This mod is for an older version of Terraria, and may not work with the current version of Terraria.
This mod is no longer supported.

The Reborn Mod[1] is a collaboration mod for Terraria that was created by the Reborn Mod Team. The latest information on the mod can be found here[2] The mod itself adds the following:

  • 3 new pre-hardmode Boss Monsters
  • 1 new hardmode Boss
  • A few good weapons, including new Hallowed weapons
  • Capture the Flag


Mod Team

The Reborn Mod Team currently comprises of these members:

  • Surfpup - Creator of tConfig (Which is the platform that the Reborn Mod is built on)
  • Yoraiz0r - Hardest working coder on the team. Coded Bosses, Items, Systems, and much more.
  • Omnir
  • Naddaf - Pixel artist who has contributed to the project so much so quickly since joining the team. He has done many items and helped with bosses.
  • HERO - Organized the team, did some pixel art, #1 beta tester, video production, and marketing.
  • Kjulo - Pixel artist and coder. He has done many items like the dungeon guardian sword. All around great guy who has helped a ton on the project.
  • Obsidian - Coder who built the randomized NPC feature into the mod.
  • Wik - Coder who has helped with all sorts of items, boss coding, and feedback.
  • Scizor - Pixel artist. Also helped with mod concept.
  • Mitchell - Coder who helped with mod concept.



For a video on uninstallation, go to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUlcqVBP0IQ&feature=plcp

  • Note: This process of uninstallation will only work on the legal version of Terraria obtained through steam.
  • Note 2: Characters and worlds from the original Terraria and the modded version will be safe after uninstallation. You should still have your characters and worlds if you choose to install the mod again.

Written Guide:

  • Open Steam, and go to your library tab.
  • Right click Terraria and select "Properties".
  • Head to the "Local Files" tab and select "Verify integrity of game cache".
  • Wait till verifying ends and the reborn mod should be uninstalled.
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