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Mana regeneration

This page pertains to the Toparia Mod. The items, NPCs, or features described in this article are from the Toparia Mod, and cannot be found in standard Terraria.

As you use a skill, you gain XP. Gain enough XP, you go up a level in that skill (up to the max for your class), which then gives corresponding boosts to that aspect of your character. For example, go up melee levels and your melee damage, speed and critical chance will all increase. Go up alchemy levels and your buff lengths will extend and potion sickness length will reduce (as well as a reduction to other gameplay effects such as poison duration). Without modifications, at level 0 you have:
  • Base damage (all types): 60%
  • Melee speed: 80%
  • Mana cost: 140%
  • Buff duration: ~60%
  • Projectile speed: 60%
  • Critical strike chance: 2%

Every character starts at level 0 in everything, with the max level being determined by class. Level 50 is the highest possible level in any skill (all classes can reach level 50 in crafting and alchemy). To compare to the vanilla game, at level 20 you'll be as effective in that skill as you are in the vanilla game, and by level 50 you'll be ... rather more powerful (dealing over double DPS with melee for example). Crafting level makes a huge difference to the quality of prefix you get from crafting new items and reforging existing ones, so it's well worth levelling up if you want to see legendary and mythical items!

Combat levels also unlock the ability to use passive skills and combat skills at specific levels (multiples of 10 for passive skills, and levels 20, 30 and 50 for the three tiers of combat skills).

Each combat skill earns points based on doing damage. First, the monster level is taken as a base value. Then, if your combat skill in the weapon you are using is above the monster's level, XP is proportionally reduced. Then for every point of damage you are below the max XP per hit you can achieve, take one point away (to prevent leveling quicker by using weaker weapons). This is then further adjusted by your character class' affinity with that weapon type.

Example - hitting a skeleton for 10 points of melee damage:

  • A warrior with level 5 melee will gain 14 melee XP
  • A bard with level 5 melee will gain 7 melee XP
  • A warrior with level 10 melee will gain 14 melee XP
  • A bard with level 10 melee will gain 3 melee XP
  • A warrior with level 15 melee will gain 7 melee XP
  • A bard with level 15 melee will gain 0 melee XP

Challenge characters (the old mediumcore) and roguelike characters (the old hardcore) receive additional XP bonuses to add a reward to the increased risk that comes with dying.

For crafting and alchemy, you get the full XP value of making the item if you are equal or below it's craft/alchemy level, and for every level you are over the craft/alchemy level of the item, you get 10% less each time. If you have plenty of money, reforging is an excellent way to gain crafting XP.

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