions" outside of this.
      • This is being done because there is no way that the game can be made stable on such old/low spec devices - even with the new graphics settings. We want you to have a playable game first and foremost - and so you can choose to downgrade to 1.2 if your 1.3 is unstable.
      • If you choose to do this, you will see a window: "Download an older version of this app?". Simply tap "Download" to downgrade your game to 1.2.
    • Added a new indicator when Hard Mode conversion is in progress
      • The team noted a potential issue where a scheduled autosave and Hard Mode conversion could occur at the same time, so this has been properly prioritized.
      • If a world save is in progress the Hard Mode conversion will start once saving the world data is finished so you may see the indicator staying on 0% for a period of time
      • This indicator exists both in-game and if you exit your world before it is completed.
    • To fix an issue that was causing the map data to reset when you disabled/enabled map data while in game, we disabled the Map enabled/disabled setting from when in-game. This is now only available from the Main Menu screen.
    • To correct an issue with Stardust/Nebula wings having swapped hovering we’ve updated the balance of these wings and the vortex wings to match 1.3.1, while this is not matching our usual intention to keep balance to we decided it would be for the best.
    Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed an issue that caused some maps that were working before the .2 Hotfix to now be recognized
      • Keep in mind that we are not able to provide support for maps modified in any way outside of the capabilities of the game and that we encourage caution when downloading maps from unofficial sources as we cannot predict issues that might arise when using these maps
    • Fixed Temple Key to work when highlighted[sic]
    • Fixed being able to drag back items in the 6th accessory/dye/vanity slot in normal mode when you should only be able to add items to these slots in Expert mode
    • Fixed buttons being in the enabled state when dead as a Ghost in Hardcore. This was causing confusion since you couldn’t use them anyway.
    • Fixed a legacy PC issue that caused the Wall of Flesh to not spawn again if you go to the main menu as you’re fighting it
    • Fixed the Magic Missile not behaving properly with Auto-Swing enabled
    • Fixed a crash when knocking down a dresser while using it to change your clothes
    • Fixed a number of issues with the dresser “Change” button
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the game to back out to the main menu when inputting a wrong password when joining a multiplayer game
    • Potentially fixed an issue causing a crash when swapping to a smaller world after you exit a bigger world in the same session
    • Potentially fixed an issue that could cause hardmode conversion to not complete as intended in some circumstances
    • Fixed an extremely rare overlap that could happen on tablets if you move the controls too close together
    • Fixed an issue when copying in the game folders more than 100 world or players
    • NOTE: we currently do not recommend exceeding 100 worlds or players (each) as, if you do, some will not be displayed on the list until some are deleted!
    • Fixed a number of issues that would cause items to be created with modifiers but then lose the modifier
  • Google Play (Build 100267)


    Sep 19, 2019[18]
    • Fixed a Google Play license check issue on Android devices.
    Google PlayiOS & iPadOS (Build 100260)


    Google Play Sep 12, 2019[19]

    iOS & iPadOSSep 17, 2019[19]

  • New features​
    • Improved combat targeting responsiveness if FPS are lower than ~50 or the pacing is uneven, this should result in a severe reduction of missed shots that go towards the cursor
    • Adjusted the money trough to not be Auto-Swing as it was not intended to be
    Bugs fixed​
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the jump button to be unable to be used as intended in some circumstances when holding the Movement Stick. This should make wall jumping and exploration easier if you like to mix and match jumping methods!
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Yoyos to show all interaction buttons in the disabled state, while forcing settings in Aim Only on some Android devices
    • Fixed a number of issues with Android 10 and Vulkan API interactions - these were causing memory leaks and crashing for devices running Android 10
    • Fixed an extremely specific crash when you had a Pet that would play a sound as soon as you join in a world
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 100257)


    Sep 9, 2019[20]
  • New features
    • Added all-new jumping options on the left stick (found in Settings ---> General), you can now set the jumping mode to any of the following:
      • Double Tap Up (Default) - Double Tap up on the left stick to trigger a jump/fly action. This matches the default from Mobile 1.3 release.
      • Single Tap Up - Single Tap up on the left stick to trigger a jump/fly action. A perfect middle ground between the old and the new.
      • Swipe up (Legacy) - Any upward movement on the left stick triggers a jump/fly action. This matches the default from Mobile 1.2.
      • Disabled - There is no means to trigger a jump/fly action from the left stick. For those that prefer the Jump Button.
    • In order to make room for the Jump Options in the Settings Menu "Tutorials On/Off" setting has been moved to Interface.
    • Added an option to enable Auto-Swing for most weapons
      • This is off by default, in order to keep with the intended core design of the game - where Auto-Swing is a weapon property tied to specific weapons.
      • This is located in Settings ---> Cursor.
      • Be aware a small selection of items have been excluded to avoid potential significant disruptions in gameplay (ex. Rope coils, thrown flails, magic mirror, etc.). Auto-Swing on these items resulted in unintended issues.
    • Revised defaults for "Aim & Use" and "Smart Cursor" for a number of items/weapons.
      • Due to the addition of an optional Auto-Swing in settings we decided to revise the defaults for each weapon for a better experience.
      • This will not impact any settings that you have put in place manually for tools/weapons.
      • If you want to try the new defaults you can restore it in Settings ---> Cursor, be aware there is no confirmation at this time!
    • Worlds will now be indicated in red if they are not compatible with the current version of Mobile Terraria. We do not recommend using worlds made in a non- compatible version, nor should you attempt to utilize worlds altered in any way - as even the slightest changes/modifications can cause unexpected issues
    • New Dedicated Mobile Server for PC application is available with this update. Everyone running a PC-based Dedicated Server for Mobile Terraria should update to this latest version.
    Bugs fixed
    • Fixed an issue that was causing difficulties with spawning the Golem when the player had the Lihzahrd Power Cell highlighted in their inventory or hotbar
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Biome Chests to not be opened by Biome Keys if the player had them highlighted in their inventory or hotbar
    • Fixed a legacy issue that was causing Martian Madness to not spawn correctly in some circumstances (ex. by instantly using the magic mirror/not being in the correct spot in the world, and more)
    • Fixed a number of exploits that allowed duplication of items
      • Fixed an exploit that was causing the Guide to hand out free items…
      • Fixed a handful of other possible exploits
    • Fixed a number of issues that were affecting the DedServer.dat file causing players to crash when tapping on the online tab
      • While this issue was fixed, we would like to recommend players not to try and join servers that are not in the same version.
      • Similarly, we would recommend against the use of 3rd party apps to join servers (including those running tshock), as these are not supported methods of play.
      • As such, for any issues encountered while playing with the use of 3rd party apps, we will be unable to provide support.
      • If you are still encountering issues a workaround is to delete the DedServer.dat file, note that this will delete your list of online saved servers so you will have to input their information again using the “Add” button.
    • Fixed icons of duplicate items disappearing in the hotbar (i.e. you have 2 wood stacks in 2 hotbar slots, but could only see the icon of one stack)
    • Fixed the favorite highlight moving to the equipment side when this was not intended
    • Fixed an issue with Phasesabers causing instability/crashes in multiplayer
    • Fixed Phasesabers not appearing correctly in the crafting guide list
    • Fixed the "Bait Power" information not coming through localized, but rather always in English and other misc. strings not showing in the selected/intended language.
    • Fixed a number of issues that could cause the play timer to not increase as intended when playing characters/worlds
    • Fixed an issue in Russian and Brazilian Portugese that caused the world status to never show once you tap “Status” in the Dryad's dialog
    • Fixed the Sunstone and Moonstone tooltips going off screen in Spanish on smaller devices
    • Fixed an issue that could cause World saves to be overwritten by an online world
    • Fixed an issue where online servers would not tell connecting users when the server is full. A new server.exe for windows has been uploaded, you can download this at the source.
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 100244)


    Aug 29, 2019[21]
  • New features
    • Improved the left stick flight controls, you can now hover only using the left stick and resume flight without tapping on it again!
      • As an example you can now double tap and hold to fly and if you want to temporarily pause, say to dodge a laser, you can just move the left stick towards left/right/down and then just slide upwards again to resume flight
      • It should also be now easier to trigger consistently flight, but more improvements are coming in the future!
      • To see this in action, check out this video: Imgur
    • Modified the tooltip fade time options to allow for instant fading, so you can just tap and hold to see the tooltip.
      • To enable this, set your tooltip fade to 0 in the settings menu.
      • Note: there’s still a 1 second fading time.
    Bugs fixed
    • Improved multiplayer performance in various instances, please keep in mind that different devices might see more or less marked improvements.
      • Improved performance when a high amount of projectiles/enemies are on screen.
      • Improved performance when a high number of players are on screen.
      • General lighting/dust particles improvements.
      • And more!
    While these are focused in multiplayer you may be seeing an improvement in single player too.
    • Fixed a number of issues with very old presents from old builds.
    • Fixed the world icon for multiplayer to always show correctly when a hosted server is in Hardmode.
    • Fixed the tutorial messages overlapping one another.
    • Fixed an extremely rare bug that was causing a world to be overwritten by another if with perfect timing you would leave the game as the host was leaving the game.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Actuators to be shown behind the Wires.
    • Fixed the Grapple Stick tutorial to trigger even if you don’t have a grappling hook equipped.
    • Fixed issues with the cursor jumping in extremely specific circumstances when using the Sniper Rifle.
  • iOS & iPadOSGoogle Play (Build 100237)

    Reset & 1.3 Update (Desktop equivalent)

    Aug 27, 2019[22][23][24][25]
  • Pre-1.3[]

    Version & Release Date Name Changes
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.12785 • Aug 3, 2016
    Google Play 1.2.12785 • Aug 3, 2016
    Amazon Appstore 1.2.12801 • Oct 20, 2016
    "Critical Issues" Update
    • Critical fixes.
    • Added extra saves slots and new backup function from Backup Update.
    • The new Fire TV Stick (Generation 2) is now supported.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.12773 • Jul 25, 2016
    Google Play 1.2.12772 • Jul 25, 2016
    Amazon Appstore 1.2.12000 • Jul 16, 2016
    Windows Phone • Jul 25, 2016
  • Amazon
    • Support for all Non-Amazon devices added – please note that you still must meet the minimum RAM (1GB) and OS (Ice Cream Sandwich OS 4.0.2 or above) requirements for your device to work.
    Windows Phone
    • Win10 based devices should now work.
    • Support for devices with less than 1GB of RAM returned – HOWEVER, please note that stable performance cannot be guaranteed for these devices. We felt it was better to give you the chance to play a potentially unstable game rather than have no chance to play it at all.
    • Added extra save slots for Characters and Worlds as well as the functionality to back-up your saves.
    Bug fixes
    • Fix for incorrect ranged damage appears for the item 'Egg Cannon'.
    • Fix for incorrect item "Fancy Dishes" is obtained on destroying 'Fancy Dishes'.
    • Fix for more than one Light Pets can be summoned at the same time.
    • Fix for the item "Tattered Fairy Wings" fails to emit yellow light.
    • Fix for Demon altar spawns in the dungeon.
    • Fix for water fails to flow when the player opens the door.
    • Fix for incorrect image appears for the 'Alchemy Station'.
    • Fix for the Phoenix Blaster weapon can be auto-fire.
    • Fix for the selling price of the item 'Arctic Diving Gear' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for the player is teleported into golem temple before defeating plantera.
    • Fix for Projectiles are fired from the item 'North Pole' automatically when the game starts.
    • Fix for Confetti Wall and Midnight Confetti Wall fails to function as intended.
    • Fix for Pet mini minotaur fails to summon by using the item 'Tartar Sauce'.
    • Fix for Game crashes on using the item North Pole.
    • Fix for Beenade works in PvP mode.
    • Fix for Pets fail to summon on using following items.
    • Fix for the weapon Possessed Hatchet fails to hover round the player's death point.
    • Fix for the "Jack 'O Lantern Launcher" flips downwards when it is pointed vertically 90 degrees upward.
    • Fix for Player fails to use the potions placed in the inventory bar.
    • Fix for Game name 'Terraria' appears to be misaligned in main menu.
    • Fix for NPC guide named 'Andrew' fails to drop the item 'Green cap' upon death.
    • Fix for The item "Horn o' plenty" fails to function as intended.
    • Fix for iOS - The game crashed upon opening the inventory (Note- upon rebooting, it was discovered that the cloud world was nowhere to be found).
    • Fix for Player fails to get 'Bait' as a reward while using any Crates.
    • Fix for Player is unable to place 'Platinum Candle' over 'Table' and 'Work Benches'.
    • Fix for A number of random Game Crash issues that have been addressed with this update.
    • Fix for Game crashes as the Merchant icon appears inside the house.
    • Fix for The player is unable to access the cloud characters and world.
    • Fix for Game crashes on accessing mini map.
    • Fix for NPC guide named 'Andrew' fails to drop the item 'Green Cap' upon death.
    • Fix for Text 'Yes' overlaps on the 'Auto Equip’ option.WINDOWS PHONE (released last week).
  • iOS & iPadOS 1.2.12715 • Jun 16, 2016
    Google Play 1.2.12715 • Jun 17, 2016
    Backup Update[28]
  • Additions
    • Added extra save slots.
      • Characters: Players will now have access to 6 Local and 6 Cloud save slots.
      • Worlds: Players will now have access to 6 Local and 3 Cloud save slots.
    • Added new backup function for worlds and characters.
      • This will allow players to make a copy of any existing local or cloud file to any other open cloud or local save slot that they have. For example:
        • Local - Local
        • Local - Cloud
        • Cloud - Local
    Bug fixes
    • Fix for Stylist inventory overlaps on 'Stylsit Quote' window.
    • Fix for The item "Warmth Potion" is not functioning as intended.
    • Fix for Enemy health does not get affected by the Land Mine.
    • Fix for 'Eye of Cthulhu' fails to spawn 'Cthulhu Servant'
    • Fix for Only 1st variant of Angry Bone drops the bone.
    • Fix for Spear trap fires a spear headed projectile in opposite direction.
    • Fix for Frost Legion enemies fails to face towards player while attacking.
    • Fix for Player unable to catch gold fish using bug net.
    • Fix for Soul of Sight and Soul of Blight count appears to be incorrect for the item Titan Leggings.
    • Fix for Adamantite Bar or Titanium Bar count appears to be incorrect for the item 'Tizona'.
    • Fix for Twin Minion pair disappears from the world.
    • Fix for Item 'Staff of the Frost Hydra' fails to summon 'Frost Hydra'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Honey Dispenser'.
    • Fix for Precision aim for Dirt Rod fails to function.
    • Fix for The Player flips back and forth while using any weapon or bow in opposite direction.
    • Fix for 'Settings' Text appears in English instead of native language of device in pause menu.
    • Fix for Game crashes on exiting game using back button.
    • Fix for Message for the item 'Bed' fails to appear when obstructed.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Steampunk Boiler'.
    • Fix for Message 'Wave 1' fails to appear for 'Frost Moon' event.
    • Fix for The 'Magic Mirror' teleport the user instantly.
    • Fix for The auto-swing animation of Terra blade in multiplayer is missing.
    • Fix for Game Freezes on performing Power button interrupt and as well as call interrupt.
    • Fix for Tiny Eaters from the item "Scourge of the Corruptor" harm critters.
    • Fix for Game freezes on 'Low Battery' interrupt.
    • Fix for Game crashes on creating character using the voice key.
    • Fix for Game crashes when user taps on pause button, while following certain STR.
    • Fix for Water Gun fails to inflicts dripping animation on NPCs, critters, enemies and other players.
    • Fix for Close Button does not function in Cloud save and Local save Confirmation Message.
    • Fix for During the Christmas event the following items Krampus Horn, Grinch Finger and Bluegreen wallpapers are not present in the painter inventory.
    • Fix for During the Christmas event the item 'Festive Top Hat' is not present in the Clothier's inventory.
    • Fix for In Russian Language Version text is overlapping on the back button.
    • Fix for 'Inferno Potion' animation fails to stop after pausing the game.
    • Fix for Glitch is observed on tapping in 'Enter Name' and 'Enter World Name' text box.
    • Fix for Player is unable to delete the first character entered in the 'Enter name' screen.
    • Fix for The Alignment of 'Candy Cane Sword' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for Moga & Logitech controller 'Auto Equip' button overlaps on the 'Controller' screen.
    • Fix for Arcane Rune Wall Fails to function as intended.
    • Fix for D pad fails to function for character "Gender" selection.
    • Fix for Potion fails to consume while using an weapon.
    • Fix for NVIDIA SHIELD Player is unable to buy an item with the NPC using 'A' button in D-PAD.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Staff of Regrowth'.
    • Fix for The chain link of golem fist appears to be detached while using.
    • Fix for fish quest counter not incrementing.
    • Fix for issue with catching quest fish.
    • Fix for grappling hooks not connecting to mine cart tracks.
    • Fix for placing a torch prioritizes tiles over walls.
    • Fix for Fire imp spawn rate reduced by 20%.
    • Fix for Mine cart particles.
    • Fix for bugnet collision.
    • Fix for Eye of Cthulhu having incorrect music.
    • Fix for Wyvern and bosses should not despawn anymore when going out of the sceen.
    • Fix for Duplicate Angler NPCS are seen in the world.
    • Fix for Incorrect tooltip is displayed for the item Mining Potion.
    • Fix for The Excalibur image is truncated at the Tizona crafting popup.
    • Fix for Raven grant buff disappears from the world.
    • Fix for Pygmies grant buff disappears from the world.
    • Fix for Angler NPC is not present in both Normal and Expanded world.
    • Fix for Game crashes when a player select 'Keyboard Erase' button in 'Create Character' or 'Create World' screen.
    • Fix for Ingredients Images are overlapped for the item vulcan Repeater.
    • Fix for Ingredients Images are overlapped for the item Tonbogiri.
    • Fix for Optic Staff buff disappears from the world.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Bone Welder '.
    • Fix for The NPC 'Angler' is observed inside the sand .
    • Fix for Tooltip message fails to appear for the item 'Fez'.
    • Fix for The item 'Sniper Rifle' appears to be truncated.
    • Fix for Glitch observed when player using 'North Pole'.
    • Fix for Instruction Text still appears after the completion of Tutorial.
    • Fix for Pop-up fails to appear while deleting the character.
    • Fix for Game crashes on selecting 'Create Character' in cloud save.
    • Added 120 missing Tooltip messages.
    • Fix for knockbacks for non-melee weapons together with certain gloves.
    • Fix for crash when buying hair type or hair color from the stylist menu.
    • Fix for opening world map when pressing dpad down in stylist shop.
    • Fix for Cloud saving is accessible without an internet connection.
    • Fix for Pressure Plates sometimes not showing up correctly.
    • Fix for crash on Santa-NK1 bullets in multiplayer.
    • Fix for a few issues with projectiles in multiplayer.
    • Fix for Game freeze while defeating event bosses in multiplayer mode.
    • Fix for Tooltip message appears twice for the following items.
    • Fix for Tooltip message appears for the item 'Cactus Door'
    • Fix for Third Cloud character fails to load.
    • Fix for Create character option appears to be truncated.
    • Fix for Character movement appears in equipment section.
    • Fix for NPC stylist's inventory appears to be out of screen on iPhone 4S.
    • Fix for Game crashes while deleting cloud world.
    • Fix for removing passcode string from Tutorial menus.
    • Fix for Incorrect stats appears for the item Raven Staff.
    • Fix for Incorrect melee damage appears for the item 'Enchanted Sword'.
    • Fix for Bottled Water count appears to be incorrect for the item "Holy Hand Grenade".
    • Fix for Incorrect spelling is observed for the item 'Marshmallow on a Stick'.
    • Fix for Incorrect tooltip “33% chance to not consume ammo highly inaccurate” appears for the item 'Gatligator'.
    • Fix for Incorrect quote is displayed for the NPC "Demolitionist".
    • Fix for Text mismatch appears for the Clothier NPC quote.
    • Fix for Incorrect text '15 minute duration' appears in tooltip for the item 'Sugar Cookie'.
    • Fix for Incorrect text 'You must defeat Plantera first' appears when player tries to summon golem without 'Lihzahrd Power Cell'.
    • Fix for The Item "wine glass" changes to item "chest".
    • Fix for Incorrect item 'Sky Blue Flower' is obtained on destroying 'chalice'.
    • Fix for The Alignment of 'Christmas Tree Sword' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for Incorrect item 'Bowl' is obtained on destroying 'Glass Bowl'.
    • Fix for Multiple jar is observed for the item 'Monarch Butterfly Jar'.
    • Fix for The item 'Honey Candle' is missing in the crafting slot.
    • Fix for Crafting image for the item 'Suspicious Looking Eye' is truncated.
    • Fix for Player is unable to craft the item "Purple thread" .
    • Fix for Image for the item 'bookcase' is missing in the crafting slot.
    • Fix for Grenade Launcher shoots the rocket like a Rocket Launcher.
    • Fix for Living fire block is now able to be dropped by any enemy killed in the underworld (hell) in hardmode.
    • Fix for Orange Bloodroot fails to spawn in Underground and Cavern Layer.
    • Fix for Player can switch item while using the item 'Ice Blade'.
    • Fix for Graphical glitch appears on placing certain items on 'Weapon Rack'.
    • Fix for The selling price of the item 'KO Cannon' appears to be incorrect.
    • Incorrect stats appears for the item 'Cutlass'.
    • Fix for Incorrect text '15 minute duration' and '20 minute duration' appears in tooltip for the item 'Flask of Venom'.
    • Fix for Incorrect text '15 minute duration' appears in tooltip for the item 'Sugar Cookie'.
    • Tin and Lead bars are not available as loots in chests.
    • Incorrect tooltip “Teleports to the position of the cursor” appears for the item 'Rod of Discord'.
    • Water fails to flow when the player opens the door-
    • The item “Philosopher's Stone” doesn’t work as intended.
    • The player is teleported into golem temple before defeating plantera.
    • Back button fails to function on Enter world name screen.
    • Crimson Altar is present in the other biome.
    • Text ‘Yes’ overlaps on the ‘Auto Equip’ option.
  • Amazon Appstore 1.2.11983 • Jun 16, 2016 Support Update[29]
    • Kindle Fire HD 2012 Devices, with Ice Cream Sandwich OS 4.0.2 and above, now supported in this update.
    • 1st gen Kindle Fire tablets (2011) and non-HD 2nd gen Fire tablets (2012) are not supported (insufficient RAM and/or no Bluetooth support).
    Amazon Appstore 1.2.11981 • Jun 8, 2016
    Windows Phone • Jun 8, 2016
    Content Update[30]
    • Added all 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 content for Amazon.
    • Added 'expanded worlds' (4200x1200, equivalent to small worlds on PC).
    • Added a new Cloud save system (Amazon only).
      • Requires a Google account with access to Google Drive.
    • All bug fixes and changes from Easter Update 2016.
    • Fix for general crash issue on Windows Phone.
    • Fix for crash issue specific to Microsoft Lumia 640.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.11971 • Apr 20, 2016
    Google Play 1.2.11979 • Apr 20, 2016
    • Fix for crashes caused by Firefly or lightning bug.
    • Fix for Tizona's crafting recipe.
    • Fix for Minions being deleted when no mana available.
    • Fix for Rainbow Gun projectile disappearing after 5 seconds instead of 10.
    • Fix for incorrect tooltip message Spider Mask.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.11964 • Mar 23, 2016
    Google Play 1.2.11965 • Mar 23, 2016
    Easter Update[32]
  • Additions
    • Added 'expanded worlds' (4200x1200, equivalent to small worlds on PC).
    • Added auto-equip function that can now be toggled on/off from the menu.
    Bug fixes
    • Android Billing fixes (Try & Buy version should no longer require a WiFi connection to work properly).
    • Improvements to world generation.
    • Tizona, Tonbogiri, and Vulcan Repeater accept Titanium in their recipes.
    • Dragon Armor, Spectral Armor, and Titan armor accept Palladium, Orichalcum, or Titanium armor pieces in their recipes.
    • Fixed crash that covered 9% of total crash reports.
    • Fix for tool tip for Tackle Box & Chain Gun.
    • Fix for a unique death message for the Angler.
    • Fix Tooltip Message is not present for 'Razorpine'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Venom Staff'.
    • Fix for Price amount fails to appear for the item 'Hair Dye Remover'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Paint Sprayer'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Portable Cement Mixer'.
    • Fix for Tooltip message is not present for the items 'sparkly wings' and 'Festive Wings'.
    • Fix for Incorrect price amount '5 gold coins' appear for the item 'Speed Hair Dye'.
    • Fix for Solid blocks placed over the spawn point fails to destroy.
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for Mana crystal.
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for the item 'Life Crystal' during regenerating.
    • Fix for 'Queen Spider' fails to attack the enemy while summoned in the wall.
    • Fix for Placed Blue Dungeon Chest is shown as Pink Dungeon Chest.
    • Fix for Shrimp fish is caught in lava.
    • Fix for Placed Pink Dungeon chest is shown as Green Dungeon chest.
    • Fix for Purification Powder fails to shatter shadow orbs.
    • Fix for Truffle Worm fails to move when dropped.
    • Fix for The baby Truffle is observed to be walking above the ground.
    • Fix for The critter 'Firefly' does not emit light.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Glass Kiln'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Minecart'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Flesh cloning vat'.
    • Fix for Multiple 'back' button observed on 'Enter world name' screen.
    • Fix for The item 'Water Gun' has no description.
    • Fix for The Alignment of 'Sawtooth Shark' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for crash 'The application is missing required entitlement com.apple.developer.icloud-

    services' (9%).

    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Ice Machine'.
    • Fix for Travelling Merchant's icon is missing from shop menu.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Brick Layer'.
    • Fix for Glitch is observed when the player equips the item 'Twin Mask'.
    • Fix for The item 'Gravitation Potion' is not working as intended.
    • Fix for Incorrect ranged damage appears for the item 'Vulcan Repeater'
    • Fix for Bee Wings does not function as intended.
    • Fix for The selling price of the item 'Fart in a Jar' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for 'Magic Mirror' fails to function when player uses other item simultaneously.
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for the item 'Life Crystal' during regenerating.
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for Mana crystal.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Living Loom'.
    • Fix for Tooltip message is not present for the item 'Angler earring'.
    • CNR for Duplicate Angler NPCS are seen in the world.
    • CNR for Game name 'Terraria' appears to be misaligned in main menu.
  • iOS & iPadOS 1.2.11587 • Feb 8, 2016
    Google Play 1.2.11580 • Feb 8, 2016
    • Fixed: Discount Card not working.
    • Fixed: Animal Skins producing Iron Pickaxes when removed from walls.
    • Fixed: Beetle armor not giving the proper set bonus.
    • Fixed: Beetle armor set bonus read "Minion damage +".
    • Fixed: Pre-Hardmode Crimson not converting grass or trees, only spreads on dirt blocks (Galaxy S4, Lollipop 5.0.1). Related, planting Crimson Seeds on grass will use the seed without producing Crimson.
    • Fixed: Ultrabright Torches from the Traveling Merchant don’t produce light when held, and when you free them, the item doesn’t drop.
    • Fixed: Rain becomes fast when using touchscreen on point placing or precision aim window.
    • Fixed: Swapping between items sends out multiple flails or harpoons.
    • Fixed: Chinese Lantern cannot be purchased from Merchant.
    • Fixed: Old credits displaying.
    • Fixed: Ocean biome detection.
    • Fixed: Non-Ocean fish catches in Ocean.
    • Fixed: Fishing in lava or honey. Handle situations where DetermineFishingCatch may return null (e.g. fishing in lava).
    • Fixed: When fish catch is determined (now done only once whenever the bobber reels, not multiple times when the fishing rod is cast).
    • Fixed: When the Sonar Potion message appears and disappears.
    • Fixed: Bait usage, now correctly only used when reeling in, instead of when the fish catch is determined.
    • Fixed: Solar Eclipse enemies not properly targetting enemies.
    • Fixed: Missing hit effect for Worms.
    • Fixed: Vile Powder fails to turn Penguin to Corrupt Penguin.
    • Fixed: Able to summon a pirate/frost invasion once.
    • Fixed: Players and NPC/enemies cannot move down through platform stairs.
    • Fixed: Correct Flare Gun tooltip info (damage, crit chance).
    • Fixed: Stylist NPC inventory dialog box appears on the game menu.
    • Fixed: Heart Crystals spawn in the Dungeon.
    • Fixed: Changed trap damage to enemy scaling from 1/3 to 66%.
    • Fixed: Living Loom fails to appear in the chests of Living Trees.
    • Fixed: Eater of Worlds drops.
    • Fixed: Drops for Duke Fishron: Fixed Potion drop, and now drops Greater Healing Potion instead of Lesser Healing Potion.
    • Fixed: Unintended drops and boss defeated messages for Skeletron Prime arms.
    • Fixed: Mana Hair Dye color issue (color overflow when >200 mana).
    • Fixed: Effect of Fishron Wings negating slowdown in water.
    • Fixed: Cursed Hammer/Shadow Hammer drops, now correctly drops hardmode bars instead of random items.
    • Fixed: Angler quest reward item: Anchor (weapon) -> Wall Anchor (decorative).
    • Fixed: Player sprite rotation issue when using Magic Mirror on a diagonal Minecart Track.
    • Fixed: Silt/Slush blocks being consumed twice when used on Extractinator.
    • Fixed: Frankenstein, Swamp Thing enemies not appearing or not targeting the player during a Solar Eclipse.
    • Fixed: Grasshoppers being unkillable (friendly flag was set but never unset).
    • Fixed: Made gore effect of hearts during valentine a little bit less.
    • Fixed: Removed ability to summon multiple Wisp in a Bottle at once.
    • Fixed: Removed summon check on Pirate Staff that prevented summoning more than one Pirate minion at a time.
    • Fixed: Pirate minion draw pos.
    • Fixed: Drawing offsets for Spider minions.
    • Fixed: Swordfish price fixed.
    • Fixed: Downscaled UI scale of Reaver Shark to properly fit in its item slot.
    • Fixed: Added Extendo Grip to Traveling Merchant shop, now that it is functional.
    • Fixed: Removed buff times listed on Minion and Pet summon items (these are supposed to last infinitely).
    • Fixed: Spectre armor mask string (EN only).
    • Fixed: Angler never being considered saved, causing issues like the Angler respawning on the beach if killed after moving in, and things like Mechanic's Rod becoming unavailable.
    • Fixed: Issue report: Queen Bee AI in multiplayer would chase faraway players who teleported away.
    • Fixed: Issue report: Plantera's Bulbs growing when only one Mechanical Boss was defeated, instead of all three.
    • Fixed: Recipe for Pressure Plate Track would not be properly discovered with any Pressure Plate.
    • Fixed: Being able to place Jack 'O Lantern and Music Box on tables.
    • Fixed: Game spawning heart particles for lovestruck enemies during Valentine's Day event even when the game was paused.
    • Fixed: Implement correct Robe drawing on Mannequins; slight refactoring of related code for player.
    • Fixed: Fish Bowl is a placeable item.
    • Fixed: Fishing power of Fiberglass Fishing Pole from 25% to 27% to match PC version.
    • Fixed: Issue allowing invalid text characters in player or world names. Sanitized input string for character creation in case invalid characters appear in the middle (could happen with foreign language/iOS builds).
    • Fixed: Game crashes on creating a character in Chinese language.
    • Fixed: Hardmode crimson enemy drop: Should be Meat Grinder (crafting station), not Meat Grinder (hammer); latter's name should be Flesh Grinder.
    • Fixed: Removed Music Box from Wizard shop (unsupported item).
    • Fixed: Music Box lookup tables for new Music Box items to prevent issues where destroying placed Music Boxes would drop random items.
    • Fixed: Draw held items and fishing rods at the right position when held while mounted. Don't draw Hoverboard while mounted, that just looks weird and wrong.
    • Fixed: Players being able to bring out multiple Anchor weapons at once (functions like boomerangs).
    • Fixed: Slimers and Slimelings were not spawning once their 'parent' enemies died.
    • Partial fix: Timers lack feedback, so textures are now brighter and highlighting is removed.
    • Updated localization in English. Fixed name of Flesh Grinder hammer (was Meat Grinder) and added tooltip for Naughty Present ("Summons the Frost Moon").
  • Google Play 1.2.11333 • Jan 5, 2016 Hotfix
    • Many gameplay fixes and improvements from iOS release, though some bugs are still present on iOS and Android.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.11328 • Dec 18, 2015 Hotfix[34]
    • This build includes critical fixes for Cloud access on iOS 7 devices. You will be able to access your cloud characters and cloud worlds. However due to all the additional content in 1.2.4 world save files will have to be converted to local saves. This only applies to iOS7, iOS8+ users will be able to continue to save their worlds to the Cloud.
    • If you are using iOS8 or above please ensure that iCloud Drive is enabled in order to access Cloud saves. To do this go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and toggle it on. You should see your saves after.
    • Several gameplay fixes and improvements.
    Windows Phone • Dec 10, 2015 Hotfix
    • Minor bug and crash fixes.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.11212 • Dec 9, 2015
    Google Play 1.2.11212 • Dec 9, 2015
    Windows Phone 1.2.4 • Dec 9, 2015
    1.2.4 Update[35]
    ( PC equivalent)

    All content from the Desktop version up to 1.2.4, including:

    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.10299 • Oct 1, 2015
    Google Play 1.2.10333 • Aug 25, 2015
    Amazon Appstore 1.2.10333 • Sep 2, 2015
    • Multiplayer optimizations and its bug fixes.
    • Minor game bug fixes.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.10061 • Aug 21, 2015
    Google Play 1.2.10177 • Aug 21, 2015
    Amazon Appstore 1.2.17028 • Aug 20, 2015
    Rebalancing Update[36]
  • Balance changes
    Interface/mechanics changes
    • Auto-aim has been improved
    • Auto-aim is now available when playing with a controller (ie Fire TV and Moga)
    • Zooming is disabled as long as you are using a virtual joystick, hopefully causing less accidental zoom-ins.
    • Player now emits a dark blue light if they have no light pets active.
    • Added extra-fast crafting, will now craft doubles after ~5 seconds
    • Rope climbing has been improved
    • Jumping has been improved - should fix the bug where a player could go through a 2.5 (5 Meter) block gap.
    • Quick Grapple has been improved (quick grapple: slide from center of the screen to a direction, it automatically uses a grappling hook in your inventory)
    • Smart Cursor has been improved
    • Tweaked the way recipes are discovered. Discovery of Crafting stations made faster, thus allowing easier access to advanced crafting items.
    • Tweaked the way biomes get recognized, resulting in better biome switches.
    Minor changes taken from PC 1.3
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug where waterfall animations were twice as fast as intended (Pre-Hardmode)
    • Fixed bug where Ice Bats would drop Frost Staff
    • Fixed bug where the minimap would not display the correct colors
    • Fixed bug where Heart Crystals would give off the incorrect sounds when struck, but not destroyed
    • Fixed bug with Smart Cursor where it would not go by default to the tree center
    • Fixed bug where Ranged Weapons would fire too slowly if the player was not using auto-aim
    • Fixed bug where the player's shirt was incorrectly rendered when first booting up the game
    • Fixed bug where placing Torches would instantly destroy them
    • Smart Cursor no longer targets Torches and Ropes
    • Armor no longer should auto-equip into vanity slots upon crafting or picking up
    • Fixed bug where Cursed Sapling was not being dropped by Mourning Wood
    • Fixed bug where Pirate Captain, when killed, would show five heads as gore instead of body parts
    • Fixed bug where NPC icons on the minimap would be really small when >2800 blocks (5600 Meters) from the player
    • Fixed bug where the Pirate Map would drop everywhere in the world Post Plantera. Now it can only be found near the Ocean
    • Fixed bug where item stats would not correctly reset when switching tabs
    • Jungle Temple Door is no longer breakable using Dynamite or the Holy Hand Grenade
    • Fixed bug where screen would flicker red when other players would receive damage in multiplayer, now only effects the player with the map open
    • Network code has been improved
    • Fixed incident where the Turtle Armor could instantly destroy the Dungeon Guardian
    • Fixed crash bug related to putting chests on Boulders
    • Fixed a bug related to enemies and biome recognition - Plantera should no longer enrage while still in the Jungle
    • Fixed bug where Mannequins were not properly rendered
    • Fixed crash related to MOGA controller support
    • Fixed bug where, when a player had vanity items equiped, the shown defense was incorrect
    • Fixed bug where Goblin Scout and King Slime never meet the requirements to spawn
    • Searches faster for local network games (every 4 seconds instead of 10 seconds)
    • Fixed memory leak on android devices
    • Fixed small memory leak related to the display of NPC names, they could occasionally change names
    • Fixed issue where iCloud would backup too many files
  • iOS & iPadOS 1.2.8631 • Jun 1, 2015

    Google Play 1.2.8798 • May 26, 2015

    "Critical Issues" Update[37]
    • Fixed keyboard issue that prevented users from naming characters and worlds on some devices
    • Now auto-saves every 2 minutes
    • Pearlstone Brick no longer spreads the Hallow
    • Fixed bug where items equipped by client players were not synced correctly
    • Fixed bug where crafting ingredients were visible after leaving the crafting tab
    • Fixed stutter when saving a cloud-stored game
    • Lihzahrd Door can no longer be destroyed by explosives to enter the Jungle Temple early
    • Fixed issue with painting
    • Many more fixes
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.8498 • May 4, 2015 "Critical Issues" Update[37]

    This build fixes critical issues where characters and worlds would not load and/or crash. In order to help you make up for lost time, players will receive a gift to compensate for potential data loss: 300 Wood, 50 Iron Bars, 50 Gel, 200 Obsidian, 200 Hellstone, 200 Gold Ore, and 30 Gold Coins.

    In addition, we have the following bug fixes:

    • Fixed bug where ingredients were rendered too large
    • Fixed issue where certain enemies would never spawn like Paladins, Corruptors, Floaty Grosses, and a few others.
    • Fixed issue where NPC spawning window was too big This should make the spawn behavior a lot better.
    • Fixed issue where hearts were incorrectly rendered on some devices
    • Fixed issue where Crimson enemies never would drop the soul of night
    Google Play 1.2.7899 • Apr 9, 2015 Hotfix
    • Additional bug fixes.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.7901 • Apr 20, 2015
    Google Play 1.2.7642 • Mar 26, 2015
    Addition 1.2[38]
  • Additions
    • Added blue & green Wrenches (Leaked File, resulting them not being added in the 1.2 release on Google Play.)
    • Ocram is a bit more difficult to fight
    • Lowered Mummy spawn chance in Pyramid in Pre-Hardmode
    • Hardmode spawn rate increased slightly
    • Fixed crash for android 2.3 users
    • Fixed issue where accessories weren't being drawn
    • Fixed rendering of Jack 'O Lantern
    • Fixed issue where 'hot-using' an item would use it twice instead of once
    • NPC moving-in code fixed, Truffle NPC should move in quicker
    • Crafting now recognizes when it should use Lead Bars or Iron Bars
    • Crafting now recognizes correctly which type of Wood it should use (Prior to this, you could convert any wood into normal wood, by crafting it into a fence, then crafting the fence into normal wood)
    • Fixed crash on suspension while in crafting screen
    • Golem now has correct values for health & damage
    • Holiday Bauble has a chance to spawn from a cut down Tree
    • Fixed Drills: Mythril, Palladium, Orichalcum, Titanium, Chlorophyte only being able to be used with Auto-Aim
    • Fixed issue where sell prices might not update correctly
    • Fixed issue where 1.2 items were not reforgeable (Google Play & iOS)
    • Fixed multiplayer issues: No HUD displayed as client, Dyes were not correctly synced
    • Fixed rare crash when returning from suspension
    • Fixed crashes related to suspending the game
    • Fixed bug where you were able to craft certain items that shouldn't be available
    • Fixed various bugged projectiles
    • Tweaked snow particles
    • Misc small performance improvements
  • Google Play 1.2.6787 • Jan 13, 2015 Hotfix
    • Additional bug fixes.
    Google Play 1.2.6715 • Dec 10, 2014 Hotfix
    • Android crash fixes & other bug fixes.
    iOS & iPadOS 1.2.6508 • Dec 3, 2014
    Google Play 1.2.6667 • Dec 3, 2014
    Amazon Appstore 1.2.7122 • Jan 12, 2015
    Windows Phone 1.2.0 • Dec 22, 2014
    1.2 Update[39]
    ( PC equivalent)
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.6255 • Nov 6, 2014
    Google Play 1.1.6299 • Nov 6, 2014
    Amazon Appstore 1.1.6292 • Nov 6, 2014
    Thanksgiving Update[40] Thanksgiving seasonal event:
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.6014 • Oct 1, 2014 Hotfix
    • Urgent bug fixes
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.5933 • Sep 22, 2014
    Google Play 1.1.5960 • Sep 23, 2014
    Amazon Appstore 1.1.5934 • Sep 17, 2014
    Oktoberfest Update
    Windows Phone • Sep 12, 2014 Windows Phone Initial Release[41]
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.5833 • Sep 11, 2014 Hotfix[42]
    • Expanded language support
    • Made Ocram slightly more difficult
    • Fixed bug where Ocram didn’t spawn enough minions
    • Fixed glitch where you could ignore Ocram's damage by using the spike blocks
    • Ocram gained a bit more health
    • Fixed Tinkerer's Workshop glitch
    • Fixed Clockwork Assault Rifle not working as intended
    • Added boss music
    • Added snow biome music
    • Fixed issue where underground music would not play
    • Tweaked various loot tables
    • Overall a bit less loot and sometimes lower spawn chance
    • Tweaked the drop rate of Soul of Night / Light
    • Fixed Rainbow Rod not having a projectile
  • iOS & iPadOS 1.1.5536 • Aug 27, 2014
    Google Play 1.1.5822 • Sep 4, 2014
    Amazon Appstore 1.1.5822 • Sep 1, 2014
    Hardmode Update[43]
    • Enabled & unlocked all Hardmode content.
    • Added missing textures for some hardmode content.
    • Added autoaim feature.
    • Added loot tables
      • Dragon Skull
      • Dragon Hornet
      • Dragon Snatcher
      • Albino Antlion
      • Shadow Mummy
      • Spectral Mummy
      • Shadow Slime
      • Cursed Hammer
      • Shadow Hammer
      • Arch Wyvern
      • Spectral Elemental
      • Spectral Gastropod
    • Changed loot tables:
      • Mimic
        • Compass item removed (not functional)
        • Gained Light Disc drop
      • Toxic Sludge
        • Drops more gel than before
      • Arch Demon
        • Gained chance to drop Crystal Shards
        • Gained higher chance to drop demon scythe
        • Gained a very small chance (0.2%) to drop Crystal Storm
      • Corrupter & Eater of Souls
        • Gained hard to farm vile powder
      • Digger & Giant Worm
        • Gained summoning item for worms pet
      • All skeleton enemies
        • Gained chance to drop bones
      • Dark Caster
        • Gained chance to drop a Golden key (5% chance)
      • Cursed Skull
        • Gained chance to drop a Golden key (5% chance)
    • Made certain enemies more rare and stronger (mini-mini bosses)
      • Arch Demon
      • Dragon Skull
      • Dragon Hornet
      • Dragon Snatcher
      • Shadow Mummy
      • Spectral Mummy
      • Spectral Elemental
      • Spectral Gastropod
    • All hardmode bosses are tweaked to be more mobile friendly
      • Adjustments on damage, defense and life stats
    • When in hardmode, day & night progress at the normal speed, compared to prehardmode twice as fast
    • Re-balanced the amount of ore being spawned in the world
    • Souls of night / light generally drop a lot more to make it easier for the casual gamer to craft the good items
    • Corruption & hallow spreading is significantly nerfed, now only spreads at 1/8th of the normal speed
    • Tweaked spawnrate & maximum number of monsters
      • Overall lower spawnrate compared to PC version
      • The spawnrate goes up based on time & character development
    • Certain hardmode NPCs don’t spawn before you’re ready, giving new players time to gear up.
    • Crafting changes:
      • Mana star now only needs 5 fallen stars instead of 10
      • Reduced the amount of fallen stars being spawned each night by half
      • Added Dragon Breastplate
      • Added Dragon Greaves
      • Added Dragon Mask
      • Added Titan Helmet
      • Added Titan Mail
      • Added Titan Leggings
      • Added Spectral Headgear
      • Added Spectral Armor
      • Added Spectral Subligar
      • Added Tizona
      • Added Tonbogiri
      • Added Sharanga
      • Added Vulcan Repeater
    • Fixed dozens of bugs
    • Fixed piggy bank duping glitch
    • Made most items stack to 999 instead of 250
    • Added worms pet
      • Uses various sound bites from the worms series
    • Added old lady
      • Based on the worms series, walks slowly
    • New tombstone
      • Now uses a worm series tombstone when you die with the worms pet active
  • iOS & iPadOS 1.1.935 • May 22, 2014 Hotfix
    • Fixed minimap bug where shows a black screen (however, when changing worlds still showing minimaps from previous world)
    • Fixed a bug where ingredient chart shows above and hides the ingredients to craft
    • Fixed a rare bug where holding the new 4 items, the game could crash when pausing
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.933 • May 17, 2014 Hotfix
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.91 • Mar 27, 2014
    Google Play 1.1.92 • Mar 25, 2014
    Amazon Appstore 1.1.92 • Mar 18, 2014
    Easter Update
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.9 • Mar 8, 2014
    Google Play 1.1.92 • Mar 22, 2014
    St. Patrick's Update
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.8 • Feb 6, 2014
    Google Play 1.1.8 • Feb 13, 2014
    Amazon Appstore 1.1.8 • Feb 13, 2014
    Valentine update
    • Added Broken Heart, which summons Cupid pet
    • Added Heart Arrows
    • Added Valentine Ring, available during Valentine's season
    • World Map now available. Zoom out to view it and zoom in to go back to your character.*Google Play changelog only
    • Additional bug fixes
    • Added all Hardmode content(Unobtainable)
    Google Play 1.0.6 • Dec 19, 2013 Hotfix
    • Bug fixes
    iOS & iPadOS 1.1.5 • Dec 5, 2013
    Google Play 1.0.5 • Dec 12, 2013
    Christmas Update
    Amazon Appstore 1.0.2 • Nov 27, 2013 Hotfix
    Google Play 1.0.2 • Oct 3, 2013 Hotfix
    iOS & iPadOS 1.0.1 • Sep 25, 2013
    Google Play 1.0.1 • Sep 25, 2013
  • Android
    • Fixed several crashes related to the player moving to the edge of world
    • Fixed issue with sawmill items not being able to craft
    • Fixed issue with speaking to the bound mechanic causing sometimes a crash
    • Fixed issue with ammo count not being shown in the crafting tab
    • Only the closest NPC will now show the chat bubble
    • Tweaked the way magnifying glass behaves, now always stays on screen and moves to the side when necessary
    • Added a text cursor to text boxes where needed
    • When a player is spawning inside blocks, the player will now spawn on top instead of blowing up the house.
    • The bound NPCs now will always spawn correctly instead of being in tiles.
    • Crystal Hearts are now destroyable with a pickaxe as well
    • More shadow orbs are being spawned when a world is created
    • Fixed issue with crafting button sometimes appear half its size
    • Fixed issue with sword speeds (ex: muramasa)
    • Fixed issue where the background wasn't draw in the magnifying glass when trying to use it near the edge of the screen
    • If a potion is being used, the game will automatically switch back to its previous item
    • Multiple accessories are now being blocked from being worn
    • Fixed issue with dragon skulls being invisible
    • Fixed issue with oceans being empty on world generation
    • Fixed issue with certain recipes not being unlocked
    • Higher chance of spawning rotten chunks and a small chance for vile powder to be dropped the giant worm
    • Fixed corruption of save files
    • Timers can now be bought from the mechanic
    • Demon Altar icon now shows up in the crafting menu if it is a required crafting station
    • Fixed a crash related to the gravitation potion
    • Optimized performance when using the magnifying glass
    • Fixed bug with goggle crafting
    • Selling coins is not possible anymore
    • Fixed bug related to pet buff icon
    • Fixed Bed Placement bug
    • Piggy bank and safe now work correctly
    • NPC head's don't disappear anymore when the player is in the crafting tab
    • Fixed several crashes related to the player moving to the edge of world
    • Fixed issue with Sawmill items not being able to be crafted
    • Fixed issue where speaking to the Bound Mechanic sometimes caused a crash
    • Fixed issue with ammo count not being shown in the crafting tab
    • Only the closest NPC will now show the chat bubble
    • Tweaked the way magnifying glass behaves, now always stays on screen and moves to the side when necessary
    • Added a text cursor to text boxes where needed
    • When a player is spawning inside blocks, the player will now spawn on top instead of blowing up the house.
    • The bound NPCs now will always spawn correctly instead of being in tiles.
    • Crystal Hearts are now destroyable with a pickaxe as well
    • More shadow orbs are being spawned when a world is created
    • Fixed issue with crafting button sometimes appear half its size
    • Fixed issue with sword speeds (ex: muramasa)
    • Fixed issue where the background wasn't draw in the magnifying glass when trying to use it near the edge of the screen
    • If a potion is being used, the game will automatically switch back to its previous item
    • Multiple accessories are now being blocked from being worn
    • Fixed issue with dragon skulls being invisible
    • Fixed issue with oceans being empty on world generation
    • Fixed issue with certain recipes not being unlocked
    • Higher chance of spawning rotten chunks and a small chance for vile powder to be dropped the giant worm
    • Fixed corruption of save files
    • Timers can now be bought from the mechanic
    • Demon Altar icon now shows up in the crafting menu if it is a required crafting station
    • Fixed a crash related to the gravitation potion
    • Optimized performance when using the magnifying glass
    • Fixed bug with goggle crafting
    • Selling coins is not possible anymore
    • Fixed bug related to pet buff icon
  • iOS & iPadOS 1.0.0 • Aug 29, 2013
    Google Play 1.0.0 • Sep 13, 2013
    Amazon Appstore 1.0.1 • Nov 7, 2013
    Initial Release

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